#SatSpanks: What’re you going to do about it?

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Mistress’s Release is the third book in the Mistress series, a spin-off from Fire of Desire (a free serial on my blog) that itself was a spin-off from Desire in Any Language and Mira’s Miracle. While visiting the Castle, Maren Smith’s magnificent world of a lavish BDSM resort, Hana and Mira encounter a Nurse Trinity.


Turns out Trinity has a story all of her own…and a hidden Little side.

“So? What’re you going to do about it?” I wait a beat before playing my trump card. “We’re on a plane, remember? If you’re done bothering me, I’ll take a nap.”

Before I can shut my eyes, she unfastens my seat belt. “Get up.”

“What? I need my rest.”

She leans in so no one else can hear. “Get up and come to the ladies’ room, or so help me I’ll pull you over my lap right here and now.”

A cold lump of fear hits my chest, but I laugh it off. “Ooh, really? You want us to join the mile-high club? Kinky.”

She picks up her purse and guides me to the nearest restroom. Unfortunately, it’s empty. She squishes us in to close the door, and she turns her full glare at me. “Bare your bottom or I’ll do it for you.”

Mistress's Release 200x300

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Mistress’s Release (Mistress Series, #3)

Two women. Two pasts. One destiny.

Trinity survived an abusive fundamentalist father, needy siblings, an uncaring mother, and a lifetime of fear that she will go to hell for being a lesbian. Never mind her craving for kink and the intricate dynamics of BDSM.

Graciela, on the other hand, came of age following a picture-perfect childhood complete with 4-H, cornfields, and doting parents. Successful in her chosen field, she’s established a thriving overseas practice as a professional domme.

Now, with Trinity forgiven for cheating a decade ago, the two women are finally happy. But before returning to America, Trinity receives contact from her family: They want a reunion. Gracie hits the roof.

Her lover’s family almost killed her once. Wasn’t that enough? Graciela wants Trinity safe at all costs. She issues an ultimatum: No contact, even if it means cutting ties with her family forever.

But Trinity’s longed for this moment half her life. Family’s family, no matter what they do. She loves Gracie, but no one can replace parents. Why can’t Gracie understand? She has pledged to obey, but she can’t make this sacrifice.

Can Gracie and Trinity’s love for each other overcome this impasse? Or will happily ever after turn into a parting of ways?

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4 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: What’re you going to do about it?

  1. krblake says:

    Ooh! Makes me wonder what Trinity did to earn Gracie’s ire. I like the fact Gracie isn’t going to let their being on an airplane to divert her from her objective, and I suspect she’s doing it to prove to Trinity that no matter where they are, she’ll take care of her. Nicely done.


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