Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 19: Second (First) Christmas

red advent


Celebrating my son’s (second) First Christmas
Loralynne Summers

This is my son’s First Christmas.

Sort of.

Technically, it’s his second Christmas. But I’m not counting last year. After all, he was not even a month old. And in reality, he should have still been inside me.

Let’s back up a minute:

Last year, on Black Friday, I started to not feel well in the afternoon. I was 34 ½ weeks pregnant, and in the throes of preeclampsia. My blood pressure had been slightly elevated at my checkup on Monday, and I had ankles the size of the Goodyear Blimp. Seriously, I could barely tie my sneakers. And look at those arms. I could give Popeye a run for his money!

My parents had come over that day, and we’d literally *JUST* finished getting the nursery ready. There were still some blankets and other miscellaneous items to wash, but I already had all the clothes through 6 months washed and put into drawers. In my head, I was expecting a big baby. After all, both my husband and I had been around eight pounds, so I wanted plenty of clothes ready to go just in case I managed to go full term.

By the time my husband returned home from work at 10pm, I’d had a severe migraine for nearly five hours. That’s when I decided to throw in the towel. Now that he was home, I called my OB. He told me to go the hospital, and he’d meet me there to see what was what. Right before we left the house, I vomited the (non)contents of my empty stomach.

I told my husband that I expected I’d likely be admitted and kept for a few days because of my swelling and blood pressure, and I probably was not going to be able to return to work. He said he understood, and if that was the case, he’d pack me a bag the next day if needed. In case you’re not paying attention – that means we did NOT have the “Go Bag” ready to “Go.”

At 1:41am on Saturday morning, my first child arrived in the world via an emergency c-section so I could receive an IV cocktail of fluids, blood pressure medication, and the oh-so-wonderful Magnesium Sulfate. The benefit of having been on the MagSulfate is that I now know what to expect when I hit menopause. Hot flashes from hell, people. If you’ve never been on it, be glad.

Minus a bit of jaundice that is completely normal for preemies, the baby was perfectly healthy. We were both home in just six days.

Of course, I now had a premature 4.5lb baby in the house. See how tiny (and adorable) he was? But that meant I had no inclination whatsoever toward decorating for Christmas in between diaper changes, laundry, weekly doctor visits, almost daily blood tests for him to monitor the jaundice levels, and breastfeeding. I slept as much (or as little) as I could while my husband was stuck working 10- and 11-hour days those first few weeks.

This year, I’m SOOOOOOO excited for Christmas. My son is almost walking unassisted now at a year old. He is fascinated by lights and boxes and paper and the cats and sirens and trucks and and and and….

I love being a mom. I’ve waited my whole life for this.

I can’t wait to watch him have more fun playing with the empty boxes and gift bags than the toys he’s going to get from his grandparents.

I can’t wait for his reaction to the tree (which I anticipate needing to anchor securely to the wall…) and all the decorations and the SNOW! and listening to Christmas music and watching Rudolph and Charlie Brown and taking him when he’s old enough for his first Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert (assuming they’re still going by then…).

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I love that I have a whole new reason to love it even more.




As a child, Loralynne was always the student getting in trouble for talking in class and at home for making things up. Combining her ability to go on and on and her flair for storytelling, she naturally grew up to be a writer. Originally planning to write fantasy, her muse had other plans. Once she opened herself up to the whims of her muse, she couldn’t type her first sex scene fast enough and now writes romance. Loralynne lives in Upstate New York with her husband, cats, and growing family. You can friend her on facebook or follow her on twitter under LL_Summers

Her book is available at all other major outlets:


38 thoughts on “Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 19: Second (First) Christmas

  1. rozharrison says:

    Hi Loralynne, the photos are absolutely gorgeous 🙂 I enjoyed reading this. Gosh, what a lead up to Christmas last year. So happy and excited for you that you get to celebrate with your darling little boy this year and hope you all have a happy and wonderful time 🙂



    • Loralynne Summers says:

      Thank you Roz!

