Bonnie’s Day

Thank You, Bonnie!  Bonnie Appreciation Day

It all began with a Fika interview with Bonnie Burns of My Bottom Smarts and a Fika wish:

For all of us who love your blog, how can we show our appreciation?

I guess I would suggest that like-minded friends get involved with our community – join the discussion, express a viewpoint, support new bloggers, start a blog, comment on blogs.

So many people chorused their thanks in the comments that I said, “It feels like Bonnie Appreciation Day!”  Mr. BB of A Domestic Discipline Society immediately picked up the idea and publicly declared October 23, 2012 as Bonnie Appreciation Day.

Within hours, the responses poured in and Twitter was a-buzz with #thanksbonnie tweets.  I collected the stories of the bloggers who have all been touched by Bonnie’s community-building in a sign-up sheet, and Bonnie graciously gave in to popular demand by posting her own BAD message.  What I find most amazing is that all of these stories have the same basic message: I was new once, Bonnie helped me, and here I am.  It’s the archetypal narrative of our spanking blogiverse.

As I read through story after story, I thought how lucky we are to have this community that Bonnie helped us build.  BAD wasn’t just about expressing our thanks to Bonnie (though of course that was the most important part) but taking a moment to step back, reflect, and appreciate all that we have here.  And, despite all of our differences, that for one day we rallied around our queen/institution/godmother/whatever name you want to call Bonnie, and we found out that we had more in common than we might have thought.  I wanted to preserve this day so that we can remember what happens when a very simple idea turns into an avalanche that ripples through blogland.

“Today feels like Bonnie Appreciation Day,” I said.  And then it was.  That all it took was a simple sentence plus Mr BB’s advertising to make it a full-fledged reality…it just goes to show what we all have inside us, doesn’t it?

Here is a guest book with all of Bonnie’s well-wishers.  If I missed you or your link doesn’t work, please let me know!

“Thank You Bonnie!” Blog Posts:

  1. abby
  2. Alta Hensley
  3. amigospanko
  4. Aunty Andrea
  5. Bas
  6. Blondie
  7. Blue Bird
  8. Bogey and Bacall
  9. Cara Bristol
  10. Celeste Jones
  11. crankyspanker
  12. Devlin O’Neill
  13. Emi Jones
  14. Erica Scott
  15. Fondles
  16. Florida Dom
  17. Hermione
  18. Ian and Lillie
  19. Jade Cary
  20. Joan Defers
  21. joey
  22. Joseph McNamara
  23. Julia
  24. Lady Koregan
  25. Lea
  26. Lil Misses
  27. Lucy
  28. Mick and Lynda
  29. Minelle
  30. Mr. BB
  31. OldFashionGirl
  32. Penelope
  33. PK
  34. Renee Rose
  35. Rod of the Canery
  36. Rogue
  37. Ronnie
  38. Roz
  39. Sir Q and Fiona
  40. Sue Lyndon
  41. Sunny Girl
  42. Season and Michael
  43. Terri
  44. Tess
  45. Thomas
  46. Tim the Tum
  47. Tracy
  48. Wordsmith
  49. Zoe

“Thank You Bonnie!” notes:

