Cover art for Raven’s Diary!


If you liked Raven’s Girl, you’ll love Raven’s Diary! The sequel takes us further into Alena’s journey through submission. Or, more accurately, Alena’s journey into everything BUT submission.

Have you ever read a D/s book and wondered, “Why would anyone willingly obey?” Raven’s Diary will show you what happens when a competent, intelligent adult realizes that submission isn’t nearly as fun in real life as she thinks it will be. Fun and games as fantasy, but not so terrific in real.

What keeps Alena going? Why does she stay?

More to the point, why does Raven put up with her?

Find out in Raven’s Diary!


Raven’s Diary

Available September 22nd
Pre-order coming VERY soon!


Alena’s gotten a sugar mama…but can she keep her?

Life as Raven’s submissive sounds perfect—on paper. Alena receives a stipend, gifts, and plenty of attention.

The problem?

Alena can’t come to terms with submission. She wants fun and games, but Raven expects maturity, wisdom, and self-awareness.

When Alena’s disobedience gets out of hand, Raven takes things one step further.

Two weeks in Florida, for a “boot camp.”

A daily diary for Alena to chronicle her journey toward submission.

And a surprise visit from a trusted friend.

Will Alena conquer her inner brat and learn to submit? Or will inexperience and confusion cost her everything?

#SeoulSpankings cover reveal!

Seoul Spankings2_1300x2000

Ah, Indigo. Good old Indigo. I agonized over writing a character who could have a one-night stand, and Seoul Spankings gestated for nearly two full years. “Seoul Searching” appeared for Love Spanks an entire year ago, but I got stuck.

I love the story, love the premise, and love the planned ending…

But I hate the protagonist.

“Hate” is too strong of a word, but I don’t like her. She has a one-night stand, and one-night stands are not in the typical realm of Ana stories. To have a one-night stand, she has to be a different kind of character than I usually write. Can you see Kat having a one-night stand, or Karielle? Or Mira, for that matter, even before she hooked up with Hana?

Turns out that I could love a character who would have a one-night stand, after all. Here’s a sneak peek of Seoul Spankings:

“Say my name,” she demanded, startling me with her fierceness. Korean For Foreigners had told me saying someone’s name was rude.

“Hee-yon,” I stammered, unable to form the alien syllables. “Huh…huh-yawn.”

She pursed her lips, circling my chair. “Indi Go,” she enunciated in the odd, separated manner seeming to order me from her presence. “Here I am not Ee Sajahng. I am Hyunkyung Han, and you will call me by name.”

“Ee,” I faltered. Some of her employees had said something familiar. “Ee?” I latched onto the only sound I could replicate.

“Ee Sajahng,” she repeated. “Founder. Investor. A title, not a name. Call me Hyunkyung.” This time, as she walked around me, her knee brushed against mine. A tiny gymnast vaulted somewhere underneath my ribs, and I spoke without thinking.

“Can’t I say HK?” After all, her staff called me Miss Go. Why insult her by butchering the sounds I couldn’t form?

She paused behind me, delaying long enough to highlight the ludicrous nature of my request. Yo, Barack ol’ buddy. I can call you BO, right?

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

“Americans are so familiar,” she said, in an undertone.

“Koreans are so formal!” I protested.

“Yes,” she answered, tapping one manicured finger against another. “Let’s show you how formal.”

I should have a release date for you soon. 🙂 In the meantime, please enjoy Mistress on Her Knees and Ana Adored. Four releases in four weeks. Phew!

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Welcome to Saturday Spankings, Seductive Studs and Sirens, Snippet Sunday, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

Apologies for the late posting this week. I’m still jetlagged and in vampire mode–awake by night and asleep by day. We’re going to take a brief break from Becoming Clissine: Bastia, Book One and preview “Complicated Gifts,” the short-story sequel to Simple Gifts that will premiere in October along with stories by Cassandre Dayne, Lucy Felthouse, Kate Richards, and Olivia Starke. Look for Love’s Reprise, a story about second chances!

