New bonus stories! Gemstone & Wooden Spoon Chronicles

If you’re a fan of Gemstone or Kat and Natalie, you’re in luck! They each have a bonus story available on Patreon.


In the Gemstone bonus story, we get a peek at life after the “happily ever after.” That is, what happens when (spoiler alert!) Gemma and Celine finally get together? Here’s a snippet:

Gemma closes the door after Cindy and Lissa, and she quirks an eyebrow at me.

“Well?” In case you’re wondering, marriage does not come with a translation manual for facial expressions. The raised eyebrow can mean anything from, “That was odd” to “What did you think?” and “Get ready for an immediate spanking.”

I find it’s safest to clarify before taking action.



In the Wooden Spoon Chronicle, aka the Kat and Natalie bonus story, we get a glimpse into Kat’s childhood as well as one of the most poignant moments she has shared with Natalie so far.

Helicopter seed. That’s what I used to call them, at least. The thin, papery skin feathered out, while the center contained a soft, pliable green seed. If I tossed one into the air just right, the pale beige shape spun like a miniature helicopter. I picked one at a time. Sometimes I’d grasp it in both hands to give the ultimate whirl. Other times, I would dig a grubby fingernail to peel back layers of nature’s packaging.

For the rest of these bonus stories, subscribe to my Patreon site where you will get exclusive and/or early access to these and more! Plus, you’ll get early notifications about all Ana Vitsky events.

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