A New Adventure

It’s been hectic lately! I’ve promised to begin Mistress’s Release, the third serial, as soon as it can work out schedule-wise. Gemstone is now available in print, and Taliasman the audiobook is for sale on Audible and Amazon. Sci Spanks 2015 the anthology is available as an ebook.

Gemstone and Sci Spanks 2015 have earned silver stars on ARe, Gemstone and Taliasman hold the first and second spot for top-rated lesbian romances.

At any rate, below is a repost from Facebook with a tiny sliver of what’s new in my life these days. Hope to have more stories for you soon.

Love and spanks from your favorite Ana.

I’m fingerprinted, TB-tested, orientated, screened, introduced, toured, and ready to begin my first shift as a hospice volunteer. I wanted to do this in high school, but my mother convinced me it would be too depressing.

The nice thing about becoming an adult is making my own decisions. I’ve sat by the bedside of a dying friend, holding her hand and giving her strength for the journey ahead. It was sad, but it was also enriching, fulfilling, and life-affirming. I was privileged to be allowed to share her last moments, and I hope I can serve as part of the death vigil for others so their loved ones can get some rest.

The worst decision will be…which rooms do I visit, and which rooms do I ignore? I can’t make it around the entire facility, not unless everyone is asleep/doesn’t want visitors/under isolation precautions.

I hope, when it comes time for me to leave this earth, a volunteer will stop by my room and offer a hand to hold. I hope I can be that person for others.


8 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. rozharrison says:

    Hi Ana, wow, you have been busy! Congratulations on the silver stars and ratings! m

    How wonderful that you are a hospice volunteer. You are a very special and loving person. It is such a great thing you are doing and I know the patients and families will greatly appreciate and treasure the time you give them.



  2. awesomesub says:

    Hi Ana, I think it is wonderful that you have done the volunteer training. It is not a sort of work I could do at the moment, but I believe it is such a good and important kind of work. What you do is so adorable. And congratulations for the silver stars!!!




  3. SH says:

    You have such a compassionate heart which will make you an outstanding hospice volunteer. It’s so important and it’s not something everyone can do 🙂 Congratulations on the success of your books! Although none of us are surprised 😉


  4. Julie says:

    That’s a wonderful thing to do, Ana. We’re all happy about the success of your books – including the silver stars – but I think you deserve a star of your own.

    I’d say it should be gold, but suspect you’d probably prefer wooden. 🙂


  5. catrouble says:

    Congrats on the ratings and all the publications! I am so far behind in my reading. 😦

    How awesome for you to become a hospice volunteer. It is so sad for those who, for whatever reason, don’t have family and/or friends to help them through the end. The people who you are able to visit will be so blessed.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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