Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 18: Sex Toy Story 3

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Kate Richards of Evil Mistress Kate fame reprises last year’s wildly popular Sex Toy Story, a finish-the-story challenge. This time, her story is set in Suzy Lou and Cindy Meyers Hui’s cabin in a town far far away from Whoville .

While the main couple in this story prompt is F/F, feel free to change gender as best suits your imaginative preferences.

Governing Ana is not responsible for NSFA (Not Safe For Ana) material. Please keep your story endings PG-13 or under. Thank you!

A Toy Story for the holidays

Once upon a time on a dark and stormy night when all good little girls and boys slept in their beds dreaming of sugar plums and the Grinch snuck from house to house stealing their Christmas in one town…in another town far far away Suzy Lou Hu had a very different sort of surprise for her sweetie.

Pulling down the long driveway to the cabin they’d spent the whole summer building—okay supervising the building of—they weren’t contractors after all—she giggled in anticipation of the best Christmas Eve ever. Hugging a large box wrapped in red and green striped paper, she headed into the house, calling out, “Honey, I’m home!”

The house was redolent of the scents of Christmas. Pine from the tall, decorated tree by the front window, hot cider simmering in the slow cooker on the sideboard—next to a to a bottle of cinnamon schnapps, and the elegant hardwood burning in the fireplace. “Cindy,” she called, “where are you?”

When no answer came, she  shrugged out of her coat, set the box under the tree and went in search of her pretty blonde wife.

Cindy Myers Hu started awake, shaking bubbles from her bobbing breasts as the bathroom door swung open. “Suzy! When did you get home?” And how long had she been asleep? Working retail in mid-December was brutal. “I planned to be all dressed up and pretty for our special holiday celebration.”

Suzy Lou’s dark eyes gleamed. “You look pretty enough like that. I’m tempted to join you.”

Cindy cupped her breasts, grinning back. “Oh, you mean these old things?”

“I’d hardly call them old. Sweet, maybe.”

“Come on in. The water’s fine.” If a little cool. But the huge tub was the site of so many of their “private celebrations,” and she was ready for another one!

“Tempted,” Suzy said, “But tonight, I have something special and it’s not water safe. I’m going to escape to the living room and pour myself some of that yummy hot cider before I end up in there with you and we are both too worn out to try out your present.” With a toss of her long, straight dark hair, she disappeared, closing the door behind her.

A toy… They’d talked about experimenting, but so far had been happy to play with what Mother Nature gave them. Which of the sexy additions had her wife decided to make their first? Cindy scrambled out of the tub and dried off on one of the big fluffy towels they’d received for their wedding. Slipping into the bedroom, she reached into her underwear drawer and paused. She didn’t have time to get as gussied up as she’d planned, and anything she put on would be just something they had to take off to play with the new toy.

Whatever it was. She gave a little squeal and slapped a hand over her mouth. Play it cool, Cindy. No need to act like a nervous virgin here…it’s just a toy!

Her mind raced, running over the Adam and Eve home shopping show they’d watched the week before. Two-ended dildos, vibrators of every size, shape, and color, plugs—she flushed at that one—and a variety of  other insertables that promised ecstasy to all concerned. She’d been especially intrigued by a turquoise glass dildo with multi-colored glitter that worked kind of like a lava lamp. Since Suzy had not stopped teasing her about that one, she probably didn’t buy it. She slid her arms into a silky royal-blue robe and tied it at the waist. Easy peasy.

The strains of classical Christmas music met her ears when she entered the living room  to find her wife reclining on the sofa in front of the fire wearing the red satin version of the robe. Every time she saw her, she was more amazed that such a gorgeous creature chose her, and not only beautiful but so kind, and so smart. Even Cindy’s mother’s objections faded when she met Dr. Suzy, cardiac surgeon. And both their sets of parents would be over to celebrate Christmas with them in the morning. Only tonight was theirs alone.

“I’m ready.”

Suzy chuckled. “Are you sure?”

No, she wasn’t sure at all. Excited, yes. A little scared, perhaps. “Of course. Bring on the toys!”

Suzy rose. “Good, then you won’t mind wearing this…” A blindfold.

“Is that the surprise?”  If so, it wasn’t nearly what she’d been expecting.

“No…well, it’s part of it. Trust me?

Drawing in a deep breath, Cindy nodded and turned around. As the dark fabric covered her eyes, her heart thudded loudly in her ears. They’d never discussed things like blindfolds and bondage. Dear God was her real surprise being tied up or….

