Quick little update

I have about ten minutes before Ladybug and I rush off to an appointment, but I wanted to give a little update as I haven’t written in so long. The inability to write has been due to some pretty terrible things happening at home, but I won’t go into that. Moving onto more pleasant topics! 🙂

Ladybug and I have attended two more flyball tournaments, and we’ve had fun at both. She’s now decided that the team is her pack. Last weekend, she even went up (on her own initiative) to both John and Paul. I was so proud! Even got teary the first time she went toward John. He’s been so good and gentle with her, never getting in her face or trying to talk to her. Just waiting. Once she decided he was okay, he’s given her fuss and a few treats. She put her paws up on Paul’s lap, uninvited. 😛 Little minx. She knows she’ll get told off for doing that ordinarily, but the rules are lax when it comes to the men on our flyball team. She went around the circle of chairs asking for attention from one person after another. I got the cutest photos, too!

She’s become quite popular with the younger dogs on the team, too. They’re younger siblings of racing dogs, so they come along for the day. Scout, a 1-year-old spaniel, loves to bark at her when he’s not getting enough attention. She’s made friends with Piper, a 7-month-old collie who’s sister to Reuben, Ladybug’s first flyball friend. Piper, Scout, and Ladybug had a lovely field run last weekend. Scout kept trying to get a bit up close and personal with our fearless puppy heroine. His mum kept telling Ladybug to tell Scout off, but she wouldn’t. Ladybug thinks smaller dogs are babies. 😀 She will tolerate almost anything from them. But if a BIG dog so much as looks at her…!

Puppy yoga has been hit or miss, as she struggled to stay focused with other dogs returning to the class. She loved having the class and room to herself. Little spoiled madam! But she’s had fun practicing yoga at home or while resting on walks/outings, so that’s been lovely. I enjoy being able to give her a belly rub a lot more often than before. She’s never liked to lie on her back or show her belly, not even to me at home. It’s a huge bonus of puppy yoga that we get to cuddle a bit more.

Scentwork was fabulous last weekend, but it’s too bad the workshop is only once a month. She’d love to go every week (every day, lol!) if she could. Ellen even mentioned trials this time. I don’t know if Ladybug is ready or how expensive a trial would be, but it sounds fun to try. The trial is only with the judge and a scribe. No other people or dogs, so she wouldn’t get nervous. I think the only problem would be me. 😀 Ladybug’s almost 100% perfect at finding the scent quickly, but I don’t always read her signals correctly. It’s a hard thing to learn! I did say, when beginning scentwork, that the only thing to hold Ladybug back would be me. I need the training more than she does. 😛 It’s fun to see her at scentwork because she gets so excited. She doesn’t even care about treats or rewards. Just finding the scent is reward for her.

We’ve had some scary times, though, as she had to go to the hospital yet again. 😦 😦 😦 😦 Cannot say how tired I am of worrying about her health! Why can’t I have a normal one-year-old border collie who drives me insane by getting into the garbage or eating my shoes? She’s lost almost a whole kilo 😦 and she was “off” most of a week. Not eating, lethargic, unhappy, and just not her usual self. I thought it was a normal upset stomach and would go away. Negligent mummy waited four days, until she got horrifically sick, to take her to the vet. 😦 Poor thing was feverish, had lost weight, and was not looking well. The vet was worried it was her kidneys acting up, so I had to sit through the worst 45 minutes in a long, long time. Thank goodness, she’s okay (for now). But it was pretty scary. Poor thing has yet another shaved spot on her neck, and her other spot still hasn’t grown back all the way. I can’t wait until she’s done with all of these horrible blood work exams. It’s good to know that she hasn’t gotten worse, but it’s scary that she still needs them. Plus, they’re frightfully expensive.

Fortunately, we were sent home with medication, special food, and instructions to rest. She looked so much better after a day that I swore she’d been faking just to get yummy sick food. 😛 Babybrat!

And there’s the end of my time. Gotta run! Hugs to everyone. Hope I’ll get some actual real writing done soon. Sometime!

One thought on “Quick little update

  1. rozharrison says:

    Hi Ana, I’m so sorry about the horrible stuff at home and that Ladybug has been sick. I know how scary that must have been for you, especially given her history. Glad to hear she is on the mend. That’s wonderful on the fly ball and scent work you two have come a long way!:)


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