2 thoughts on “Books

  1. laurellasky says:

    Dear Ana,

    I just finished Daughter of disipline and I loved it. The only negative is that it was too short. I have a question. Oh, by the way this is the book I chose as a prize for the Advent calendar.
    This was About a DD relationship. My question is do you have to be a Christian to have that kind of relationship? I have read other DD stories and they are also Christian. (I am Jewish)
    I am just curious because I’m over the hill, (70) and my husband is 88. I love reading Dd stories and all the other spanking stories. I just came out of the closet a few years ago, and I am a spanko. I have to keep a large supply of battery’s on hand, lol because these story’s are very arousing. I love reading about Nat and Kat and hope there is more about them.
    Thank you for the book.
    Happy New Year.
    Big hugs, Laurel


  2. Joant3121 says:

    Hi Ana –
    I left a review for your book Simple Gifts. This was my first and only review given anywhere so far, so I’m not sure how to send you a link for it, but I tried. It was actually the first F/F book I had read, and it led me to a new genre I really enjoy. One of the reasons I enjoy your books and posts is because they can be related to everyday situations and I can visualize them happening (even the Church of the Wooden Spoon). Your characters have a mix of good and bad in them that don’t make them go over the top. The almost daily updates to your website give me something to look forward to at the end of the day. Thank you for sharing your gift of imagination and writing.


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