Nurses eat their young: Wooden Spoon Chronicles (September)

If you’ve missed Kat and Natalie, you’re in luck! Their monthly serial is now available on my Patreon site.  In this present-day installment, we get a very exciting peek into news. I’ll give you a hint: Kat’s been waiting for this moment ever since Lighting the Way.

I hate clinicals.

Should I say that one more time?

I absolutely, positively, hate clinicals. Now that most of my nursing classes are finished, I have to rotate through different departments and learn how “real nurses” work.

Real nurses have a photographic memory, never make a mistake, and are single-handedly responsible for fixing all the wrongs in the world.

Oh, and they eat their young.

Find the rest of Kat and Natalie’s story on Patreon!




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