We are now flyball converts!


We are now the official poster children for flyball.

I should send in our story to BFA (British Flyball Association) or UKFL (UK Flyball League) to use as an advertisement for flyball.

In four short weeks (really three, if you consider that four practices represent three weeks’ time), my little scaredy-cat fusspot has transformed into a confident, excited, and thoroughly spoiled madam. 😀 But spoiled in a good way! She jumped up on two people today, which I would normally consider a bad thing. (Manners are good!) However, she jumped on people because she was excited to see them. She went up to a team member we hadn’t met before and begged for a treat. She met another new-to-us team member…a guy, even! She barked her head off at first, but within a few practices of box turn work and a few tosses of a tennis ball…no problem.


She let our coach hold her leash, repeatedly. (This is one of the two people who fed her tons of sausage last week, and she was ready to go home with them.) I walked away, turned around, waited for her to settle down, and called her to me. She yelped a bit at first, but she changed as soon as she realized she could always come back to me.

Then she hunkered down, strained at her leash, and was a mass of flying legs and fur in her haste to run to me.

There was a magical moment when she settled down (well, relatively speaking) and waited for my signal. She even barked at one point as she lunged and prepared for launch.

Like a real, proper flyball dog!

We practiced baby jumps, and except for one or two hiccups she laughed. Give me something harder, she begged. I don’t think she even knew we were practicing jumps. In her mind, she was just having a nice run.

(Too exhausted to write more, as we have had a super long day! But it was amazing. More later. I hope.)

Back. 😀 I’m still glowing the next morning. She’s gobbled a breakfast of kibble and oil from my canned tuna (a special treat). She didn’t eat yesterday until we got home at nearly 10:30 PM (her choice to refuse earlier meals, little fussybug)

(Fell asleep again!)

Ha, I guess I’ll just have to put what I posted on Facebook after coming home:

Rats! I didn’t get one single photo of Ladybug at flyball tonight. Too excited watching her have an amazing time! Can’t believe I was going to never even watch flyball again. And to think that other flyball team refused to train her because they thought she was too aggressive and would never be able to do flyball. She got heaps of praise, spoiling, and treats tonight! The little wonder baby has finally fallen asleep after a mad dash around the house.

I have a feeling I will now become “that” person who urges everyone to try flyball with their dog. If you’ve got a dog who likes running and likes tennis balls, seriously! You’ve got to give it a try! Best thing ever.

Warning: if you get a flyball club like ours, your dog will be spoiled rotten forever. Best club in the world.

Sitting here with my puppy and my breakfast (she’s gobbled hers already)…and still marveling at last night.

She raced up onto the chute, grabbed the ball, and turned around to jump off the chute. Perfectly! On the first try! After that, she did it perfectly except when I accidentally confused her. Without any coaching or instructions that she should pick up the ball. Oh, and with the chute at a 45 degree angle!

I can’t believe that I was in tears three weeks ago thinking it was all too complicated and we would never get it right. And the LOOK on her face! Just…wow! I’ve only seen her that proud and excited a few times before.

Me, I was completely beside myself but for different reasons. SHE LET OUR COACH HOLD HER LEASH! Many times! I walked away from her, and she barely barked twice! As soon as she realized what we were doing (practicing running to me), she got down in the proper flyball position of OMG LET ME GO! I GOTTA RUN LIKE THE WIND! Not a care in the world that someone besides me was holding her leash and keeping her away from me. She met a strange man, barked her head off for a few minutes, and then settled down as soon as she realized we would practice box turns and he would GIVE HER A BALL.

One team member came up and fed her an entire sausage (with my permission, of course). Ladybug then went up to someone SHE DIDN’T KNOW and asked for a treat! While not behavior I’ll allow in the long run, for right now it means she’s learned to trust people at flyball. In just a few weeks!

And so have I.

I think that says it all.

It’s raining today, so we’re waiting to see if agility is cancelled.

She’s tried peanut butter and kibble stuffed into a treat snake. Peanut butter, great. Kibble, forget it! (Fussy baby.)

I’ve also, in the past half-week, managed to write five chapters. A new prologue for An American in England, and four chapters of Raven’s Love, book three in the Raven series. This one will focus more on Raven, her past, and her motivations in becoming a domme. Alena may start behaving better, but I wouldn’t count on it. 😀 Since my poor Patreon subscribers have had to wait forever for new updates, currently all Patreon subscribers (except the $1 level) receive access to the new chapters as they’re written.

Puppy happy at flyball.

New friends for both of us.

Me writing.

What could be better?



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