Mistress, Please

Fabulous review for #MistressPlease!

Thrift Shop Romance

Mistress, Please

Backgrounder: Mistress, Please by Anastasia Vitsky is a quick kinky story dipping its toes into the lives of professional Dommes Trinity Maddox and Graciela Fairbanks. The former lovers are brought back together when Trinity’s trip to Korea goes awry. Having lost her passport and with no way to return home Trinity finds herself at the mercy of Gracie. The pair are forced to flush out a new dynamic after their ten-year separation. Gracie’s bitterness from the affair that ended their previous relationship and Trinity’s resistance to returning to her previous place of submission leads to high tension and more than a little spanking.

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4 thoughts on “Mistress, Please

  1. awesomesub says:

    Hi Ana, I keep nodding my head about what Scarlet writes. Amazing review. … And since I have never ever written a review of 944 words, I can call my reviews rather short from now on. 😀




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