      He really is a blessing. For the record, he wants *nothing* to do with my mother’s tree (which is LOADED with ornaments/decorations and goes all the way to the floor) but thinks *our* tree is a fabulous new toy – even though it is very sparsely decorated and I even left the bottom row of branches off, so it starts 2 1/2 feet off the floor… 🙂


  2. Loralynne Summers says:

    I noticed that I forgot to provide Mistress Ana with a blurb for my book… *hangs head* This is my first year participating in the Advent Calendar, and I’m still getting the hang of things. For those interested, here is the blurb for In Self Defense:

    The last thing that Sarah wants in her life is a relationship. Her track record is horrendous, and the last guy she dated beat her mentally and physically, landing her in the hospital. Almost a year later she’s back on her feet, thanks in no small part to her best friend Jason. Trouble is, lately she wants more than a friendship with Jason, and it scares the hell out of her. And then he kisses her…

    Jason has been in love with Sarah for longer than he’ll willingly admit to. Since bringing her home from the hospital, she’s grown into a strong, secure, confident woman. After seeing how perfect his best friend really is, he can’t get her off his mind. He’s convinced her feelings match his, and decides to go for it, only to scare her away.

    Can best friends become something more? Or will she stay hidden behind her defensive wall?


    • Irishey says:

      Thanks for the blurb, Loralynne. It sounds like a really good story.

      I won’t tell you not to worry about Ana (or Mrs. Claus!) because you forgot to include the book blurb in your main post. Ana takes rules quite seriously (sshhh – unless she is the one breaking them). However, you apologized and corrected the oversight right away. We can only hope and pray this will go a long way toward redeeming yourself. Best wishes in avoiding the wooden spoon!


  3. Irishey says:

    Aaawww, he is so sweet! And I am so glad everything turned out well for you last Christmas!

    I love it that he isn’t interested in your mom’s tree! How funny, though, that he doesn’t want to play in all the pretty tree “bubbles” and tiny “toys” hanging from it. Does he try to crawl under the open, branchless, lower section of your tree?

    You are so correct about the boxes. I used to tell myself I would ONLY collect boxes, old sheets, plastic and wooden kitchen tools and bowls, (and only buy books and bath toys). These everyday items that came free or cheap were their favorites for making forts, castles, drums, magic wands and lightswords.

    But, nooooo! I am the one who couldn’t resist all those cute toys and outfits, hair thingamajiggers and, and, and! Of course, I simply had to get them crayons, paints, play dough, blocks and all those other things to help them let their imaginations fly.

    I was a sucker of a mom. Still am. 😉 Children are young for such a short time. I think it is fine to indulge yourself and your child in the excitement and wonder of the season. It is especially easy and rewarding to do that while sharing and seeing these things with and through your child.

    It’s even better if we can indulge and share with our children a joy and excitement for the wonders of everyday life throughout the remainder of the year.

    Thanks for sharing this story, Loralynne. Hugs to you and your precious little one!


    • Loralynne Summers says:

      He doesn’t go under it so much as try to play with the few ornaments he can reach. I’m hoping that next year when he understands “no” and “don’t touch” and “gentle” a bit better then I’ll be able to really decorate the tree. 🙂

      It’s probably easier for me to resist buying because let’s be honest, girl stuff is WAY easier to find than boy stuff at this age. We’ve also been fortunate to receive many toys from friends and neighbors, so we’re well stocked on educational play toys. I’m a sucker for the books, lol. He loves to play with his books, so that only makes it easier for me to keep buying them!


  4. JoanneBest says:

    What a lovely post Loralynn, your son is adorable, especially in the elf photo ❤
    Last year sounds so hectic! But look at the wonderful early Christmas gift you got! I can imagine the delightful time you'll have this year on Christmas morning, my niece is going to have a very similar Christmas, as she had a daughter last year so she was too young to really enjoy anything. This year though, she's 1 year and 4 months old, walking and chattering and getting into everything, I can't wait to see her this Christmas 🙂

