Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 14: 4th Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange

Adventcard blue penguin

Happy Advent Calendar!  Today we’re going to try something a bit different.  Have you heard of a white elephant gift exchange?  There are many different ways to play, but the basic scenario is this:

Everyone brings a wrapped Christmas gift.  In some gift exchanges, everyone purchases a gift within a set monetary limit (such as five or ten dollars per gift).  In other gift exchanges, people bring from home something that is in good condition but not wanted.

There are many ways to distribute gifts, but the simplest way is to give each gift a number and then have everyone draw a number to determine which gift he or she will receive.

We’re going to do a virtual white elephant gift exchange today, and this is how it will work:

I’ll be the first recipient.

The first person to comment describes a white elephant gift he or she will give me.  If you have a blog, feel free to post a picture of the gift and then post the link in the comments.  Describe the gift and why you chose it.  I’ll reply to your comment with my reaction to the gift.

The next people to comment describe two white elephant gifts to give to commenters posting before you. If you see anyone who hasn’t received a gift, feel free to add an extra gift. Again, you can describe in detail, post a link to a picture online (such as a product description page on Amazon), or post a link to a picture of the gift on your blog. Come back later to see what you’ve received!

Check back to see what “gift” you receive from the next commenter, and post your reaction as a reply.  :)

Oh, and for the last commenter of the day I’ll comment by posting a gift for you.


Also, will you participate in a real-life exchange this year? Tell us about it and what you plan to bring. I’m going to engrave two small wooden plaques with Bible verses and decoration for an exchange this Sunday. I’m not sure what I’ll get, but I’m thinking it won’t be wooden spoons. 😀


P.S.  To keep things interesting, please don’t duplicate any of the gifts already posted.  Thanks!

Not sure how this will work? Take a look at the 2013 or 2012 white elephant gift exchange.


(Disclaimer: The white elephant gift exchange is for entertainment purposes only. No actual gifts will be given.)



73 thoughts on “Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 14: 4th Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange

  1. pieclown says:

    Hi looks like am first. For Ana I would get a new footed pajamas. You seem way to stressed and. Should relax. I think a nice pj’s set and some good cookies and milk would do you well.

    Oh they would have a drop seat for those naughty times

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    • pieclown says:

      Oh I forgot to talk about WEE. I have 2 clown groups and we have Christmas parties. We bring a gift. Cost is 15. It can be an old prop or some other item we don’t need. We take numbers and the first person gets a gift and opens it. The second person can get a gift or steal the first gift. A gift can only be stolen 3 times. I have brought clown Christmas ornaments that I got post Christmas sale. Last year, I got in the exchange a large velvet clown picture.

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  2. Sassytwatter says:

    Oh I love the idea of pjs Pieclown nothing better than slipping into a new pair and snuggling up in bed with a good book or a old favorite movie great way to relax. For you I would choose

    Because nothing is better than some cute slippers!!! Keep your feet nice and warm on cold floors in the winter and they just look so cute can’t help but smile. For the second white elephant gift I would choose some beautiful pillar candles lovely to light as a way to relax In the tub or festive to light around the house during the holidays! The soft glow of candles just makes everything seem homey!

    Has been years since I’ve participated in a real white elephant exchange they are always loads of fun!


  3. JoanneBest says:

    Hmmm, figuring out how to do this… I’m going to take a wild guess here and hope I do this right.

    So dearest Joelle, you need 3 gifts I think, so I’m gifting you a selection of adult coloring books and a box of crayons and colored pencils (that counts as one) so you can relax and de-stress a bit.
    Also, I am gifting you a magic pen with a special eraser that you can share with your daughter, it allows you to erase all the bad memories in your life (I may be bending the rules a bit with my made-up magic pen that allows you to erase bad memories, but at Christmastime, magic is real 😀 )
    For your third gift, you and your Dominant are getting a selection of chocolates to feed each other, because chocolate makes everything better 😀

