Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 7: Take your Child to a Bookstore Day


After Blue Christmas yesterday, it’s time for something lighter. Did you know today is the day to take a child to a bookstore? If you don’t have a child, well…we’re all children at hearts when it comes to books. 🙂

I recently learned of this day, and it’s a great excuse for a good cause. If you can’t go to a physical bookstore, you can always peruse online bookshelves.

December 5th is Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day


Why does this make me so giddy? Because I love, love, love, love, love to hang out at the book store with my little ones and any excuse I have to go, I snag. We are really lucky to be in a town with more than one independent bookstore. While the big bookstores have loads to offer, there is something magical about an independent store. As you can see from my photos below, our local books store is someplace we go to play, eat, read, meet up with friends, and get hugs. Yes, we are known so well there, my kiddos get hugs. It is a pretty amazing thing.

Untitled design (1)

What I didn’t realize until recently was that there was a day to celebrate what we already loved to do. Take Your Child To A Bookstore is an actual organization that fosters the love of the local bookstore. It started with one mom bringing her kids to store hour at their local store and bloomed from there. They even have a map to help you find a great bookstore near you.

If you haven’t been to your local store lately, December 5th would be a great day to check it out. They are so much more than the book section at your local discount store. If you are reading and this saying to yourself, “But I don’t have kids”, no worries. Bookstores have something for everyone and I don’t know about you,but the bookstore brings out the little kid in me.

My four year old just told me to be sure that you get an Elephant and Piggie book while you are at the bookstore. She is referring to the Mo Willem’s series about two friends who are a pig and an elephant. They are her current favorite. She actually likes to go to the doctor’s office because they have all of the series. I love that a book can do that.

My eight year old is all about non-fiction now, but his all time favorite book is Richard Scarry’s What People Do All Day. I actually just ordered him a new one after a certain two year old decided it was a coloring book. You know a book is well loved when you are on copy number three.

My seven year old is all about I Can Read It Myself books right now, but if you ask her her favorite, she will usually say Froggy Gets Dressed, by Jonathan London. I am pretty sure that is because her dad is the best at reading stories and he makes that one hilarious for all.

My two year old loves all books right now. She doesn’t have a go to favorite, but she is rarely without a book. Unfortunately, she has recently discovered coloring books as well, so crayon patrol is a must.

What are the favorite books at your house? What were your favorite books as a child?

Delphina Henley is an author, reader, and mother. She truly does spend a lot of time at her local bookstore and yes that is her in the unicorn mask.


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70 thoughts on “Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 7: Take your Child to a Bookstore Day

  1. kaisquared4 says:

    What a great idea for a day to support reading with and to children. Here in Milwaukee, December 5th is always St. Nick’s day, when children wake up to a special treat (or huge pile of treats) from St. Nick, usually candy. My daughter was thrilled when St. Nick brought her books as well. To this day, if you take her to the mall, she gravitates to the Barnes and Noble store (Waldenbooks and Borders were also favorites, sadly gone). Most of the independent bookstores around here that we used to go to in order to meet authors are gone.
    Favorite books growing up for me were the Little House series, Tolkien, Louisa May Alcott, and The Phantom Tollbooth.Starting in 3rd grade I read the entire fantasy, fairytales/folklore and science fiction sections at the library that was 2 blocks from my house. Bookstores were not places we went much when I was growing up, not because my parents hated books, but because we could not afford to buy books.
    My daughter’s favorite books include the Harry Potter series, the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series, the Magic Treehouse series, the Amelia Bedelia series. She cannot to this day comprehend a person not having a library card.She loves books of poetry, especially Shel Silverstein’s, and writes her own poetry.
    I think that one of the things that children enjoy about books is reading them out loud to their folks and having stories read to them, even long after they can read on their own. Story hours, whether at the library or book store, were important parts of my childhood and my daughter’s.

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  2. Joelle Casteel says:

    This is a wonderful day- although I admit, having spent a bunch of money yesterday- which included a book for me and the child I babysit- I’ll be taking my daughter to the library. Her copy of “Redefining Realness” by Janet Mock is in. I loved the “Berenstain B Book” as a child; both of my older siblings memorized it first. My daughter loved the Junie B. Jones and Captain Underpants books. Right now we really want to get that book “This Book is Gay” by James Dawson; unfortunately when I was going to buy it for my daughter yesterday, they were out.

