What’s in the works for Anastasia Vitsky? Plenty!


Bastia: The Early Years (October 2016)
Mistress Marries (Fall 2016)
Flying Change (2017)
Taliasqueen (2017/2018)

6 thoughts on “Forthcoming!

  1. Hope says:

    What about the follow up for The Way Home and Lighting the Way, I seen in archives that another book would follow in 2013? Kindly advise if I have missed it by chance? I have gone through all your releases however I can only find the two about Kat and Nat? Thank you so much


      • Hope says:

        Thank you so much and yes I have read katsitting, which is awesome. Admittedly I have read them twice now. LOL

        I am eager for the mistress release to come out as well great series, from Hana, Mira to Gracie and Trinity. I also read the series here on your blog Fire for Desire. Thankfully I read everything in order. I must say I appreciate that you are informative in your books, referring your readers to your blog. (special thanks for that)

        My next purchase will be Ana Adored.

        I love all your books, you have amazing talent your books come to life for me.


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