    Hope I did this right, if not, feel free to re-gift or return to sender 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Joelle Casteel says:

      oh I love it, Joanne, and yes, I think you’re following the rules 😀 Well Ana didn’t say anything about gifts have to exist so I think the magical pen is fully within the rules too. Speaking of, for that 3rd gift, I’d love a side helping of “make Joelle’s dominant like chocolate more.” Because He simply doesn’t like sweets as much as I do- we’ve been having arguments about the “safety” of jelly beans used during sex. I say they weren’t meant as a sex toy lol

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      • JoanneBest says:

        Poof! Magical chocolate-loving faerie dust sprinkled invisible on your Dominant because not only does chocolate taste better than jelly beans, but chocolate melts and is lickable (is that gonna land me on the Naughty List? 😛 )
        I agree with the no sex toy on the jellybeans, but I think I also understand His point 😉 but when it comes down to it, I’m on your side 😀

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      • Irishey says:

        I love Joanne’s gifts to you, Joelle! Is this the party of the white elephant exchange where we can choose to trade our gift for another’s?! I want ’em all!!

        No, I won’t trade for your awesome gifts. You need to keep them and use them well.

        Jelly beans? Really?….. I am thinking, “Me, neither!” Maybe you could find some jelly bean-flavored chocolate for your Dom. Maybe Jelly Belly’s tangerine- or peach-flavored white chocolate would be the ticket here. Actually little jelly beans…..nope. Lol!


  4. Laura says:

    Ok I think I understand the game. But knowing me there’s only a 60-40 chance I’ll get it right. Here goes:
    First I’m going to add one for Ana because with how stressful the year has been I think she needs a cashmere throw for when snuggling down and decompressing is not only necessary but a wonderful way

    For Pie – I’m going to gift her some one on one face time with Ronald McDonald and just fyi I mean that in the most platonic way.

    And last but most definitely not least –

    For Joelle – as one Whovian to another (oh Ana – that’s three of us to begin your day lol), I gift you a ride in the TARDIS with your favorite Doctor.

    Now Pie I know how much you love you know who (lmao because I just realized what I wrote) but I truly believe that you might just be too much for any of the Doctors and that’s saying something.

    For everyone one else I wish/gift you the hope of one day without any angst, upsets or worries. An almost impossible gift I know but as my Mom used to say “Believe in the impossible and you will achieve it”. I forgot that is awful year but thanks to all of all I’m starting to remember that no matter how ‘effed’ up things get here is at least one good thing in every day. Well, now that I took a fun activity and made it a bit maudlin my work here is done.

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    • Joelle Casteel says:

      Laura, Whovians unite- to creep Ana out? Hm, I’m not sure I could pick a favorite Doctor. I like all of them in such different ways. Wasn’t it 6 who did the “playing spoons” thing? See, Ana, I managed to combine Doctor Who and spoons hehe

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      • Laura says:

        I’m sure at this point it comes as no surprise to see that while I was writing my reply JoAnne got in there before me and therefore I screwed up. Yea, me!
        Ana – am I reading this wrong or is my brain on hiatus? Am I suppose to respond the the last two commentators or just the last commentator? Then I supposed to give them three gifts each? My head is going to explode! 😖

        I owe JoAnne a gift, some gifts, crud I have no idea therefore I’ll try a gift cuz I gave her another two to you and Pie. O.K. – (decided on three because she a Doctor fan)

        My dearest JoAnne my gift(s) for you is/are: 3 hours to read anything you want as long as it’s a book from one of our talented writers in this lovely group, 2 boxes of the best chocolate on Earth and a Doctor in the TARDIS just for you.

        BTW – my family have a white elephant every year which is definitely easier than this. lol

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        • JoanneBest says:

          Oh Laura, what perfect gifts and I adore them all!!!!
          Since Joelle finagled a bit, and rule-bending does rule 😀 , just this once, strictly in the interest of being able to fit in my stage clothes of course, if you insist, I’ll agree to 1 box of the best chocolate on earth (which will include milk chocolate and salted, creamy caramel) and 2 Doctors in the TARDIS as long as they’re 10 and 11 😉 it *is* bigger on the inside after all, so there’s plenty of room for 2 Doctors and me 😛

          Oh boy I’m soooo going on the Naughty List this year ;P #inforapennyinforapound

          I’m probably bending more rules but with all the Whovians coming out of the closet, so to speak, don’tcha think our dearest Ana would enjoy The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe as a tiny dip into the Doctor Who-verse?
          No Daleks, HEA ending, the coolest Christmas tree ever, the most awesome gift under the tree ever, and oh! the gift is bigger on the inside and it’s breathtakingly beautiful! And the children’s bedroom alone is worth watching for!

