#SpankorTreat: Bastia

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What if heterosexuality were a crime?

In the world of Bastia, like must marry like. Basti, the supreme deity, has decreed so. Any deviation results in sanctions, imprisonment, torture, or even death. But how did this society come to be? How can a religion be based on hatred?

In these early chronicles of Bastia, we discover good intentions behind the benevolent theocracy gone wrong. Meet the founder of modern day Bastia, Altrea. Placed in a polygamous marriage to enrich her father, she finds love with one of her sister wives. Their husband’s reaction is swift and brutal. As Altrea struggles to make sense of the violence, she dreams of a world in which one woman can love another.

In this new perfect society called Bastia, justice reigns supreme. No one is above the law. The state will provide for all equally. But as Altrea quickly finds out, nothing is simple. Basti is love. Bastia is founded on love. So what went wrong? How did a land of idyllic happiness turn into the dystopian regime that persecutes a young woman for loving a boy?

Come and meet Karielle and Soris before they reeducate the criminal who dared to love the wrong gender, and ask yourself one question.

Why is love a crime?

Bastia Amazon buy link: http://amzn.to/2emjZoS

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Merryn Dexter – Hunger Moon
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Tara QuanFeline Valentine
Anastasia Vitsky – Taliasman



14 thoughts on “#SpankorTreat: Bastia

  1. AM says:

    This passage is stunningly beautiful. It actually reminds me a lot of the flow of C.S. Lewis’ “Til We Have Faces.” It’s not the same, but it evokes very similar feelings. (Hm…that book would actually have made a great f/f story, LOL.) I can’t wait to read the whole thing.


  2. awesomesub says:

    I like where Terris comes from. This is a place where she is seen as a complete human being and not only a kind of servant because of being a woman, isn’t it? I’d say in her later years Terris’ situation changes to the worse, but maybe when Altrea becomes leader of a new society, things become easier for Terris and her. Hm, maybe not, because I remember the punishment scenes in Becoming Clissine.
    Loved the snippet, and can’t wait to get started with the book. 🙂




  3. pao says:

    I second Lynn! I wonder how Terris’ life changed so drastically. I like this snippet, it’s enchanting in a slow, dark way. I like the repetition of Terris being merked by the gods. It reminds me of Taliasman 🙂


  4. Lisa says:

    I enjoyed finding out about Terris and how she was raised. I’m very curious to find out how much of a role her influence played in Altrea creating the new Bastia law. It was great to find out part of the back story of Altrea. Looking forward to reading Bastia the early years!


  5. catrouble says:

    Since I haven’t been around much, I have missed a lot! Am with Lynne and Pao in wondering how Terris went from pampered, educated princess to second wife…especially to a Northerner!

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  6. kaisquared4 says:

    Terris appears to have been well named after all, and I look forward to reading the entire story to see how her transition occurred, and whether that spoon makes a reappearance!


  7. renee200 says:

    Terris was raised as a princess and yet becomes the fourth wife of a northerner. How? Your characters have so much depth and evoke so much emotion. Can’t wait to read the rest of the story. Thanks


  8. Byrne says:

    Finally, I can post a comment. Stupid technology. What if heterosexuality was illegal? Oh my, my brain just twisted. What a concept, everything as we know it reversed. The persecutors becoming accepted or persecuted?


  9. SH says:

    What a wonderful beginning! I have purchased the new book, now I just need the time to read it! And of course, a wooden spoon made an appearance! Wouldn’t be an Ana story without one 😉


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