Fabulous Spring: Vacation Memories

 As part of the Fabulous Spring Giveaway, each blogger is sharing some favorite vacation memories. One of favorite vacation memories is visiting the Royal Opera House in London, which I wrote about here.

I said to my friends and family afterward, “Everyone should have a night like this before dying.” At intermission in the Crush Room, I thought I might burst with happiness. I’d gotten to do something I’d dreamed about ever since I was little, and I’d never expected it to actually happen. More than that, I was only lucky enough to do it because of a series of coincidences that gave me a night to remember for the rest of my life.

Talking about the night with my friend made me appreciate (once more) the glory of realizing that dream. I’ve had many dreams come true (I am blessed in many ways), but there’s something special about a lifelong dream.

For many of my characters, taking a vacation is an important way to get through a difficult period, celebrate success, or affirm commitment to one another. Kat and Natalie (from The Way Home, Coming to Terms, and Lighting the Way) use a dream-come-true trip to a theme park to find connection during a rocky part of their relationship.
What about you? What has been your most memorable vacation?

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Since Summer is right around the corner the giveaway theme is Vacation Memories. Each of our participating shops, and many of our blog sponsors, will be sharing some of their favorite vacation photos with you.

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5 thoughts on “Fabulous Spring: Vacation Memories

  1. renee200 says:

    I think my favorite was Colorado. We got to see the mountains up close and personal on horseback. It is beautiful country.


  2. awesomesub says:

    Hi Ana, I think my favourite holiday was a Scotland trip with hubby. We went to all sorts of places, he showed some of his favourites and could tell some stories about ghosts that haunt some old castle ruins. That was awesome because it was a real adventure trip for me, all new and unknown. 🙂




  3. Julie says:

    My best and most memorable, by far, was Christmas in Dublin. Grafton Street, St Stephen’s Green, wonderful, warm old Irish pubs, a fabulous old bookshop. Late nights with family I barely knew or didn’t know at all, and everyone so warm and welcoming and happy we were there. It was magical.

    I’m sure I’ll have other wonderful vacations, but nothing will ever match that.


  4. catrouble says:

    I haven’t had many vacations as an adult but I would have to say my favorite was a cruise to the Bahamas…would love to cruise around the world…and I will one of these days. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…


  5. rozharrison says:

    Hi Ana, I remember your post about the visit to the Royal Opera House and Kat and Natalie’s vacation. This sounds wonderful. I wish it was spring here 😦



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