“Okay, let me guide you over to the couch and sit, that’s right.” Suzy placed a box in her hands. “No you can open your present.”

Patting the large package, Cindy gulped. “But I can’t see it.”

“That’s half the fun!” Suzy gave her a deep kiss and her trepidations faded—somewhat. Cindy patted the rectangular box until  she found a seam in the wrapping paper and tore it off. Then she lifted the top off the box and pulled out….

What happens now? Share what you think might happen next and what might be in the mysterious present…


34 thoughts on “Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 18: Sex Toy Story 3

  1. Sassytwatter says:

    This was so much fu to read way better than the original story!!! I can’t wait to come back and read everyone else’s endings! But pg13 no way bring on the juicy juicy stuff.

    I’m intrigued by the lava glittery changing glass dildo. Hit so many choices. I’m going to have to opt for a beautiful red strap on dildo in soft deer skin with a little vibrating part for the one wearing it so it’s double the pleasure. Mm what fun they would have all night using that by the fire!

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  2. JoanneBest says:

    … a small bottle of, well, Cindy couldn’t see what was in the bottle, yet, but her trembling fingers felt more than one object in the box and the scent of cinnamon filled the air.
    “Suzy? What-”
    Suzy’s finger gently traced Cindy’s lucious mouth, “shhhh,” she said, “no questions yet my sweet, we’ve got the entire night ahead of us and,” her hand cupped Cindy’s chin, gently closing her mouth as she leaned in closer, “you may not speak until I say you can.”
    Her throaty laugh filled the air as she watched Cindy’s perfect face.
    Cindy wasn’t the quietest under normal circumstances, and the look on her face was priceless as she struggled to keep quiet. Suzy could imagine Cindy’s gorgeous eyes wide with wonder and full of questions underneath the blindfold.
    They’d never really role-played, but it was Christmas, and if Suzy wanted to play the role of the Domme, well Cindy was more than happy to go along with the as of yet unknown rules. Luckily, she was a quick learner. They’d both devoured their favorite author’s books, often reading aloud to each other. Between Anastasia Vitsky’s Mistress series, the Master of the Castle series, as well as Cindy’s own personal favorite, Terci In Chains by Kate Richards, Cindy thought she was ready for whatever Suzy had in store for her.
    She was about to find out Suzy had a lot more tricks up her sleeve, more than reading *any* book could have prepared her for.

    “Go on darling, dig a little deeper into the box,” Suzy said. “pick at least one more item, for now.”
    Cindy’s body flushed, a little electric hum of anticipation racing through her body, settling deep down, she couldn’t help but wriggle seeking some relief.
    Suzy’s hands held Cindy’s hips, “no wriggling until I say young lady.” She tried to keep her voice stern but a little giggle escaped as Cindy bit her lip, trying her best to keep quiet.
    “Come along my love, there’s a boxful of fun awaiting us, reach in and take something out. Now.”
    Cindy never heard this new firm tone from Suzy before, but truth be told, the sound sent a shiver down her spine.
    “You may say ‘yes Mistress’, and ‘thank you Mistress’, Suzy said. “No, you *must* say ‘yes Mistress’ and ‘thank you Mistress’ unless you want a spanking now.”
    Cindy gulped audibly. “Yes Mistress. And th-thank you Mistress,” she whispered as she reached into the box and pulled out…. a wooden spoon?
    Hello Kate! I adore your story today! As I’m unsure of the exact rules, and I can be rather wordy and take the story to it’s climax 😉 I’m guessing we are meant to continue the story? If we are supposed to give it an ending I’ll happily come back and finish 😀

    As of this moment I’m the first commenter but that could easily change when I hit “press comment”. Also, this is the first time I’ve ever attempted F/F so I hope I’m playing right 🙂
    Just in case, I’ll be in the corner until I know it’s safe to come out 😀
    Dang Kate, I am so into this story I want to write it until the very last word but I think (?) we’re meant to continue (?) as we go through the day (?)…. confusion and mayhem indeed! ❤
    Hugs ❤

    ps: I'll be checking in from time to time as I shop online and decorate the tree, if I did it wrong, I'll be more than happy to write more 😛
    And Kate, I think you just woke up my sleeping giant lol ❤

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  3. awesomesub says:

