We must hope

No, hope was not my first reaction to the election news. Nor was it my second, or third, or fourth.

My first reaction was a wave of unrelenting, sickening, and despairing denial.



It can’t be.

There will be a miracle.

After the official concession, I cried. Then I took a shower. I need to clean the news away from me so I could rest–at least a few hours before resuming my life.

I’m not talking policy here, or politics. You and I may have different views on policy, and that’s fine. We respect differences in opinion here, but we also respect decency.

If you want to hear how I’m finding hope, along with a small but mighty team of Giving Tuesdays readers and authors, visit my (free) Patreon podcast here.

We’re supplying a low-income, at-risk elementary school classroom with books, supplies, gift books for the children to take home, and a pizza party to celebrate life, learning, and love.

Let’s hope for the future.

Won’t you join? It’s not too late. 100% of the money goes toward books or supplies for the kids, and you can even earmark your money for a special item.

3 thoughts on “We must hope

  1. pao says:

    It is truly shocking and disappointing. There really aren’t any words to express this shock. I worry for you and everyone else he maligns with his existence 😦 I really hope people will rise above their differences and not give in to hatred and fear. Also, yay for Readers for Ron and Giving Tuesday! I can’t wait til the kids receive the gifts! Thank you for organising this, it is a wonderful thing to do.

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  2. rozharrison says:

    We are just stunned and worried here too, really didn’t think it would happen. Seems it was always a choice of the lesser of two evils. Let’s hope people can rise above their differences and work together.

    What a truly wonderful thing you and everyone else involved are doing.


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  3. Annapurna Mist says:

    I’m so sorry, honey, but the greater of the two evils was chosen by an electorate largely composed of reactionary people. Those of us in the LGBT community, and women in general, may be hurt by this egotistical chauvinist. We can only hope that his self-centered preoccupation will consume much of his time so he will not do any serious damage to the rest of us.


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