Smaller Sizes: De-Stuff My Life, Day 3

Day 2 of the De-Stuff My Life challenge included piles of dirty dishes, a completed to-do list, and a celebratory dinner of deviled eggs, marinated chicken breast sandwich, and champagne. Plus some crocheting and half of a movie.


A simple marinade but so delicious! I need to remember that marinades are a quick and easy meal preparation method.


Classic deviled egg recipe with the addition of minced celery, onion, and green bell pepper. (I like a little crunch.) Instead of paprika, I garnished with cayenne pepper powder. I didn’t get a hang of the sprinkling until I dumped a bunch of powder on the first eggs, though. Oh, well. They taste the same. I’ll take a few to a friend today because she loves deviled eggs.


Half of my yarn stash.


My goal was to fit all my yarn into the plastic tote. Clearly that didn’t happen, but at least everything is more organized now. Plus, the yarn now takes up half the space.


I have terrible under-the-sink storage in my kitchen. A few years ago, I put cardboard boxes underneath to use as dividers. I do a pretty good job of keeping things sorted, but once the piles overflow everything gets messy. Then I stop trying.


Pinterest gave me this great idea a while ago, and I had extra magazine holders from Ikea. Even the greatest organizational ideas, however, can’t help once the piles overflow into each other. I corralled all of my boxes (yes, I do need wax paper, cling wrap, self-stick cling wrap, foil, AND parchment paper!) to line them up neatly once more.


I got rid of many empty boxes, combined similar items, and restored everything to its proper side. I am particular about my food storage, so I have ziploc bags in snack, sandwich, quart, and gallon sizes. Plus, I have fold-over sandwich bags (I really want the old baggies with twist ties, but they’re impossible to find now) because they’re better for holding bigger items that are too small for the quart bags. Then I have plastic one-time cooking gloves (for raw meat), trash bags, and some great hygienic food bags (light, sturdy, and much bigger than any of my others) that double as plate or bowl covers in a pinch.

On the right side, I store all of my snack/junk food. When I pack a lunch, it’s great to reach down and grab a few items. Plus, this food is out of sight most of the time. Good to minimize temptation, eh? 🙂

Best of all, despite the day of hard work I was motivated to make myself dinner. Having my kitchen neater and cleaner (not neat and clean, just neatER and cleanER) helped. Plus, going through my freezer reminded me of food available for cooking.

What a great day two.


Washed three sinkfuls of dishes, put away three sinkfuls of dishes, cleaned out my freezer, organized (sort of) basketfuls of yarn, straightened up my desk (only the top, but still), dresser (ditto), table (ditto), and cleaned out half my kitchen cabinets.

Oh, and cleaned out almost half the clutter from my car.

De-Stuff My Life Day 2: rousing success!

Why yes, I’ll have a Jaffa cake and a glass of champagne.

It’s hard to tell, but I’d estimate spending around five hours total. Probably more, but at least five hours of solid work. Progress will have to slow down (I meant to clean one photographed area per day, after all) now that Real Life calls (stupid jerk, Real Life), but the weekend of frenetic labor has set the stage for simple, small steps each day.

Technically, the 40-day challenge includes Sundays off. Since Sundays are my only days off (and sometimes my only days without a 15-hour schedule), I’m going to be flexible. If I’m exhausted during the week, which is bound to happen, I’ll take that as my day off. Or I’ll do something small. When work and everything get to be too much, a victory for the day might mean washing the day’s dishes and taking out the trash.

Today, because it’s going to be a 14-hour day with very little downtime, I’m thinking small. Both metaphorically and physically. I bought new shampoo last week, and instead of the gigantic economy size I chose the regular size. Same for my body wash. I don’t like lifting heavy containers, and the bottles hog all of the space in my shower organizer. Once my conditioner runs out, I’ll do the same. I’ve already had to declutter my bathroom back when I first discovered my allergies (I can only use a few items), and I’ve seen a huge difference in my bathroom mess. Now if I can go back to normal-sized containers, clean-up will get even easier.

In thinking small, I’ll also look for little ways to make my improvements look better. My new kitchen spray cleaner has gotten a workout, and my countertops and stovetops gleam. (Don’t look at my floor.) I’m keeping the trash cans empty, and I have four little bags to take out today. Little things here and there, like tossing a cloth napkin into the laundry basket or sticking placemats back onto the shelf…well, after a weekend of backbreaking labor, now it’s time to make little differences.

My “big” task for the day is to move a little table next to my desk. I’m constantly fighting the battle to have my printer out of my way AND close at hand, and it goes on and off my desk each time I use it. It’s time to end this fight and let the printer have a home of its own. 😀

Small changes. Small steps. That’s what we’re about for today.

Are you ready to make a small change today? What’s yours?


4 thoughts on “Smaller Sizes: De-Stuff My Life, Day 3

  1. Lisa Zimmerman says:

    Ana thank you.. You make it look so easy to do. Its nice to see that others have the same problems/ issues that I do. You gave me some great ideas for storage.. And the yarn stash.. Heh I may have you beat.. 🙂 mine took up half my closet plus the landing in my upstairs..


  2. rozharrison says:

    Hi Ana, another wonderful successful day and the food looks awesome 🙂 Such wonderful storage ideas too and you are so right about the small things, they actually aren’t so small and
    can make a big difference. Good on you!:)



  3. pieclown says:

    Hi Yesterday. I had several things to do right after work. 3 stores and 2 hospital visits..One hospital was for my volunteer work. The other was for a nagging cough. I did some work at home. I found the other day a window that had slipped open. This is not an easy window to close. So took me something to get it completely closed.

    Pie pie 4 now.

    No time to set up Google drive. Maybe soon


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