#SatSpanks: Raven’s Girl

Raven’s Girl is tentatively planned for a publication date on August 19th (Spoonmas), but it *may* come out a bit earlier. For a previous look at Raven’s Girl, visit here.

The premise: Alena, a financially struggling stay-at-home author finds a sugar mama. Raven promises to provide for basic living expenses, subject to review of course.

The catch?

Alena must spend 24 hours each week at Raven’s house and submit to her discipline.

No safeword.

In today’s excerpt, Alena (A1star) chats with Raven about their first “date.”

A1star: Thank you! Thank you!

Raven: It was my pleasure. Really.

A1star: The dress, the necklace and shoes, dinner, museum, botanical gardens, the play…wow! I thought I was supposed to be *earning* my way.

Raven: It’s proper to court a lady before spanking her, isn’t it?

A1star: *blush*

Raven: How sweet. You’re still blushing. Top and bottom, I presume?

A1star: What? Do you mean…

Raven: Oh yes, my dear. After that last spanking, you should be at least pink for the rest of the day.


Get a sneak peek of this story by subscribing to Patreon! Search for “Anastasia Vitsky” or click the Patreon link here.


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