Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 12: Congratulations to Prize winners!

Advent card red baubles


Congratulations to Prize Winners!

Lynn, of “Little Lynnie and the Christmas Crackers,” chose SH to win her prize of a commemorative Ana’s Advent Calendar gift.

Joanne, of “Blue Christmas,” is donating an Amazon gift card, but I’m not sure if she has picked a winner yet.

Delphina, of “Take Your Child to a Bookstore,” randomly chose Charles to win a gift certificate to Amazon.

Ami, of “St. Knickerless Day,” had Dan randomly choose a “left leg” and “right leg.” Minelle and Laura, you win very special knickers! Please let Ami know the size you’ll need and your mailing address. 😀

Your lovely Mrs. Claus helper, Ana herself, randomly chose Sassy Twatter from yesterday’s commenters. Sassy T, I was planning to give a copy of Vennie but you already have it. 😀 I’ll contact you privately to make arrangements.

My day is really crazy so there may not be a content post for today but please comment and let us know how your December is going so far.  How are you doing? Any news? How are your holiday preparations coming? Have you already started celebrating?

Vennie fire

Photo courtesy of Sassy Twatter


58 thoughts on “Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 12: Congratulations to Prize winners!

  1. Joelle Casteel says:

    Congrats to all the winners so far! Well congrats to winners of things because to be perfectly corny, Ana’s Advent Calendar always gives me that “everyone’s a winner feeling”- although watching a bunch of “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” with the 5 year old I babysit may be helping. I was worried when I refreshed the page to find no post for today, Ana, and btw- a late happy author-versery; I should figure out when my own is lol. My mood’s improving today, although that might mostly be about it being Thursday; rejoining the “out of the home” work-a-world still isn’t something I’m happy about and it’s not helping that my dominant takes my slightest upset as a failure of His manhood; I may have to have a serious talk with Him soon because it feels like I have to keep a “happy mask” on to protect His feelings.

    Today is the 4th day of Chalica and I was amused to see that the Principle being marked today is one that’s managed to make its way into my writing- “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” I already have my first pen-related gift for my daughter chosen for next year 😀 I’m going to buy a pretty notebook from UUSC for the 1st Principle (“inherent worth and dignity of all people). I’m hoping they’ll have a notebook that’s been decorated by one of the co-op groups that UUSC partners with.

    This year, I’m not sure how things will go. We did presents for my daughter already; my dominant is sad because He’s been working so much overtime and we couldn’t afford a PS4 for Him. My daughter did decide to stay home- rather than going to her father’s for a visit- because she wants to have access to the phone we share and her computer/internet so she can be in touch with her girlfriend who is having a hard time. I’m glad that I can support my daughter in the realities of a long distance relationship.

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    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      A factor of a 14 hour day plus commute yesterday. It was supposed to be a busy but manageable day, but I got called in for an extra shift. I had one 15-minute break all day, unless you count driving from one place to the next. Phew! I figured catching up on sleep was more important than getting a post up in time. 😀

      Hope that the season continues to be positive for you in all the ways you can make it so.


      • Joelle Casteel says:

        wooo at that day, yup sometimes sleep is the most important choice. I’ll be calling it in maybe two or three hours max- regardless of everything I *should* do because I have to be at babysitting at 7am another day. You are doing much better on posting than I am; I’m hardly writing 😦


  2. Sassytwatter says:

    Yippie yippie I won!!!! And yes I have V I loved it I read it with tea and cookie by the fire when it first came out. I understand being busy hope you are doing ok. I’m good enjoying the holiday decorations while out in about. We are in Seattle for work Christmas party but can’t wait to get home I’ve been sick for two weeks with an ear infection traveling while sick sucks and to top it off bunny got norovirus which had an outbreak in his office building so he is in quarantine. Exciting news for dec a friend I met basically because of ttwd or Twitter made a huge life changing move she sol her house found a new job and is moving from Canada to the USA I will have a house guest when I get home. Very excited happy for her brave to make such a change ok im jabbering baby still asleep so taking advantage! Wishing wvwryone a wonderful week congrats stay healthy and have fun!

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    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      You did win! Problem is I have no idea what to give you, as you have bought all of my books (thank you!). Maybe I’ll send you a little something for your little one. 😀

      And wow, how fun for your friend to join you in the US! Let us know how it goes.


  3. Julie says:

    Our holiday preparations – such as they are – are in full swing. All of our decorations are up, inside and outside, and gift buying is on schedule. (On schedule meaning that not shopping has been done, at least by me. 🙂 )

    We had an office holiday dinner last weekend, but that’s been the extent of our celebrating so far. We celebrate our anniversary this weekend, so after that our thoughts will be completely turned to the holidays!

