Blue Book Scavenger Hunt!


Boy, do I have something fun for you! Melissa Shirley, one of my co-authors for the Blue Book of Grown-Up Fairytales, came up with a neat idea for an activity. She asked each of us for a ten-item list of items or symbols from our books. Then she wrote the cutest rhyming clues for you! Don’t give away the answer, but either post an image or a link to an image (one at a time, or WordPress thinks your comment is spam) in the comments. The Blue Book authors will vote for the best answers, and the winner will receive a $25 gift certificate from Melissa.

How fun, right? Here is Melissa’s explanation:

Join the hunt to win a prize

An Amazon gift card worth $25

We’ll give you the clues, you figure them out

Answer in pictures, to the net roam about

Be creative and post us a link

In comments on our blogs, then have a good think

We’ll pick the one who answered the best

And thanks to all who take our fun test

Check back on the 15th, to see who won…

We’ll announce it all special, a slideshow of fun.

The Blue Book of Ftales has all you need

Buy it now, race with speed

The links below will send you to

The place where we made fairytales new.


Blue Book of Grown-Up Fairytales

Image clues! Put the number and link to your image below. Please, only one link or image at a time. Otherwise, WordPress will flag your comment as spam. (I am away until late tonight, so don’t panic if your comment doesn’t appear immediately. I may have to approve it manually if this is your first time commenting or if WordPress thinks your link is suspicious.)

If you’re stuck on a clue, you might want to re-read Taliasman. Everything appears in the story.


For love or for money or luck that it has,

a memento or trinket with meaning attached



A jacket that’s dug from under the ground,

Their color is red, or yellow, or brown



A mouse and a pumpkin, an Ftale ride,

A very special transport for all royal brides



Sold in a pair with hooks and with lace,

Lingerie to enhance lovely legs



Toys in a garage with battery or plug power

Not a car or a truck, users get paid by the hour



Swarovski could make these tiny little tubes,

Purse size or palm size, with its own special use


Through loops it goes and holds with a clasp,

Mark Savard magic turns these into asps


Long table set with drink and with food

A gathering of folks, a celebration for the mood


On your skin, old wives say,

The color of purple, it keeps mosquitos away


A handle that’s plastic or a handle that’s pearl,

Bristles to tame tresses, not beautiful curls

Please give Melissa a big round of applause for putting together this wonderful event! She came up with the idea and did all of the work herself. You’ll get to see the rest of her rhymes for Louisa Bacio, Stephanie Beck, TL Reeve, and of course Melissa Shirley herself!


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