  1. A’marie:
    Technically late, but still. Much ❤
    What a lovely idea. 🙂
  2. Anonymous (on Bonnie’s blog)
    Thank you for helping those of us who were looking for answers to feel a bit more normal… whatever that is.
  3. Anonymous (on Mr. BB’s blog)
    I dont have a blog but if I did I would be saying thank you to Bonnie.
    That has been a favorite place to read for a long time. Now I have another favorite blog.
    This blog is amazing MrBBSpanker and what a great idea for Bonnie Day
  4. Chief:
    Thank you Bonnie. It’s all been said already.
    Chief. xox
  5. D and J:
    Admiration, best wishes and very many thanks from across the pond
  6. Dr. Ken:
    Bonnie–If anyone deserves to have an appreciation day, it’s you. Congratulations! Like so many others, I really felt like I arrived when you picked my mentioned my blog and put up a link to it, along with many other new ones. It’s the sort of thing I’ll never forget, and “Spanking Minnesota” probably wouldn’t still be around if it hadn’t been for you.
    You gave my blog, and so many others, a touch of appreciation–it’s only fair that we return the same to you. Happy BAD day!
  7. Elysia:
    Bonnie, you were one of the first to make me feel so welcome here in Blogland, and you continue support me and this great community of people.
    Thank you for all you do!
    It’s always good to be BAD! (so H tells me)
  8. Enzo:
    Bonnie, Yes thank YOU for all that you do!
    Others have said it more eloquently than I already, but you are awesome! Because of you I have found so many “kindred spirits” that it is just amazing to know one is not alone. Your advice for new bloggers is a great resource for any blogger. You were one of the first to find my blog and list me so others can find me (although I seem to be off your list currently). Thanks you agin for all you do for so many others may you be repaid four times over for your generosity of time, advice and good nature !
  9. Fred Bloggs:
    It just gets better and better here Bonnie.
    Long may it all last.
  10. gary:
    Sorry this is a little late but I missed the bus, not for the first time, I wanted to thank you Bonnie for including me on your blog, a very great honour indeed. I wish you long life and happiness.Regards.
  11. Grace:
    I didn’t get a post put up for BAD, but I want you to know that I really do appreciate all that you do for our community Bonnie! I’ve found others blogs and others have found my blog because of you. So THANKS!!! You deserve the heartfelt outpouring of appreciation! 🙂
  12. houston_switch:
    Congrats Bonnie. MBS is my first blog to read each week and I get out to others now as well.
    Because of you… we your readers, posters and lurkers all feel better, being a part of something really BIG and BAD…
    To many more years of blogging and spanking.
  13. jam:
    good evening, bonnie. i drop by everyday to see what’s happening in the world of spanking. thanks for being there lots of years ago. i’ve been into spanking since i was little. i never thought it was weird just had to keep it private. i learned very quickly to keep spanking close to my heart and only let people in who i trusted with my life. thanks
  14. June:
    Thanks for all that you do, Bonnie, I didn’t get on until yoo late yesterday to participate, but I wanted to let you know how much Ward & I appreciate you. You put us on the map & create connections within this community. It just would not be the same without you. Many thanks!
  15. Kari:
    Thank you, Bonnie!
  16. pao:
    This interview was amazing. The comments and the post show how awesome this community is. I don’t own a blog or anything but I did discover a lot from Bonnie’s. It’s like a really well connected and informative train interchange in a growing city.
  17. Redhead Dairies [sic]:
    I want to thank you personly on your own blog. Thank you for all you have done for us on blogland.
  18. Steven and Emma:
    Hi Bonnie,
    I’ve been a lurker of yours for a while and wanted to thank you for helping us when we were looking for answers. It looks like you have a lot of people who love and appreciate all you’ve done for them too.
    Keep up the great work!
  19. Scunge:
    I know I’m a day late East Coast time but not Central,Mountain or West Coast! So even though I AM an East Coaster,I just want to say THANK YOU Bonnie,as with many others yours was one of the first places I found when I “woke up” back in 2008! I had found some other sites that were SUPER squinky,but yours of course was and is not. You made me feel welcome and safe right from the get go. Thank you again,you are a safe haven for many a newbie! Which at some point in our lives we all were. 😉
  20. Susie
    I didn’t get a chance to write a post today and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change, so I’ll leave you a sappy comment instead.
    You of course helped others find my blog and helped me find others but a couple of those bloggers have become true, real life friends. Without them, this journey we are on would be tremendously difficult. I can’t imagine doing it without them to tell me the truth and encourage me. Thank you!
  21. tfd:
    Thank you, Bonnie! For all you’ve done to foster the growth of this community.
  22. Zaria Kline
    Congratulations.. Am happy to have found you (via Cara Bristol)
    Shall be having a good read..xx

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