School picture day (WSC)

If you’ve missed Kat and Natalie, you’re in luck! Their monthly serial is now available on my Patreon site.

In this  installment, we get a flashback to Kat’s childhood. Money was scarce, and things like school photos were a luxury. To make it worse, Kat’s teacher pressed the issue.

“Katherine.” Mrs. Rogers has progressed from irritation to outright annoyance. “We’re waiting for you.”

Keep waiting, then. I bury my head into the metal, curved, underside of my desk that holds all of my belongings. Or, rather, the school’s belongings. I’ve only supplied a pencil, eraser, and one of my brother’s plastic zippered pencil case. Mrs. Rogers is new, and she doesn’t understand. The other teachers cluck in sympathy as they pass over me, and they don’t call me out.

“Katherine never has money,” a girl offers. She says it in a helpful tone, but Mrs. Rogers frowns at her.

“Focus on your own work,” she snaps. The girl gives a noisy sigh and takes out her spelling workbook.

“But she doesn’t,” Nate pipes up. “Katherine never gets school pictures.”

Find the rest of Kat and Natalie’s story on Patreon!


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