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  3. Lynn says:

    We are a very book loving house here although the kids are just about growing out of being read to 😢
    We do all like to share an audiobook for long journeys though. “The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making” was absolutely brilliant and has a library/Wyvern in it called A through L.
    As toddlers my kids adored Maisy Mouse and Charlie and Lola.

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  4. Julie says:

    We don’t have kids, and probably have too many favorite books to count, but if I had to pick I’d say anything by Kate Atkinson. But that answer could be different next month. 🙂

    As a child, it was definitely Harry Potter. However, my mom would probably say my favorite book ever was I Am A Bunny. The story is that they had to read it to me at least three times a night for over a year. My dad can still recite it word for word.


  5. sassytwatter says:

    i love this post!!! And you must be one busy mamma!! My daughter loves books she is 15 months and we spend at least an hour a day reading. She toddles over to grab a book and then climbs in my lap or on her chair and pats the arm for me to sit next down to her. there is nothing better than reading to her as she snuggles into me. I had not thought of taking her to a bookstore but it is an outing i am going to plan. We go to our local library for story time every week and she loves it and going to pick out a new book. Our old time favorite is Little B;lue Truck. i will have to remember the books you mentioned! Thank you so much have a wonderful weekend!


    • Delphina says:

      Little Blue Truck is great. My daughter who just turned two has all of a sudden decided she can read all by herself. She will spend tons of time with a book, but far less letting me read to her than she would six months ago. I know it is a pendulum and she will come back to wanting to be read to, but I miss it.


  6. Cheree says:

    What a great idea! I wish wet had a bookstore in my town. We have a “book section” at Wal-Mart and a used book section at our second hand store, which I do frequent a lot. My 9 year old daughter is obsessed with the Magic Tree House books, my 11 year old son loves the Ascendants Trilogy by Jennifer A Nielsen, and my 3 year old loves all books! Especially ones with princesses, Doc McStuffins, or Sheriff Callie’s Wild West. They refuse to read from the kindle fire tablets tho, which hey, they love a book in their hands, smart kids.


  7. Charles Young says:

    What a wonderful day! As a kid I couldn’t wait to get the newest Hardy Boys book! I always had so much fun browsing books and picking out my next adventure!


  8. JoanneBest says:

    There’s so much I want to say right now but I’m in the middle of an in-law crisis so I’ll be back later to comment fully (and finish answering comments from Blue Christmas) but I just wanted to say this is the coolest day!
    I don’t have children but I used to be a child once upon a time 😀 and truth be told, every day is book day for me, I believe I pretty much buy at least one book or more just about every day.

    (I’m stamping my foot with (in?) aggravation because I have so much to say but we’re now dealing restraining orders (not against us, it’s an in-law thing) and we were all kept awake all night from the troublemaker (who FINALLY) just left #HappyDance but if I don’t catch a few zzzz’s I’ll never make it to band practice tonight, only 2 hours so I’ll be commenting fully later even though I probably could have done it instead of babbling about personal garbage 😛 )

    Quick story before I come back for the long version: when I was a kid in grammar school I would check out a Nancy Drew book, bring it home and read the entire book in one night then check out another Nancy Drew book each day.
    When I got a little older (but still in grammar school) I would walk the nearly 2 mile walk to the library and after talking the librarian into letting me check out adult books (I was reading at college age reading level by the 5th grade according to those tests), I began at the letter A and would look at what interested me then check out the maximum (10 books at a time) and walk back home and read like crazy. Lather, rinse, repeat as I made my way through the alphabet 😀

    It’s no wonder I spent most of my working days managing bookstores, which I’ll talk about later when I come back because I babble 😀

    Oh, and my most favorite book as a child which I still read is Sara Crewe , The Little Princess ❤
    Thank you for this post! What a lovely day and a lovely idea!