    … something that felt like a kind of little silicone egg. “Oh, I know this one … I think.” Cindy couldn’t see Suzy’s pleased smirk as she played with the little egg in her hand. When Cindy tried to find the button to switch it on in her hand, Suzy couldn’t suppress a giggle. “What?! Where do I switch it on? May I? Please?” All anticipation, Cindy only had a vague idea of what might happen next. She heard the very familiar snapping sound of their bottle of lavender oil that had this delicious smell – and taste. Still holding the little egg in her hand she wondered what Suzy was up to next. Out of nowhere she smelled the flowery and fresh scent that inevitably let her think back to the wonderful time they had spent in Provence. She didn’t notice how she relaxed completely, nor could she perceive how fascinated Suzy looked down at her because of this transformation from eagerly anticipating what might happen to an almost trance-like state of near bliss. Cindy was putty in Suzy’s hands, and Suzy would make sure that this little lovely would beg for release before long. From her left Cindy heard her wife coo softly into her ear “You have no idea how sexy you are”. She felt warm oil trickle on her thighs and made low moans of pleasure the closer these hands moved to more sensitive spots. She leaned back, oblivious to what was going on around her, clutching the little silicon egg in her hands as if her life depended on it. …

    … I hope this is still within PG-13 range. 🙂 I loved the story, it was fun to read and to continue a little.



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  4. JoanneBest says:

    Cindy was torn and Suzy could read it on her face.
    Her sweet little wife was trying so hard not to speak, to follow the rules, but she knew words were bubbling up, begging to come out of her mouth yet she remained quiet, determined to say nothing until Suzy, rather *Mistress* Suzy gave her the go-ahead.

    Knowing Cindy couldn’t see her through the blindfold, Suzy covered her own mouth with one hand and silently giggled as she watched her struggle to say nothing.
    Who knew she would take to the submissive role so quickly?
    Silently sending a mental ‘Thank You’ to their favorite authors for planting the seed, she decided to loosen the rules a little bit. It was, after all, a first for both of them.
    “It’s alright my love,” she said as she trailed her fingers slowly down the V-cut of her robe, “you can speak freely. For now.”
    Cindy visibly shivered when Suzy reached the satin tie holding her robe together, giving it a tug.
    Letting out a deep breath she hadn’t realized she was holding, Cindy turned her head toward the sound of Suzy’s voice.
    “I, you, umm, Suzy….” she whispered, awe evident in her voice, “I didn’t, I mean I never thought, oh Suzy I love you so very much….”. Her voice trailed off.
    For one of the few times in the history of their entire relationship, Cindy was speechless.
    Suzy answered with a deep kiss, then pulled away abruptly, leaving Cindy’s head spinning, her body flushed.
    “Come on my little poppet, reach into the box now before I use that spoon on you immediately. It may be Christmas Eve but we’ve got 12 Days of Christmas Gifts awaiting you. Unless you want me to use the spoon on you first…”
    “Hmmm, maybe I *should* wait… ” she giggled.
    “Oh, so you want to play it that way, do you my sweet imp? Shall I take away that box and put you over my knee right now?”
    She giggled, weighing the pros and cons quickly in her head before answering.
    “Not yet Suzy, I want to see-”
    “What did you call me?”
    Another giggle erupted before she could stop it, “I mean Mistress Suzy,” she cleared her throat before continuing. “Please Mistress Suzy, I would like to see, I mean *feel*, what else is in the box. Please?”
    “Go on then darling, reach inside and see what’s waiting for you.”
    Taking a deep breath, Cindy plunged her hand into the still-full box willy-nilly and pulled out….
    I know, get in the corner for double commenting 😉
    {turns tail and runs}

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  5. pieclown says:

    Cindy reached in to the box and fished around the tissues to find the toy.,She felt several straps and They seemed to be connected to a hard object. Cindy thought is was a strap on, but there was no opening for a dildo. There was a protrusion on the plate but not very big. Feeling around Cindy found a small box, with buttons on it. When she pushed the buttons, the protrusion started to vibrate. “it can also be controlled with an ap on my phone.” Suzy said.

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  6. kaisquared4 says:

    ..along with the wooden spoon she found an Ana the Elf costume, complete with very revealing lacy panties … “the better to see your rosy bum glowing like Rudolph’s nose!” said Suzy AKA Mrs. Claus. “You have been naughty and I need to make sure you get back on the nice list. Mistress Kate said she packed something else in this bag that would tickle your fancy.”
    Cindy took a deep breath and inhaled the aromas coming from the bag. “Oh my, special sugarplum warming lotion! I know just where to use that! But what is glowing at the bottom of the bag? Wow, it’s a…”

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    • JoanneBest says:

