Taliaschild Release Day Party (And Spoonmas!)

We all know (or at least I hope we know) that August 19th is Spoonmas, otherwise known as the day Spoonitarians give a wooden spoon to those in need.

And by “give,” I mean physically hand over as a gift, not “give it to” someone who needs it. I am sure we all know at least one person in need of a wooden spoon that way, but this isn’t Spoonmas. Spoonmas is giving. 😀

Maybe your local soup kitchen could use new utensils. Maybe your homeless ministry or refugee assistance center could use help setting up a family in housing. Maybe you want to decorate a spoon and give it to a dear friend as a memento.

Any way you wish, Spoonmas is a day to share spoon love.


As to the release day party for Taliaschild, here’s the information below. Come and join us! New prizes and hosts are being added all the time.

Come and join the Miscreants for a day filled with fun, laughter, and prizes! Celebrate Spoonmas in grand style, too.

Prize pool from Anastasia Vitsky:
Autographed print copy of Gemstone
Audio or ecopy of Taliasman (winner’s choice)
Feature post or interview for Ana’s Advent Calendar 2015

General prize pool:
Answers in Blood (ecopy) by Michelle Stevens
Her Moonlight Lover (ecopy) by Olivia Starke
Alpha Trine (audiobook) and 1 book from backlist by Lexi Ander
Book by Pol Robinson
Blood and Dirt (ecopy) by Lloyd A. Meeker
Emily’s Magjcal Bejeweled Codpiece (ecopy) by B. Snow
Hunter’s Mark (ecopy) by V.s Morgan
Once Upon a Marriage (ecopy) by Sara Daniel
Two $5 gift certificates to Evernight, from Loralynne Summers
A Man’s Man (ecopy) and/or autographed print of Riding the Rainbow, by Genta Sebastian (print copy to continental US only)
Two Men and a Virgin (ecopy) by Kate Richards
Muse Me Only (ecopy) by Princess S.O. Obriot

All times are in Eastern Daylight Time (New York time)

Cindy Rizzo
Delphina Miyares
Anna Kristell
Valerie Mann
Rory Ni Coileain

10 AM: Ronni Meyrick
1 PM: Siobhan Muir
2-2:30 PM: Jessica E Subject
3 PM: Dominique Eastwick (Wiccan Haus)
4 PM: Sharon Buchbinder
5 PM: Lexi Ander
6 PM: Heather Fortman
7 PM: Amy Leibowitz Mitchell
7:30 PM: V.s. Morgan
8 PM: RJ Samuel
8:30 PM: Bee Snow
9 PM: D.l. Jackson
9:30 PM: Lloyd A. Meeker
10 PM: Loralynne Summers
10:30 PM: Wt Prater
11 PM: Anastasia Vitsky
11:30 PM: Genta Sebastian
12 AM (midnight): Courtney Sheets
1 AM: J. Scott Coatsworth


One thought on “Taliaschild Release Day Party (And Spoonmas!)

  1. rozharrison says:

    Hi Ana, hadn’t heard of spoonmas. Love it! Congratulations on the upcoming release, the release party sounds awesome! 🙂



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