Updates on Giving Tuesday, books, and more!

If you have subscribed to my Patreon page, you’ll notice a brand-new feature. Podcasts! For the time being, they are free to everyone. However, subscribers receive their very own RSS feed. This automatically updates your favorite podcast application (such as iTunes) with the newest episodes).

As a bonus, there are book excerpts read by yours truly. Subscribers get to vote for which book and excerpt. This month, there will be a special subscribers-only podcast with one of my personal favorite Kat and Natalie scenes. I wanted to have it ready for you today, but I’m croaky with a sore throat. Sigh! I’ll see if I can do a quick podcast later today (after resting). Crossing fingers I’ll be back to normal (or as normal as I get) by tomorrow.

The latest podcasts have given updates for our Giving Tuesday project, also known as Readers for Ron. THANK YOU to everyone who’s been so generous in your support. For more information, visit the (free) podcast page on Patreon.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week! Stay healthy.


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