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  4. nerdgirl1115 says:

    My celebrating starts this weekend. I have an annual White Elephant party with friends on Saturday. On Sunday, my Mom and I are going to my chosen sister’s house to bake cookies with my favorite three-year old. Next Thursday I get to present the Zebra Coalition with all of the donations we’ve collected at my office. Next Friday our office moves to a new building. It will be complete chaos, but I’m glad for the move. Next Saturday, another party at a friend’s house. Sunday will be early Christmas with my chosen sister and family. Finally, on the 23rd, my Mom and I leave for San Antonio. Excuse me while I go take a nap now.

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    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      White elephant! We didn’t technically have time for that this year. I wonder if we can still squeeze it in. It’s one of my favorites. 😀

      Zebras? We had an elephant lover here before, but zebra is new. It’s fun to see everyone’s passion.


  5. Michelle Willms says:

    I have had a very sick puppy had home, so all our time and Christmas funds have gone to nursing our dear Eo back to health. As of today, he’s doing better. He’s eating now, so that’s great. We’re hoping the worst is over. I’ve done no shopping at all; I haven’t even done any Christmas planning. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season.

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    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Aw! No fun when a loved one is sick. I’m glad you have positive news now…and you know what…presents aren’t that important anyway. Not when you’re worried about your puppy. Hope your holidays are spent enjoying renewed health for the whole family.


  6. SH says:

    Congratulations to the prize winners so far! I am so excited to have won something! Thanks, Lynn!

    Everyone is so busy, but it’s that time of the year I suppose! We had Hubby’s Company Christmas party last weekend, getting our tree today, finishing my shopping this week, having Christmas at my mom’s on the 19th and Christmas at our house Christmas Eve, then top it off with a visit to my grandbabies Christmas morning. Whew!

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  7. awesomesub says:

    Woohoo, congratulations to all! 😀 I am with Joelle, Ana’s Advent Calendar creates this ‚everyone is a winner feeling’ in me too, and I am happy for the winners. 🙂

    The first little break for us will be this weekend, Saint Lucia’s Day, because we’ll have family and friends with us and want to have a lovely day together. This year our family is in need of this break (again); my sister has recovered and we hope for a Christmas baby, though her due date is the 26th. So, we thought all would calm down, but nope. Two weeks ago her family ran into serious trouble concerning some ugly inheritance stuff, so they’ll have to move within the next three months, which means instead of relaxing and just preparing a cozy place for her baby she is now packing things and looking for a new home. So, we are busy doing what we can helping her there. But since my bump is not smaller than my sister’s we are not allowed to do much. She is not allowed to carry things (doctor’s orders) and I am not allowed to carry things either (hubby’s orders). 🙂

    Due to our family situation we are going to celebrate Christmas close to my granny, which is good, because we can visit her, and somehow the place we are in has something about extended holidays, which is nice. 🙂 On the other hand I’d have loved to have Christmas at home, though that is more because I am closer to my own ob-gyn, just in case. We’ll have family and friends close by most of the time, and home is where they are. We are still decorating here to make everything more Christmassy (actually the third round of decorating everything 🙂 ), and we should have the Christmas tree around the end of next week, finally. Woohoo, I like decorating Christmas trees. 🙂

    Somehow not a too quiet time yet, but I can’t wait to see my new little niece, we are so excited about her, and somehow there’ll be a good way for any other trouble we might have to cope with. 🙂




    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Aw, you be careful of that little one inside of you! No need to put yourself or the baby at risk. I know you want to help your friend, but there’s plenty of opportunities that don’t involve straining yourself.

      I’m glad you can have a special Christmas with your granny. So nice to be making memories to cherish later.

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    • Lynn says:

      Oh no, Nina, how awful. We had to move unexpectedly at short notice when our little one was a few months old and it was horriblely stressful. I hope they find somewhere nice soon and all goes well with both babies ❤️

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      • awesomesub says:

        Thank you Lynn, yes, I think my job is more to make sure she doesn’t do anything, because she has been on bedrest some time ago. I am sorry that you had such an experience, that is so not awesome. 😦 If they do not find a nice place in time, they’ll stay at my parents, or at our house. They don’t want that, of course, but our house would be just right for them, as long as we are north of Hamburg because of granny. We’ll see. ❤

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  8. JoanneBest says:

    Congratulations to all the winners so far, although I’m in the corny-line with Joelle in that I feel the same, just being here makes us all winners ❤

    Speaking of winners, I'm in the process of writing all the name down so hubby can randomly pick a name out of a hat, I'm even going to take pictures because he found the most awesome blue sombrero when he was doing a side job, there was a yard sale and he couldn't resist 😛
    Anyway the randomly chosen winner will be getting a $25 Amazon Gift Card and I'll do my best to get it done before the weekend is over. Unfortunately I've been under the weather and under the blankets. Can someone remind me why I bothered getting the flu shot when all I really got was a 4 day bad reaction causing my arm to turn red and itchy with a hard lump and now I'm sick? No? I can. It's that White Coat Syndrome aka nervousness whenever you see a doctor that made me say "yes Doctor" 😀