    In our house, we brought our new Siamese kitten home in November, so tiny and clinging to me everywhere I went and not really noticing anything because everything was new to him. I know a kitten doesn't equate with a baby, but being childless, it's the closest we can get.
    Now that he's over a year old, he gets into everything, and like a child, he's more interested in the boxes and shiny paper than he is with the gifts inside (we celebrated his 1st birthday and he went wild batting around the wrapping paper), unless it's a certain kind of toy mouse made out of this material that resembles hair ties. He can sniff them out through the wrapping paper, heck, he can sniff them out through a closed desktop 😀 his eyes get gigantic and he wiggles his little bottom in anticipation waiting for the mouse to be thrown then trots back to me, mouse in mouth and drops it at my feet, waiting for me to throw it again 😛
    I have to admit though, William is the first cat we've ever had who didn't run up the Christmas tree lol Siamese are truly a different breed, so dignified until he sees his mouse toys or any ties hanging from my clothes (hooded sweatshirts or yoga pants) 😀
    But nothing beats the miracle of a child, especially one that's enjoying his first second Christmas ❤
    Have the best Christmas ever with your little boy, how wonderful to be able to enjoy Christmas through the eyes of a child ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Loralynne Summers says:

      We have a cat ornament…His name is Zedd and he’s about 13 pounds, lol! Zedd is the fourth cat I’ve had in my life (away from my parent’s house, that is) and the first I’ve ever had climb the tree. Even the one year I had a real tree, my cats didn’t bother it! Sigh… 🙂 I’m afraid that Zedd is teaching the baby bad habits. 😉


  5. kaisquared4 says:

    Congrats on your early Christmas present and his first( second) Christmas… he looks just like my nephew Alex!

    Empty boxes and shiny paper always please the kids and cats.

    Thank you for the blurb, and if a wooden spoon heads your way, let the little guy grab it and chew on it 🙂


  6. Joelle Casteel says:

    What an adorable little one. New traditions with children are so lovely. And looking at baby pictures. I haven’t looked at pictures in awhile, except those that my daughter has found and has piled up, waiting to burn them in a fire pit.

    That’s too cute on the sizes of baby clothes you had ready. My child was small- like just 7 pounds- but full term; however her father was able to hold her in one hand. Have a good time with the shows and all. May I suggest “Merry Snoopy Christmas” for cute music? 😀


    • Loralynne Summers says:

      My father was so excited for the baby that he went out and bought us a bunch of preemie clothes – which he wore for all of about two days because he was so long that he didn’t fit in them! So he went right into newborn clothes. Oh well. We’re hoping to have at least one more child. Once we’re done I’ll donate them to a charity. 🙂

      So sad that you/your daughter are preparing to burn a pile of pictures. Hopefully that helps heal whatever wounds they remind you of.


      • Joelle Casteel says:

        LOL We had the problem that newborn was too long- my daughter so has taken after me- I stopped growing at 4’11”. But yes, donations always feel good.

        Yeah, I think just piling them is helping her feel better so far. And thanks


  7. Lynn says:

    Aw, such a sweetie! I hope you all have a wonderful time this year, Loralynne 😊

    I know what you mean about not knowing which Christmas to call it. Our eldest made a surprise, early entrance on Christmas Day itself so we didn’t even get Christmas dinner that year. The next year for Christmas and First Birthday we MAY have gone a little overboard 😛

    This year I’m just hoping the poor kid will be out of hospital.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Loralynne Summers says:

      Oh, so sorry to hear that he’s sick! 😦 I hope he gets home soon. Yes, it’s definitely easy to get carried away – plus his grandparents have a hard time not going crazy. He’s the first baby in my family in 16 years (my brother is older than me and got married much younger than I did), and the first in 12 years for my husband’s family (he’s the youngest).

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Sassytwatter says:

    Congratulations on your little one!!! He is adorable. How scary to go early they kept saying I would
    Go early but we went two weeks late and ended up in a csection. Glad he was ok and able to come home so quickly. I have have a 15 month old. She was 3 months last year and we had a very low key holidays all though I was super surprised that she was excited about the tissue paper. We can’t wait to celebrate his year! Enjoy the holidays. It’s so much fun once they start walking they look like little drunks and way less dirty but you never are able to sit. We are just headed out to get our tree. Have a very merry Christmas!


