Announcing (the 4th Annual) Ana’s Advent Calendar 2015!



It’s that most wonderful time of the year…again! For the fourth year in a row!

Ana’s Advent Calendar began four years ago as a small group of authors who contributed books as prizes. We laughed, got silly, had fun, and discovered community amidst the stress and paradoxical loneliness of the season of festivities. The highest compliments we’ve received all said the same message:

Ana’s Advent Calendar is the only place where I feel comfortable. This time of year stresses me out/makes me sad, and this is where I can come and find the strength to keep going.

People have asked us, “Where can I get more information about your Advent Calendar?” They’ve also said, “But I don’t like the holidays.”

Although Ana’s Advent Calendar is open to everyone (well, not bullies, trolls, or spammers), this event was created with a few special people in mind. If you:

  • Feel a little sad or lonely this time of year because you have lost loved ones, might lose loved ones, are estranged from loved ones, or will be spending the holidays alone
  • Are facing challenges such as medical, financial, relationship, career, or other difficulties
  • Struggle with depression, social anxiety, feelings of not being good enough, or not living up to a societal ideal
  • Are tired of the commercialized, consumerist mentality of the season that focuses on Black Friday retail sales and “gimme gimme” entitlement
  • Celebrate a holiday other than Christmas and wish you had a larger community where this is respected
  • Don’t have the money for lavish celebrations or gifts
  • Want to focus on love and the spirit of giving
  • Acknowledge the supreme wisdom of all things Wooden Spoon
  • Enjoy silly, kinky, ridiculous laughter for no reason at all

Then this month is for you!

How will it work?


First, as always, register using this form. You can sign up through the end of the Calendar, but early registration (before November 29th) earns you an extra point.

(Optional) Daily Attendance Sheet

Download this participation sheet to keep track of your daily visits. Or, if you don’t have MS Word, access the Google sheet here (choose “yes” to make a copy). Yes, we will still give out Perfect Attender Awards, but we need your help with record keeping.

This will be on the honor system unless we suspect someone is not playing fairly. No one here would do that, right? 🙂

Second, visit each day between November 29th and December 24th. Enjoy the post, respond to other people’s comments, and leave a comment of your own. You must comment to earn a participation point for the day.

“Kthxbai” or “thx 4 a gr8 hop” do not count as comments, but no one here would do that..right? 🙂

Elf Exchange*

At the end of the month, there will be a sign-up sheet where you will post your participation points. You’ll be matched with someone who has a similar amount of participation points and you’ll trade holiday surprises. If you are an author, feel free to give promo copies of your book(s). If you prefer giving something else, feel free to do so!

This way, everyone who participates will receive a gift. More importantly, you can negotiate with each other to make sure the gift is appropriate. We hope this will make the prize giving more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Don’t worry! There will still be something special for all of the Perfect Attenders. To earn a Perfect Attender Award, you must comment by midnight EST each day. Posts will go live at 6 AM EST each day, so that gives you 18 hours to participate. If you are late, you can still comment! You will get participation points even if you don’t win Perfect Attender.

Special Feature Days

Yes, we will reprise crowd favorite events such as St. Knickerless Day, Giving Tuesday, Blue Christmas, and of course the much anticipated Fireside Chat with Kat and Natalie. There may even be a visit from the naughty Elf Pizelle.

Do you want to contribute a prize or gift (valued at $25 or above, please) toward the general pool? Just let me know, and you will receive prominent coverage during the event.

Promotional Artwork

Happy Ana’s Advent Calendar! Grab your favorite artwork (more available on the artwork page here), register, and settle in for a fun month ahead.



*Elves sold separately

35 thoughts on “Announcing (the 4th Annual) Ana’s Advent Calendar 2015!

  1. Sassytwatter says:

    Hopefully the third time filling this form out will work! In playing wouldn’t miss it! Can I just keep track I don’t do spreadsheets or word documents I’m still got baby attached tp my hip or boob 😁


  2. catrouble says:

    Just registered and added a link to the registration page on my blog. Am shooting for perfect attendance but no promises. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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