#SatSpanks, #8Sunday and #SnipSun: Raven’s Diary


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Raven’s Girl, the story of a would-be submissive and her sugar mama, was the surprise hit of the summer. Who knew the fantasy would appeal to so many?🙂

The premise is simple: A starving writer hooks up with a wealthy patron who provides a monthly stipend…and weekly discipline. Each Friday, Alena reports to Raven for obedience exercises, spanking, and exploration of dominance and submission.

Or, more accurately, fighting with her own need for submission.

Alena’s not going to submit easily, no matter what it costs her.

So, why does she submit? She’s curious about the lifestyle, of course, but she’s been curious for quite a while. Initially, financial need gives her the courage to try something new.

However, Alena can’t get past the cognitive dissonance of accepting orders when she is an independent, rational adult. Her default response–and stumbling block–is unthinking, determined resistance. At the same time, she craves the discipline Raven offers. What’s a competent, rational adult to do?

In Raven’s Diary, book two, we see Alena process the contradictions of her situation. As she deals with her conflicting emotions, Raven writes back with encouragement, guidance, and of course instructions about discipline.

Can Alena learn to trust in Raven’s guidance? Or will she walk away?

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 From now on, you are to report to this writing desk before every spanking. You will dress in the clothes Clara sets out, and you will write until you have prepared yourself to come and ask me for your spanking. (Thank you for pointing out how effective this technique was for you, dear. It will be standard practice from now on.)

I will not punish you for anything you write in this diary, not even your foolish attempts at time-wasting drivel. But I will punish if you use diary time for anything besides sitting at this desk and writing. You may write that you hate being spanked and everything is unfair, but you will sit down and write.

 Raven’s Diary – Available Now!


Alena’s gotten a sugar mama…but can she keep her?

Life as Raven’s submissive sounds perfect—on paper. Alena receives a stipend, gifts, and plenty of attention.

The problem?

Alena can’t come to terms with submission. She wants fun and games, but Raven expects maturity, wisdom, and self-awareness.

When Alena’s disobedience gets out of hand, Raven takes things one step further.

Two weeks in Florida, for a “boot camp.”

A daily diary for Alena to chronicle her journey toward submission.

And a surprise visit from a trusted friend.

Will Alena conquer her inner brat and learn to submit? Or will inexperience and confusion cost her everything?


Read book one, Raven’s Girl! Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Raven's Girl(3)

Raven’s Girl

A sugar mama can buy anything, even love. Right?

When stay-at-home author Alena struggles to make ends meet, she receives an odd but intriguing proposition.

Raven lost her entire family in a car accident years ago, and her inherited wealth can’t assuage her loneliness. She wants a girl to discipline, and she will pay a generous stipend to do so.

The catch?

Alena must spend 24 hours each week at Raven’s house and do whatever she says.

No safeword.

No negotiations.

Can Alena give up her freedom in exchange for financial security and the possibility of more?

Or will her stubbornness drive Raven away?






16 thoughts on “#SatSpanks, #8Sunday and #SnipSun: Raven’s Diary

  1. krblake says:

    I really like the fact that Raven is giving Alena a “safe” outlet to express her feelings, be they negative or positive. I think that’s extremely beneficial and cathartic.


  2. rhodrymavelyne says:

    Raven strikes me as being quite the complicated and interesting character. The dynamic building between her and Alena shows an intriguing level of development here, tantalizing and promising more to come.


  3. Diane Burton says:

    I’m unsure about this premise. Is the discipline consensual? What’s the point? To prove dominance over a submissive? What will it take for Alena to prove she’s strong?


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