Everything I need to know in life, I learned from my dad

Seven months ago, I said goodbye to my father. This is a small summary of what his life taught me.


  1. Teachers are superheroes.
  2. Books are the best things in the entire world.
  3. Nobody will love a little girl like her daddy.
  4. Work hard.
  5. Hot cookies taste better with cold milk.
  6. Don’t be afraid to look stupid.
  7. Don’t be too cool to try something fun.
  8. When people are mean to you, they’ve probably got something crappy going on at home.
  9. Hold the door open for the person after you.
  10. Be honest.
  11. Be humble.
  12. When you are proud of someone you love, let it show.
  13. Boys are stupid.
  14. Don’t show your students an educational video that describes the length of a whale’s penis.
  15. If you accidentally show your students said video, flee the school before parents make phone calls.
  16. Never think yourself too important to apologize when you are wrong.
  17. Accept gifts, no matter how small, with the same love that they are given.
  18. Deep down, people are good.


Love you, Dad.



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