Maintaining: De-Stuff My life, Day 4

I pledged to de-clutter for 40 days, and today is Day 4.

In other words, I’m 10% of the way there.


Will I have an immaculate home in 36 days?

Probably not.

Will I still have backbreaking labor to sort and downsize my clothes, books, and papers?


But if I keep this up, I’ll have a home in much nicer condition. 🙂


Yesterday was a 20-hour day. I did put my printer onto a table, but the table is in the way of other things. I did was a little laundry, but I still have a lot left to do.

And yet, I’m still counting yesterday a success. It was the little things, right? I got home quite late, and I couldn’t wash dishes. I did put away clean laundry, and I did sort through mail.

Yesterday, I (mostly) put away what I took out, and I finished what I started.

There will be more days like this in my future. It’s time to prepare for decluttering in real life, not an idealized situation.

Can I make things as easy to put away as they are to take out?

After all, it’s maintaining that will determine whether this hard work is a long-term or one-time affair.

How about you? How will you maintain the progress you’ve made?


2 thoughts on “Maintaining: De-Stuff My life, Day 4

  1. rozharrison says:

    Hi Ana, you are doing so well, good on you. It’s such a good feeling isn’t it 🙂 The small things can make a big difference and you make a good point about maintaining the decluttered state. I think it’s a matter of forming a habit of putting away things in their proper place after use.



  2. pieclown says:

    Hi. Yesterday/ Tuesday is my busy day. I come from work and need to get ready to clown so no cleaning got done

    Today’s would have been my mom’s 71 birthday

    I will try to do some cleaning

    Pie pie 4 now


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