De-Stuff My Life Photo Sharing Sign-Up

Have you joined the De-Stuff My Life challenge?

For information, check out this introductory post.

Report on Day 1.

  1. Go through your home (mentally or physically) and divide the mess/clutter into roughly 40 areas. If you have a big mess or you are overwhelmed, subdivide your areas into separate ones.
  2. Take a photo of each of these 40 areas you want to clean up over the next 40 days. (Make sure location settings are turned off for your photos, and check that identifying information such as your home address, Social Security number, license plate number, etc. are not visible.) Include photos of car mess, too, if you like.
  3. Create a new folder in Google Drive. (If you need help doing this, let me know in the comments and I’ll show you.) I named mine The Great Cleanup of 2016.
  4. Contact any of us who are signing up for the challenge. Share your gmail address, and we’ll give you viewing privileges for our folders. (Ask for help if you don’t know how to do this.)
  5. Upload your 40 photos to the folder.
  6. Choose your method of attack. You can download the 40 bags in 40 days printable with a plan for which section to organize on which day. Or, if you like random methods the way I do, you can assign each photo a number from 1 to 40. I’ll go to each day and ask it to choose a number. I’ll clean up the area associated with that number.
  7. Take a second photo of the area you clean each day.
  8. If you have a blog or other social media site, post before and after photos each day. We don’t care if you have a fancy house with expensive furniture. We really don’t care if your home is a mess. That’s kind of the point of this challenge, right? If you’d rather not post and just want to share through Google Drive, that’s fine, too!
  9. Come and celebrate each day!





Thank you so much for joining the discussion! Please play nicely or you may be asked to stand in the corner. ;)

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