#SatSpanks: Domme friends (Raven’s Girl)

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Updated to add: Now available on Amazon! Get your copy of Raven’s Girl today!


Raven’s Girl is ready for publication! It was originally scheduled for August 19th, but the date has been brought forward to August 15th. Want to read it earlier? Find out how at the end of this post. 😀

In Gemstone, Gemma AKA Mistress Lorelei befriends a host of online submissives. One of them, Alena AKA A1star, is looking for a domme but doesn’t click with Gemma. At least, not as more than a friend. Once they’ve established their incompatibility for more than friendship, their banter turns to something more serious.

How will they get Alena spanked?

Or, as Gemma wonders, how will someone ever take Alena in hand and give her much-needed discipline?



A1star: Look, the whole point of self-employment is getting to set my own hours. I’m a big girl, after all.

Lorelei: Won’t be so big once you get a nice mistress to take care of you. I’d love to put you into the corner, nose to the wall as you display your freshly spanked bottom.

A1star: Yikes! Okay, I’m signing off. Going to eat Brussels sprouts and floss and fold laundry or something. You are evil!

Lorelei: *laughing* Good luck! Let me know how it goes. And if Raven turns out to be as good as Mistress Midnight promised, tell her Mistress Lorelei has many interesting bits of information about your behavior.

Raven's Girl(3)

Raven’s Girl

A sugar mama can buy anything, even love. Right?

When stay-at-home author Alena struggles to make ends meet, she receives an odd but intriguing proposition.

Raven lost her entire family in a car accident years ago, and her inherited wealth can’t assuage her loneliness. She wants a girl to discipline, and she will pay a generous stipend to do so.

The catch?

Alena must spend 24 hours each week at Raven’s house and do whatever she says.

No safeword.

No negotiations.

Can Alena give up her freedom in exchange for financial security and the possibility of more?

Or will her stubbornness drive Raven away?


Raven’s Girl was originally scheduled for an August 19 publication date. For every three people who comment on this post and commit to buying a copy, I’ll move the date one day earlier! (That works out to eight hours per person, in case you’re wondering what happens if the numbers don’t work out evenly.)


2 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: Domme friends (Raven’s Girl)

  1. krblake says:

    Alena is a much braver girl than I am. Not allowing your sub to safeword is dangerous territory. Whether or not you allow negotiations is a more private matter, methinks. Great excerpt, Ana.


  2. Trent Evans says:

    I think the premise is genius — and very hot. This is fiction, ergo, there’s not a thing wrong with this:) Good luck with the book, Ana!

    (BTW — love that cover. It’s gorgeous)


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