#SatSpanks: Freiya’s Stand

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Freiya’s Stand, now available on Amazon, combines domestic discipline with real-world problems. What happens when spanking can’t solve everything? Freiya teaches kindergarten while Sabrina teaches advanced placement English at their private Catholic school.

Behind the scenes, Freiya has introduced domestic discipline into their relationship. Baffled, Sabrina investigates. Despite her reservations, she realizes that this discipline is exactly what Freiya needs.

“Frey,” Sabrina said. “Why do you think you’re getting a spanking?”

Freiya had been surprised the first time Sabrina asked that. She didn’t know Sabrina had found books, sites, blogs, and online discussion boards. If Sabrina were to be charged with disciplining the woman she loved most in the world, she intended to do it right. All of the advice said she should make sure Freiya knew why she had to be spanked.

“B-b-because I got mad,” Freiya whispered to the floor. Cried out, she nestled into the duvet like Sleeping Beauty waiting for her rescuer.



Freiya’s Stand
When should love take a stand?

Freiya’s life is perfect. She’s got doting parents, a classroom of adorable kindergarteners, and the love of her life. Even if Sabrina insists on discretion in their private Catholic school, they share happiness in private.

That is, until the bombshell hits. Their principal demands a “Fight for Families” covenant to refrain from “sexual perversion.” All teachers must sign. No exceptions.

Sign, Sabrina says. Otherwise, they’ll lose their job, privacy, and home.

Freiya doesn’t want to betray the woman she loves, but how can she sign a document that denounces their love? Is standing up for love worth losing her livelihood?

If she speaks the truth, she’ll lose everything.

If she lies, she’ll lose even more.

How can Freiya take a stand for what’s right when the choices are wrong?

How can it be wrong to love the woman who makes her life worth living?

The truth should set them free, but Freiya’s stand threatens to destroy the very love she refuses to deny.

When “religious freedom” legislates against identity, how can Freiya and Sabrina survive?

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2 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: Freiya’s Stand

  1. krblake says:

    Love the last line on your snippet, but even more I love the conflict you’ve built into this story. A part of me wants Freiya to stand up for what she believes in, but I don’t want her to be ostracized, and I’ve a feeling that’s what will happen if she doesn’t sign. Great premise.


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