          Whah! I don’t want to turn my computer off now! I wanna scroll and read and comment but nooooo, I have stuff to do to get ready for tomorrow’s work on the Christmas Song (I feel extra good about it now, thank you very much ❤ ) and if I don't go now I'll never go (truth, I'm already an hour behind schedule, shhh, more Naughty List potential 😀 )

          I don't wanna go! {stomps foot and dashes off before Mrs. Klaus shows up 😛 }

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          • Laura says:

            Your “bigger on the inside” comment made me wonder if everything the Doctor has is bigger. Mmmmmm, the mind boggles. I’m sure I’m now not only on the naughty list but in the corner awaiting Ana. That’s ok because it is worth a few whacks to dream of bigger and better things!

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    • pieclown says:

      Hi Laura, Thanks for the time to talk to Ronald. It is quite odd you chose that. I was at a gig today and we talk to some guys who were clowns several years ago. As for you know who, I say I would love to go on a trip with Doctor Donna. haha hehe, ho ho ho.

      I also LOVE the impossible gift.

      pie pie 4 now

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      • Laura says:

        pie – I wish I could remember how to add a picture because when I was looking at gifts for y’all I found a picture of Ronald with a friend and I wanted to post it so bad. I hope to figure it out so that you can see what I saw.


    • Irishey says:

      Thank you, Laura, for gifting all of us the hope of one day without any angst, upsets or worries. Not an impossible gift at all! Your mother was very wise to say “Believe in the impossible and you will achieve it”.

      I am sorry this is an awful year for you. I am glad you’re finding something good here at Ana’s every day to combat whatever else is “effed” up in your days. That, btw, is not maudlin at all, and did not take away any fun!

      It is nice to have this place to share, and to have people who care to share with us. Thank you for sharing pieces of your heart with us. Trust and sharing are very special gifts.


  5. kaisquared4 says:

    Well here goes my attempt at gifting…

    For Ana, a labradoodle in a Mrs. Claus costume, to wag her tail, make Ana smile (and spy for the real Mrs. Claus).

    For PieClown, a banana slicer to help in making those banana cream pies to pie folks with, and the peels can cause some pratfalls. Please read the description at , and be sure to enjoy the reviews.

    For Joelle, a gift certificate to the Jelly Belly “Jelly Bean of the Month Club” 🙂 They also have chocolate covered jelly beans.

    For JoAnne, the perfect musical score for her Christmas song.

    And for Laura, her own sonic screwdriver that can zap the angst out of any situation.

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    • pieclown says:

      KAISQUARED4 Oh my Stars and Garters. Those reviews are a hoot and a half. I will have to check them all out. And yesss, I am know for pieing people. Maybe that is why I am on the naughty list.

      pie pie 4 now


  6. catrouble says:
      • catrouble says:

        Thank for the the afghan Kaisquared4…gets awfully cold around here. 😉 Your gift reminded me of Chihuly also…love his work. Was lucky enough to be in St Louis and got to see a lot of his pieces set up in the botanical gardens…was awesome against the backdrop of the plants and flowers! When I win the lottery, I’m going to buy some of his pieces! 😀

        Hugs and blessings…Cat

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  7. renee200 says:

    Well I am rather late to join the game today. It looks like if I understand the rules correctly I have a lot of gifts to give so in staying with the stress relieving theme I am sensing here. I am going to give each of you a massager. You can all get your minds out of the gutter. It’s not that kind of massager. This massager is a scalp massager and although it looks really weird it is really relaxing. Enjoy and relax this season. Blessings R.