    Also, another huge Congratulations to you Ana, on your Author-versary, I've sent a letter to Mrs. Claus begging I mean asking nicely for some more of Her adventures, truly I believe they are much more exciting than Santa's alone could ever be 😛

    I'm in a very weird place right now as far as Christmas is concerned, I've been holding up fine regarding my first Parent-less Christmas then yesterday out of nowhere a random wave of sadness washed over me. The Christmas tree is standing in front of me, all fragrant and filling the house with that wonderful scent a Douglas Fir brings, strands of multicolored lights ready to hang, boxes and boxes of decorations yet I've stalled. Part of it, I think anyway, is the unexpected uninvited intrusion of the relative from hell upsetting the household for the entire first week of December, it's hard to decorate the living room when a loud, pill-popping, sneak-drinking, mess-making relative camps out on your couch and refuses to even fold the blankets for the day and lives in denial concerning her divorce papers and restraining order. Ripping up divorce papers does not make them null and void. Sorry for the rant but it helps to get it out in a safe place, and she's where she should be right now, staying with one of her two adult children. It's all for the best, even though she said we were all a**holes when she left (except for me, for some reason she named me, the in-law, as the only non-AH). It's difficult to try and help someone who refuses to listen to reason.
    Also, the fact that I'm fighting off a cold/flu/bug/something is probably making me feel more vulnerable, in the past when I would get sick I would just pick up the phone and call Mommy, and then Daddy, so now there's nobody to call that will get me the way I need to be gotten, if that makes sense. (It's not helping that I just watched General Hospital and a child was on the floor crying her eyes out screaming "I want Mommy, I need Mommy 😦 )

    So I'm going to give myself the night to stay in bed and hopefully recover in less than 24 hours because I need to rehearse for the Christmas show tomorrow night, decorate the tree and, oh, here's a concept, get my Christmas shopping done. Yay internet and credit/debit cards 🙂 and yay Amazon Prime for free shipping 😀
    I also think now might be the time to reread The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus as I cuddle under the blanket with my cats after eating breakfast for dinner, pancakes, bacon and eggs are on the menu tonight because I need comfort food today.

    Oh, in case anyone is interested in a good movie about Mrs. Claus, there's a movie on right now, Hallmark Channel of course, called "Charming Christmas" where 3 women's lives are changed through the power of Mrs. Claus's Santa-like dress ❤ Julie Benz plays the lead and for any Buffy/Angel fans out there, she played Darla 😀 {fun facts with Joanne lol} I've already watched it at least 3 times ❤

    Thank you once again Ana and everyone here, through the power of words, you all keep me going, I already feel better just writing this comment ❤

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    • awesomesub says:

      Hi Joanne, I am sorry that your parents are not there for Christmas. I know that I’d try to find a cozy place in the arms of a loved one, and I remember that you wrote this helps you too. So, this is one of my Christmas wishes for you, have loved ones nearby to hug when you miss your parents most. I mean, you should always hug, it is healthy, but this one is for comfort. Maybe it helps when you tell some of the memories, but sometimes it is just good to have someone there without saying anything. I think they will understand. Hugs ❤

      Sorry about the flu, but comfort food sounds great to me. Get well soon (within 24 hours, if possible! 🙂 )

      hugs ❤



    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      A movie about Mrs. Claus! How cool. I haven’t heard of that, but I’ll look for it.

      Of course you miss your parents. It’s hard to miss them any time, and a major holiday without them is a huge deal. Here’s hoping you’ll find some love and warmth for yourself during this time. And yes, a sickie day sounds like just the ticket. I’m glad you’ve gotten some peace from your visitor. I dealt with a difficult visitor last year, and it took me ages to recover afterward. You need some time to relax and not do anything. Hugs.


    • Lynn says:

      Aw, Joanne, honey, I’m so sorry. Your first Christmas without your parents must be awful, especially as you’ve only just lost your Dad. At least you’ve got rid of your unwelcome ‘guest’
      I hope you feel well enough to get your preparations done soon.
      Take care (((hugs))) ❤️
      Lynn XXX


  9. Laura says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! So far this December I have accomplished zip, zero, nada, nothing and skitta. Go me! Because of my procrastination this weekend I have to put the tree up, make 15 different cookies and start shopping. Crud on a cracker. Why do I do this to myself? Oh well, live and learn. Right now I’m lmao because if I don’t I’ll be in the corner curled into a little ball and humming under my breath. Have a splendiferous day everyone.


  10. pieclown says:


    How is my Christmas going. Not the way I wanted it to, but that is par for the course. My health is ok, but I have had my days and missed some work. The pain I have from old (25 year) injuries. I did get my tree up and 1 strand of lights and 2 purple ropes.

