L is for Letting Go


Yes, Let it Go! 😀


When my theme for the month is “Connections,” why would I blog about letting go?

Because, paradoxically, clinging to the temporary spells trouble.




In Biblical terms, Peter embodies this “trouble” when he wants to build tents so the disciples can stay with Jesus on the mountaintop. The Transfiguration was an awe-inspiring experience (wouldn’t it be neat if two famous prophets appeared?), but it was a moment to enjoy at the time.

No selfies. No cell phone or iPad videos. No livestream on webcam.

I’m not trying to preach (literally). Live in the moment, blah blah, don’t be so caught up in recording/preserving that you don’t enjoy what happens while it happens.

Yes, but no.

In a book I am writing, my protagonist has to walk away from someone with whom she thought she would build a life together. She thought it would mean happily ever after at last.

Instead, she realizes how much she has given up in order to keep a dying relationship on life support.

While she twists herself into a pretzel trying to become who she is not, all to make someone happy, she ruins herself for the life and love she does have.

In Living in Sin, one of my recent publications, Ciara is so afraid of losing her family and girlfriend that she nearly loses both. She clings because she is afraid, and she fears because she anticipates loss.

Loss means life.

If we never have anything to lose, we never had anything.


As much as it can hurt to be part of life and lose friends, families, and lovers, we learn and grow. We become better people.

We lose.

We love.

We live.

All when we learn to let it go.

5 thoughts on “L is for Letting Go

  1. awesomesub says:

    Hi Ana, let go sounds so easy, but is so difficult at times. I agree with Lynn, much of it is about our perceptions or expectations of people. Actually it is the biggest fun with people when you do not know what they are like, you have not formed any expectations yet (apart from decent behaviour in general) and just take them the way they are. 🙂 Food for thought for sure!




  2. catrouble says:

    L is also for lovely post filled with lots of logic. We do have to let go in order to move forward. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings…


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