    • Loralynne Summers says:

      Thank you! Yes, my doctor was figuring we’d end up doing a c-section two or three weeks early, but my preeclampsia got too bad. One of the joys of having a baby in your mid-30’s and being overweight to start with, I suppose. The nurses and doctors in the “special care” nursery (basically a NICU but not quite) were all amazed by how well he did. We keep saying that he’s got an agenda and has things to do, lol. 🙂

      Hope you have fun with your child this Christmas too!


  9. Julie says:

    He’s so CUTE, Loralynne! Thanks for sharing the story – it sounds like you’ll have a Christmas you can enjoy absolutely every minute of.

    Good luck with the tree! I’ve been around a tree disaster, and they are *not* fun. 🙂


    • Loralynne Summers says:

      Thankfully when the cat started to climb it that first year we weren’t quite done with even getting al the branches on it, so we knew ahead of time to time to tie it off to the wall/ceiling. So it’s secure. 🙂 And I made sure to only use plastic ornaments, with the exception of the few that *must* be on every year no matter what, in the event that one of them manages to cause mayhem.


  10. awesomesub says:

    Hi Loralynne, what a sweet and lovely boy! My daughter is 14 months by now, and these first weeks after she was born were pretty rough, so, doing all what is needed with a c-section and even more visits at the doctor’s, in addition to all else is no fun. I am happy that it all turned out so well, your little boy is soo cute and adorable. 🙂
    I love what you wrote about Christmas, and what you are waiting to see this year is pretty much like what we are waiting for here too. I had never thought of this Christmas like my little one’s second (first) Christmas, but I like this. 🙂




    • Loralynne Summers says:

      I truly view this as his first Christmas since last year he had no clue what was going on and slept through most of the day. It’s way more fun to watch him open presents instead of opening them for him. 🙂 Enjoy yours!


  11. renee200 says:

    Oh my goodness, what a wonderful Christmas present. Loved your story and the pictures are wonderful. He has grown so much. Christmas is almost a new holiday for mothers of young children because we get to see it all over again thru the eyes of a child. Enjoy your Christmas and every one in the future. Blessings. R


    • Loralynne Summers says:

      Thank you! I kept saying that he was my mom’s present last year because she kept saying that she wanted a baby for Christmas when she found out I was due the first week of January. 🙂


  12. catrouble says:

    What a sweet post Loralynne…your son is absolutely adorable! I remember my sons wanting to play with the boxes, gift bags, wrapping paper and ribbons…so much fun! Wishing you an awesome Christmas celebration! 😀

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


    • Loralynne Summers says:

      Thank you! Yes, at his birthday, he had the most fun just pulling the tissue paper out of the bags. Unattended kleenex boxes get emptied quickly around here also, lol! 🙂


  13. pieclown says:

    Hi Loralynne,

    It was so nice to share about your son and the upcoming Christmas excitement. My son has reached the age no visit to Santa, even thought we have been seeing the same Santa since 2008. My son did not get into tearing presents apart until age 3. But it is the only day my kid does not sleep in.

    Well I need to take some rest.

    pie pie 4 now


    • Loralynne Summers says:

      We’re planning to take him this weekend to see Santa. Hopefully it goes well. He’s generally a very happy child, but he doesn’t always do well with people wearing hats, so we’ll see what happens!


  14. SH says:

    How very sweet!! Congratulations to you and your baby is beautiful!! Having your own children at Christmas certainly puts a new spin on a fantastic holiday! I have four grown children and two grandbabies, this will be their second Christmas, and they add another layer to the holiday.


    • Loralynne Summers says:

      Yes, having him makes a huge difference for us. The past few years have been very tight for us financially, and where five or six years ago we were setting spending limits of $300 for each other and $100 for family, we’ve had barely $300 to spend on everyone, including ourselves. So Christmas had lost some of its charm/appeal to us because we felt we weren’t giving the equivalent of what we got. But now having him, the joy lies in seeing his wonder and delight. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Laura says:

    Congratulations! What a gorgeous baby he is. I’m counting this as my granddaughter’s first Christmas also even though she is 15 months. She is into everything and I love it. Hope your Christmas is everything that you want it to be.


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