Snippet Sunday: Freiya’s Stand (against discrimination)

Freiya’s Stand, now available on Amazon, combines domestic discipline with real-world problems. What happens when spanking can’t solve everything? Freiya teaches kindergarten while Sabrina teaches advanced placement English at their private Catholic school.

The problem?

Administration. Principal Jensen has decided that emphasizing morals will raise students’ test scores. She doesn’t realize how this will affect her teachers.

[Principal Jensen continued], “Worst of all, our children are bombarded with ungodly, sinful images from popular culture. They see homosexual behavior paraded on television, they see movie stars prancing around with those of the same sex, and they get a warped view of reality. We are not educating worldly children who fall into temptation. No, we are teaching these children to live according to God’s commandments.”

Freiya clenched her hands in her lap. No one knew. She could remain silent, and no one would ever know. It was the decision she had made for most of her life, but listening to speeches like this never got easier. I don’t blame you for who you are, she said, but she said it silently because she wanted to keep her job. Leave my sexuality out of it.



Freiya’s Stand
When should love take a stand?

Freiya’s life is perfect. She’s got doting parents, a classroom of adorable kindergarteners, and the love of her life. Even if Sabrina insists on discretion in their private Catholic school, they share happiness in private.

That is, until the bombshell hits. Their principal demands a “Fight for Families” covenant to refrain from “sexual perversion.” All teachers must sign. No exceptions.

Sign, Sabrina says. Otherwise, they’ll lose their job, privacy, and home.

Freiya doesn’t want to betray the woman she loves, but how can she sign a document that denounces their love? Is standing up for love worth losing her livelihood?

If she speaks the truth, she’ll lose everything.

If she lies, she’ll lose even more.

How can Freiya take a stand for what’s right when the choices are wrong?

How can it be wrong to love the woman who makes her life worth living?

The truth should set them free, but Freiya’s stand threatens to destroy the very love she refuses to deny.

When “religious freedom” legislates against identity, how can Freiya and Sabrina survive?

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6 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday: Freiya’s Stand (against discrimination)

  1. Daelyn Morgana says:

    She’s teetering on the middle of an edge, ain’t she? It can’t be easy living a secret like that, but I understand the need for keeping it secret. I’d like to smack sense into that principal.


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