    PS: If you're reading this comment and I haven't yet responded to something from yesterday's Blue Christmas I will finish them tonight and I apologize for my lateness. Gotta love those relatives who have no problem upending your life and wind up screaming at you and calling you an a**hole before they storm out and leave without even a thank you. Sigh. God, give me strength ❤

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    • Irishey says:

      I, too, loved The Little Princess! I also loved a book called Little Witch, and…. Oh, too, too many to start listing. Gosh, I miss all my books from my growing years and the next 3 decades, but it is fun to be reminded of some of them!


    • Delphina says:

      Nancy Drew was one of my favorites, too. I love how your systematically went through the library. That makes the little math brain girl in me squee. Sorry your family is having a rough go of things right now. Hugs.


  9. pieclown says:

    I like the idea. My 10 year loves to read. Fantasy, he had read the Harry Potter series. and is working on The Pendragon Adventure by D. J. MacHale . My sister is looking at getting him the Eragon/Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini,. HIs mom, step dad, and I have split the big presents. She is getting him a Kindle. He could read all day if he was let to.

    Well my supper is cooking.

    pie pie 4 now


    • Delphina says:

      He is going to love his kindle. So many libraries now have great selections of kids books to check out. I read Eragon when it first came out after my students told me how great it was and remember liking it. I should probably revisit it now that my son is getting to be that age.

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  10. renee200 says:

    Wow, what a wonderful day to celebrate reading with our children. We are actually a book rich family. Growing up the kids favorites were The Hungry Caterpillar and Good Night Moon. More recently it is books like, Virals and Simon vs. the Homosapien Agenda. Thanks for for sharing your pics and your story. Blessings, R


    • Delphina says:

      The Hungry Caterpillar is so fun. I watched an interview with him a few years back where he talked about his illustrating process. It was fascinating.


  11. catrouble says:

    Books, music and art…my three loves. Can’t imagine my life without any of those. When I was growing up, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys were my favorites. Can’t even begin to name all the books and authors I love now…way too many…especially here in blogland. 😉

    My boys loved all the Richard Scarry books and the Berenstein Bears books. My oldest son and DIL have instilled a love of books in my granddaughters and they are thrilled whenever I send them a new book. The only problem is trying to make sure I don’t duplicate anything they already have.

    Just bought a book for each of my sons which contains Charles Dickens Christmas Carol and quite a few other Christmas stories by him. I’m sure my oldest will be reading them to my grands.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


    • Delphina says:

      Richat Scarry is amazing. Duplication is tricky in a house of book lovers. My kids have so many books that they are often gifted a book they already own.


  12. awesomesub says:

    A day for children to go tot he bookshop is a great idea. I have not heard about that in Germany or Britain, but wish it existed here.
    We are still in the farm animals and fluffy pet babies stage, but Tilda also likes Kipper, Maisy, and the very hungry caterpillar. Her absolute favourite is one book whose title translates into something like ‘time to cuddle little gnome’. I guess the title might give away parts of the story, the gnome looks for his grandma and mom and cuddles with them. I love that all of them love cuddles so much. 🙂 This is the book that I’d like to keep when my little one doesn’t want it anymore, because I like how friendly and positive they are in this story. I can’t wait to read Where the Wild Things are and The Three Robbers to her. 🙂 My own childhood favourites are Pippi Longstocking and Enid Blyton’s St. Clare’s series and 5 friends and I was pretty surprised to see that they are still popular. 🙂




  13. AM says:

    I had no idea such a day existed! We didn’t go to a bookstore today because it was pretty busy with rehearsals (my son’s school play and my Christmas concert) and the kids’ dance class. But a few weeks ago, we went to the Children’s Book Festival in our city. The kids love getting book signed by their favorite authors. My 12yo loves James Howe’s YA “Misfits” series, and this year, he discovered Linda Sue Park (“A Long Walk to Water,” which he read in school). He just finished reading Mockingjay as well. My daughter loves the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, and she’s a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes. She also just discovered the twisted fairy tales of Vivian Vande Velde, and at school she’s enjoying working her way through “Esperanza Rising” by Pam Munoz Ryan. And of course, both my kids are big Harry Potter fans (I think they’ve each read the series twice).