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    • Irishey says:

      Joanne is going to love this, Cat! Irl, my daughter received this exact scarf for her birthday a few days ago. I think she has worn it every day since!


  8. Irishey says:

    I have been thinking about this white elephant gift exchange all day, but I am stumped. I thought I had it figured out early on, then as I kept reading comments throughout the day…y’all are silly!

    I finally finished the Christmas tree, ate supper and watched the basketball game, then came back to post, but sheesh!! What the heck, some of you??!!! And Cat??!!! Lol!

    This started out with giving 2 gifts, then somebody started giving 3 gifts and others followed, to many multiple gifts given by others, to Cat giving specific and individualized gifts to everybody! I can’t match that this late in the day! I don’t want to try, either, because I think all you rule breakers are in big trouble with Mrs. Claus!!

    I also don’t remember how to post links. Lol! My gifts will be descriptive, instead of drawing you pictures, so use your imaginations.

    Cat needs lots of padding for what is to come during her counseling session with Mrs. Claus. Unfortunately, I can’t help with that. So, for Cat, I found a beautiful, antique, embroidered linen hankie she can use to dry her tears after receiving her spoonful of advice. I also am giving Cat a huge hug because she will need it.

    For Renee200, I am giving an amazingly awesome union suit, red, racy, risqué, and, ummm, accessible – totally not your standard variety, old-fashioned long-johns with a plain old buttoned drop seat!

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  9. SH says:

    Oh my gosh I am so late!! My kids and grandkids have been here most of the day which has made me happily tired at the moment 😀

    I hope I do this right! I am going to give gifts to Irishey, Cat and Renee because I can’t figure out who is exactly the two commenters before me, so better safe than sorry!

    Irishey – I am giving you what I just bought myself this week because you are never too old to color –
    but you can’t have those without this –

    Cat and Renee – I am giving you both the very largest bottle of Fireball Whiskey and for good measure a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennesee Honey. Enjoy and have a shot or two for me 😉

    Hugs to everyone!!

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    • catrouble says:

      Ooh thanks Sandy but ummm…not sure anyone really wants me drinking. Half a drink and I’m and totally blitzed. I’m a very happy drunk but don’t let me near a phone…especially if I’m angry with someone as I will call them every name in the book and giggle the entire time I’m doing it.

      Hugs and blessings…Cat

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    • Irishey says:

      Lol! I must seem very stressed! I love the gel pens! They are having a sale plus a special code for extra off the price when you buy 2 sets. I may have to do that, because my daughter will “borrow” mine away. Lol!

      Thank you, SH, for the gel pens and adult coloring books. Very thoughtful. I am bringing them to Cat’s where she, Renee and I will drink shots until we are silly and color outside the lines! 😉

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  10. Sassytwatter says:

    Ok where is my comment?! I came back to check what I got I gave bunny slippers I was the third comment yesterday had only been pie clown who had given Ana pjs. Was fun to read the rest of them right now. But seriously your blog hates me right now.


    • pieclown says:

      Sassy. I am sorry that this blog is not liking you. Allow me to give you a gift of wonderful set of wooden spoons. Pay no mind that the say property ok KC.

      Pie pie 4 now. And good,luck with your post


    • Irishey says:

      Poor Sassy. 😦

      WordPress must not like your device. Maybe we need to spice things up a little on your end? 😉 Well, within the only slightly naughty but clean rules of Ana-verse, of course.

      To this end, ahem, first I am giving you a pair of Sassy Cheeky Boyleg Panties from Jezebel. (You will have to copy/paste the link, but these are so cute!)

      WordPress needs to understand how important and serious you are, so I also am giving you the entire “Classy Sassy and a Bit Smart Assy” product line.

      Now that we have your power look going, I am gifting you with a brand new, Sassy smart phone and Sassy tablet, with every bell and whistle you can imagine, plus unlimited, blazing-speed Internet access, and administrator level access to WordPress.

      The clincher gift, that will make all the difference to WordPress, is that I am bestowing upon you a very special, old, silk hat to wear when WP needs a certain kind of “thumpety-thump-thump” attention. 😉


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