#SatSpanks: Meet Raven (Raven’s Girl)

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Updated to add: Now available on Amazon! Get your copy of Raven’s Girl today!


Raven’s Girl is ready for publication! It was originally scheduled for August 19th, but the date has been brought forward to August 15th. Want to read it earlier? Find out how at the end of this post.😀

In Gemstone, Gemma AKA Mistress Lorelei befriends a host of online submissives. One of them, Alena AKA A1star, is looking for a domme but doesn’t click with Gemma. At least, not as more than a friend. Once they’ve established their incompatibility for more than friendship, their banter turns to something more serious.

How will they get Alena spanked?

And who is this mysterious Raven who’s offering the spanking?



 When Raven inherited her family’s money at the age of twenty-five, some of her peers envied her despite the circumstances. She would never have to work. Never have to worry about money, or employment, or a home. They didn’t understand money came with expectations.

“Thank you, Susan.” Raven smiled at the aging woman who placed a plate in front of her containing a seared fish filet on a bed of herb rice, accompanied by steamed vegetables. Susan had provided meals for her family since before Raven was born, and she knew all of the dishes to make. Today, while Raven watched the gray rain outside and thought of her parents, Susan had prepared her favorite comfort food. “It looks wonderful.”

Raven's Girl(3)

Raven’s Girl

A sugar mama can buy anything, even love. Right?

When stay-at-home author Alena struggles to make ends meet, she receives an odd but intriguing proposition.

Raven lost her entire family in a car accident years ago, and her inherited wealth can’t assuage her loneliness. She wants a girl to discipline, and she will pay a generous stipend to do so.

The catch?

Alena must spend 24 hours each week at Raven’s house and do whatever she says.

No safeword.

No negotiations.

Can Alena give up her freedom in exchange for financial security and the possibility of more?

Or will her stubbornness drive Raven away?


3 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: Meet Raven (Raven’s Girl)

  1. krblake says:

    Intriguing excerpt, Ana. Makes Raven appear lonely and vulnerable, in need of comfort food. But I suspect we see a much different side of her as the book progresses.


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