#SatSpanks: Freiya’s Stand

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Freiya’s Stand, now available on Amazon, combines domestic discipline with real-world problems. What happens when spanking can’t solve everything? Freiya teaches kindergarten while Sabrina teaches advanced placement English at their private Catholic school.

But before then, we have the moment when Freiya and Sabrina first realize they both are attracted to each other.

“If anyone told me I’d spend my spring break watching five Shakespeare plays in four days, I’d ask what I did wrong to deserve such punishment.” She kept her lips as still as possible so no one but Sabrina could overhear. Sabrina had barely looked at Freiya since the train trip, and she was desperate to get her attention.

Sabrina didn’t bother to tell Freiya to keep her voice down. She blushed and looked away. Freiya looked at her, startled. She replayed her words inside her head. She had meant them as a joke, but maybe Sabrina thought she was serious. Oh, no. What if Freiya had come across as a spoiled brat instead?

“I’m sorry,” she said, begging Sabrina to look at her. “I’m excited to be here, really. I just don’t know anything about the play.”

At that, Sabrina the literature teacher relaxed. “It’s amazing,” she said. “I don’t know the actress who’s playing Cleopatra, but it’s one of the best parts Shakespeare wrote for a woman. People think Lady Macbeth is the greatest role, but Cleopatra is the one who makes all of Antony’s efforts possible. Then again, that didn’t turn out well for either of them.”

Freiya was glad for Sabrina’s mini-lecture and irritated by it. She wanted Sabrina’s attention, but was it too much to ask for some eye contact? She interrupted Sabrina’s historical background explanation with a change in subject. “Why do you think Katharina deserved a walloping?”

There. Wrong play, wrong time, wrong theater. Might as well go for broke. Sabrina stopped mid-sentence. Freiya could almost see cartoon-like thought bubbles over her head, filled with exclamations such as, “What?” and “No way!”

The Taming of the Shrew,” Sabrina said, stumbling for words. “A lot of people think it’s misogynistic, but…”

“What do you think?” Apparently, there was no end to Freiya’s boldness tonight. Why not? No one in the audience knew them, and in a few days she and Sabrina would hop on a plane and go home. If Freiya were making a huge mistake, no one would remember except a few tourists they would never meet again.

“I think,” Sabrina said softly, watching Freiya while she spoke. “I think sometimes a woman feels out of control, and she needs help. Don’t you?”


Freiya’s Stand
When should love take a stand?

Freiya’s life is perfect. She’s got doting parents, a classroom of adorable kindergarteners, and the love of her life. Even if Sabrina insists on discretion in their private Catholic school, they share happiness in private.

That is, until the bombshell hits. Their principal demands a “Fight for Families” covenant to refrain from “sexual perversion.” All teachers must sign. No exceptions.

Sign, Sabrina says. Otherwise, they’ll lose their job, privacy, and home.

Freiya doesn’t want to betray the woman she loves, but how can she sign a document that denounces their love? Is standing up for love worth losing her livelihood?

If she speaks the truth, she’ll lose everything.

If she lies, she’ll lose even more.

How can Freiya take a stand for what’s right when the choices are wrong?

How can it be wrong to love the woman who makes her life worth living?

The truth should set them free, but Freiya’s stand threatens to destroy the very love she refuses to deny.

When “religious freedom” legislates against identity, how can Freiya and Sabrina survive?

Amazon Buy Link: http://amzn.to/2beSKwO


2 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: Freiya’s Stand

  1. krblake says:

    I’m with Roz. Sometimes fear makes you say and do things that you know you probably shouldn’t, and Kate had been rebuffed so many times her ego couldn’t take another hit. So she struck first.

    Liked by 1 person

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