    My kids were so disappointed when they learned that what I write is not for their eyes. They both begged me to write something for them, but I don’t really write YA or kids’ lit. So instead, I promised them we would create a story together, and it’s been really fun planning it out. We’re hoping to take the time to start writing it during their next school break.


  14. SH says:

    I have literally just walked in my door from being away and see that what I thought I posted from my phone actually did not 😦

    I enjoyed this post as it brought back a very nice memory from when I was a child. I remember when the teacher used to pass out book order forms. I would get so excited and review it and review it some more, circle the ones I wanted and happily give the form to my Mom. She always bought me all the books I wanted. It was always like Christmas, for me, when the books actually came in. I then, in turn, did the same for all of my children. I so enjoyed doing that for them. My grandbabies will be next 😀

    My favorite books growing up were ‘Bread and Jam for Frances’ which eventually became the whole series for me and the ‘Amelia Bedelia’ series.


  15. Irishey says:

    Hi, Delphina!

    I love that you have a local, independent bookstore. It sounds like a warm, relaxed, fun place where your children can grow their love of books! Your description reminds me of both the independent and chain bookstores in the movie, “You’ve Got Mail.”Both of those were the coolest places, and I wished we had something similar in our town.

    In my hometown, we had a tiny Waldenbooks store in the now-razed small shopping mall. As soon as my parents thought I was old enough to wander off by myself in the mall, I headed over there, and to the equally small Hallmark gift shop.

    I’ve been given books for most birthdays and Christmases since my firsts, and have carried on that tradition with my own children.

    I also loved our local library and the two used books stores. After I had children, they learned I lost track of time in these places, and always came home with a bag of books and related somethings or others.

    We don’t have a library or bookstore in the small town near where we now live, but there is a bookmobile that comes to town for an hour every other week. I never think to try to catch it, but I do go to its parent County library in the next town over.

    Our little library sells used library books and new/used books donated to them. I spent $15 there just a few days ago, and came home with a haul of mostly hardback books for 50 cents or a dollar or two each, plus one for only $3.

    I don’t have a “favorite” book in my house now. I think I had favorite books of the moment, week, month, etc., when I was a child, but I kept finding more and more that I liked and wanted to read. Up until the past few years, after I lost most of my thousands of books, I had read each one more than once.

    As a child, there were many books I loved to have my grownups read to me, but most any old book would do. My dad even used to read to me out of the newspaper and magazines. My mom read to me so much that I learned to read long before I went to school. She still reads books to all her grandchildren every time they visit.

    If I had to move, or “bug out” 😉 and could take only one book with me, I would take my grandmother’s Holy Bible that my mother bought for me to give her. She used to read to me from this Bible, and took it with her to church where she taught Sunday School. It has notes she wrote in the margins, and still has the crocheted cross bookmark she used. It was given to me by my mother after my grandmother’s passing.

    Thank you for your lovely post, Delphina. Your sharing sent me down memory lane to some wonderful places in my past. Nostalgia of some simpler, sweet times. Hugs to you and your book-lovin’ little ones!


    • Delphina says:

      Aww thanks.
      I love that your town has a bookmobile. I lived where it was a challenge to get to a book store or library and it would have been really handy.
      Thank you for sharing about your grandmother. It is such a beautiful memory.


  16. Laura says:

    I love holding a book in my hands. Really it didn’t matter what kind as long as I got transported into the pages when I was younger. My penultimate series when I was little was the “Katy Did” books. Now, well we know what kind of books I enjoy just because I’m here.

    When my kids were younger any Dr. Seuss was loved but especially “Green Eggs and Ham”. My husband and I would do the voices of all the characters for the kids. We never did the same voice twice because we couldn’t remember what we had done the time before.


  17. Delphina says:

    Thanks Everyone for stopping by. Charles was the winner today, but be sure to stop by Ana’s Advent Calendar every day from now until Christmas Eve for more prizes and more amazing posts.


  18. Loralynne Summers says:

    I felt horribly under the weather yesterday and didn’t make it on. But my all-time favorite book while in elementary school was “Diana and her Rhinoceros”. The library card was filled with my name front and back. I would actually get told that I couldn’t sign it out so that other kids would have a chance. 🙂


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