      Oh Kai! I love what you wrote so much! I refreshed the page one more time before I shut down my computer and what to my wondering eye should appear 😀
      Hee, loved the Ana the Elf costume (especially with the ‘very revealing lacy panties’ so Suzy could see Cindy’s ‘rosy bum glowing like Rudolph’s nose’! pardon me, I mean Mrs. Claus!!! 😛
      And Mistress Kate, as in *Evil* Mistress Kate packed the bag?!?!
      Awesome 😀
      Don’t even get me started on the ‘special sugarplum warming lotion, lol, my Freudian slipped and I first wrote “warning lotion” instead of ‘warming lotion’ 😛

      I smiled so hard throughout the entire scene my face started to hurt 😛 j/k 🙂
      I needed this so much, it’s been a busy non-stop day, thank you for making me smile so hard from your words ❤

      Hee!!!! Ana the Elf costume and Mistress Kate packed the bag? too funny 😀 Shall I save you a spot in the corner? 😀
      ❤ xox

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  7. catrouble says:

    She reached in the box and pulled out something long, cool and smooth…it must be the turquoise glass dildo with multi-colored glitter. Oh my, what is this, she wondered, as she felt something else cool and smooth…could it be the matching plug? Can Suzy see her face turning 7 shades of red or does the blindfold mask it? Oh no, not a wooden paddle! No, can’t be, it’s too small for a paddle…yikes! It’s a wooden spoon!

    Told ya…I’m not good at this but sure do enjoy reading all the other contributions. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat

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  8. Laura says:

    Hi peeps. I’m sorry to say that I’ve had a migraine all day and I can not think of a finish to the story. I did read what everyone has written so far and you’ve all done great. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I’ll write something then.

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    • Joelle Casteel says:

      ((Laura)) I so sympathize. My dominant had horrible migraines before His blood pressure went wonky and He wound up on high blood pressure medicines; while I’m not sure they’re connected, it’s great they’re gone. I have another friend who has migraines except while she’s pregnant. Hoping you’re feeling better too- migraines are no fun at all.

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    • JoanneBest says:

      Laura ((hugs)) nothing worse than a migraine, it makes your entire body suffer 😦
      Just wanted to say that my ‘like’ is a hug, because I dislike migraines and hate that you suffered one all day.
      I’m beginning my day with a pounding one myself today so here’s hoping all migraines and other illnesses go away ❤


  9. Joelle Casteel says:

    oh goodness… a toy story when I’m so out of it? And that no discussion of bondage has me dropping every idea

    … Cindy’s hands slipped over something hard yet smooth. “Wha-what?”

    “It’s not the one with the glitter, but I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.” Suzy laughed softly.

    “Ooo,” Cindy sighed as she drew the toy down her arm. “Glass?”

    Gah… I think Ana will need to give me corner time because I’m just not able to come up with anything that isn’t totally hetero-centric and I’m overwhelmed tonight 😦 Hopefully there’re other people’s story endings that help me relax.

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  10. Irishey says:

    I started early this morning to write about what I thought would happen next, and what the mysterious present might be, but my day got preempted.

    Super short summary: Cindy is nervous, so delays trying to find out the box contents with some entertaining tactics. Suzy gets her back on track, and explains this is a game. Cindy is given two minutes to touch and hold each item for a few seconds, trying to guess what it is before moving on to the next item. Suzy explains this part of the game is similar to one they had played at a baby shower. After her time is up, Cindy then must tell Suzy the names of the items she identified, from memory and without touching any of them again.

    What Suzy does not immediately tell Cindy is there will be different rewards for guessing correctly and remembering, and consequences for misidentified and forgotten items. This first part of the game is lighthearted and interesting as Cindy attempts to figure out her gifts.

    The game gets intense when Suzy takes up the first item Cindy identified and remembered – a large, rectangular, bendable plastic comb, and tells Cindy her success will be rewarded. Leaving on the blindfold, Suzy repositions Cindy and demonstrates the effects of slightly bending and then snapping the comb against Cindy’s….

    I tried to adhere to the PG-13 rule, but I got really off track with the earlier activities that involved nothing but the tissue paper and a fingernail, and where Cindy’s mind started to wander. 😉

    Sorry for not sharing an actual continuance to the lead-in instead of a dry summary. Time simply owned me today.


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  11. renee200 says:

    After opening and enjoying everything that was in the box, Cindy was exhausted but happy. Suzy reached behind the tree and brought out one more package. Removing Cindy’s blindfold she handed the box to her and told her to open it. Cindy Lou could not believe her eyes when the box was opened. Inside was the most beautiful collar. “Cindy, I know you have been my wife for over a year now but would you also do me the honor of being my collared submissive.” Cindy’s “yes” was said softly but clearly.

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