    I have a lighted star on the front that was turned on about early Thanksgiving.

    I have made purchase of presents for others, but I have spent quite a bit of money on myself.. I found some deals on movies. Some I can share, some I can not share with the family. True Blood is a tad on the adult side.

    The bright side is of course this calender. Family is not available this year. And my did is going in for some surgery next Friday. My kid’s mom has some surgery the 22.

    I do hope all here are having fun.

    pie pie 4 now

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  11. renee200 says:

    Congratulations to everyone who has won a prize. The beauty of this blog is that everyone is a winner due to the community and people in it. This has been a different holiday season for me. It is the first year I am not working yet I am doing less preparation for the season. For the first time in 21 years, I stuck to my decision to not attend hubby’s Christmas party which did not make him happy but it made me happy. When someone is treated poorly all year I just don’t see how a party makes it better. Hope everyone’s December is going well. Blessings. R

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  12. Irishey says:

    Hugs, Ana. Don’t let your crazy schedule deprive you of sleep. You do not need to become ill! Blogging can wait a few hours if you need to sleep in.

    Congratulations to the winners thus far! Thank you to all those who are providing prizes. Thanks, too, to everyone who is able to be here and join in during this year’s Ana’s Advent Calendar. I love reading your comments. I have a lot to catch up on because our Internet has been bewitched the past several days. They “are working on it.”

    My son, that awesome, wonderful kid of mine, just a little while ago, climbed the ladder up through the ceiling and spent half an hour in our nasty, unfinished, unlighted crawlspace of an attic, to dig through boxes and totes to retrieve our Christmas things and hand them down to me. Both of us were covered in cobwebs, dust and that weird, loose insulation. My decorations managed to get all icky, too, so I have to dust, wipe and/or wash everything.

    Did anybody know those fake candles, the ones with a battery that powers the little flickering inner flame, would melt? Well, I knew they would, but my son and daughter, apparently, did not. They helped pack up Christmas and took things to the attic last year. My daughter stored her candle next to my son’s wooden nutcracker-type Father Christmas. The distinguished old dude now wears a large cream-colored blob of waxy plastic on his beard and white and gold suit. Poor guy.

    I almost had decided not to bother decorating again this year. We’d have a tree, sometimes, but I don’t decorate much beyond that, partly because most of my things were lost or damaged before my move, and the rest because we aren’t here during Christmas.

    Since we first moved here, which happened to be the week before Christmas 2010, we never again have spent our Christmas vacation here. We travel back home where the rest of our families live, and stay for most of the kids’ 2-week break.

    We’ve purchased a real tree for here twice – one the first year, then again the next year. That first tree was nice, but it was sad because my kids had to stay back there, hunters of miles away.

    The next year, it was sad yet again because we all had to leave our beautifully decorated tree and return to the family homes. After the holidays, we returned here to a dried out tree losing needles everywhere. We cut the trunk a little and watered it, and left it up for a few more days, but it really was sad…and a little scary when we turned in the lights for a little while each evening!

    So, we skipped the live tree thing the next year, and decided to buy an artificial one. We put it up that Christmas, but left it in the box the next because we were busy, and I was sick off and on. It didn’t come out of its box last year, either.

    I love Christmas and trees and decorations and all that hoopla. So, tonight and tomorrow I am cleaning the attic muck from my things, and we will put up the tree tomorrow evening after D gets back from company travel.

    My only news for December is this unseasonally warm weather has caused my magnolia tree to bud. It is supposed to stay warm through the weekend, so it might even flower!

    We haven’t started celebrating anything Christmas, but we celebrated one of my children’s December birthdays this week. Another is just before Christmas, and our little dog will celebrate hers next week.

    Oops! Time to go be chauffeur again. Hugs!


  13. catrouble says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! Don’t have time to read all the comments but from what I’m seeing…sending prayers, healing energy and positive thoughts for all who are going through a rough time.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  14. kaisquared4 says:

    Congrats to the prize winners and hugs and healing thoughts to those who need them. Hubby is having surgery on his elbow next week so we have actually been focusing more on that than the 25th. Coming to the calendar daily helps take my mind off of all the crazy that is happening around here and enjoy the virtual company of all of you.


  15. minelle says:

    Hi! WOW I am a winner? Thank You Ami and Ana! I feel so lucky. What a surprise.
    I am sending good wishes to everyone who needs some care this year.
    We are trying to catch up with all the Christmas preparations this year. I am so far behind!


    • Irishey says:

      Minelle, I think you can give yourself some amnesty over all those outward preparations that show you are ready for Christmas. Maybe have a “less is better” theme this year, and spend some of that time you save by not decorating, baking and shopping on your inner preparations. Be kind to yourself and invest time in your spirit, and to simply being with family. This will be a different Christmas to adjust to, for all of you.


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