This scene is part of the prologue, and it is an intermezzo between the two stories. “Complicated Gifts” takes place several months after Simple Gifts, and by the time the story begins Leila and Carene have become an official romantic couple. What happens next is…shall I say? Complicated. 🙂

(Punctuation has been altered to comply with the 8-sentence rule.)

Carene gripped Leila’s shoulders, pulling her closer.

“Shh,” Carene lay her head against the pillow and focused on the dark brown eyes watching her with such tenderness a huge lump filled her throat. “I should spank you for this.” She meant for it to be a threat, to re-establish control, but the thrill of electricity snapped through her.

“Please…spank me..I like it,” Leila murmured, lifting Carene’s hand toward her own bottom.

Carene let it fall against the rounded softness, the silky skin that had distracted her at Leila’s last spanking. Carene had meant to punish. Not for a rush of warmth and wetness to carry her to a plane where all she could feel was Leila next to her, moving as one with her, caressing her and telling her she was beautiful.



Want a free advance copy of Bastia? Cover reveal!


Look, it’s Clissa! LazyDay Publishing, the cover artist, and I collaborated intensely on this one. It’s the first time I’ve allowed a physical representation of a main character, and it was at Staci’s special request. She said this story needed a cover that would help its readers identify with Clissa. I must admit that she was right. One thing that helped in this process is my reservation about specifying a character’s appearance. Because of that, Clissa could be represented by any number of people. There was another possibility for Clissa I liked better (showed her softer side), but visually it didn’t work with the cover. This image conveys her toughness, fighting spirit, and strength to challenge the foundation of her society.

This Clissa isn’t taking any crap from anyone.

Would you like a free advance copy of Bastia? All you have to do is leave a comment or send me an email. Tell me one thing you hope you will find in the story (a theme, motif, plot point, character development, etc.). Leaving a book review is much appreciated but not required.

Don’t forget that Daughter of Discipline is also out soon! Tentative release date is August 17th, but I haven’t gotten a cover yet. I’ll let you know as soon as I do. 🙂

Mother’s Day Sorrow & Cover Reveal for Lighting the Way

(Apologies to my European friends who have already celebrated Mothering Sunday.)

It’s a funny thing that holidays to celebrate inclusiveness tend to (unintentionally) become the most exclusive days of the year. Last year for the Advent Calendar, we talked about “Blue Christmas” and the mixture of feelings that the holiday can evoke. We had a wonderful discussion, and quite a few people told me that it was a refreshing change from the hype of a perfect holiday.

One of the earliest scenes that I wrote for The Way Home was Kat’s first Mother’s Day after reuniting with Natalie.

Natalie’s voice stops as I usher her into the kitchen and she takes in the table set with our best dishes (really her dishes, but since I had so little to move in I’ve started to think of hers as mine), a mixed bouquet in the center, loose daisies wrapped around the cloth napkins sitting on top of the plates, and the (if I can say so myself) most scrumptious-looking meal ever of fresh croissants, miniature omelettes, fresh fruit, and little heart-shaped muffins.  Or sort of heart-shaped, if you squint a little when you look at them.


I tug the stammering Natalie to her chair and push her into her chair.  I sit down in mine, beaming, as I hand one of the serving spoons to her.  “Dig in!” I say happily.

Natalie takes the spoon and starts scooping honeydew melon and grapes onto her plate in a daze.  Her other hand reaches up to pat her adorably mussed hair.  “But, Kat, what on earth…”  She looks up at me in confusion.

And without warning, tears stream silently down my face.  I’m not even moving or blinking, just sitting in my chair.  Natalie reaches across the table, her face a mass of concern and question marks, but I back my chair away.

“Kat?  What’s wrong?  Are you…”  Natalie stops mid-sentence as realization floods her face.

I turn my head to the left, staring at the yellow-and-white tile floor.  I close my eyes, feeling the tears stream past my cheeks and drip off my chin.  I’m not here, I tell myself silently.

I jump as I feel Natalie’s hand on my shoulder.  She must have gotten up to stand next to me.  She puts her other hand on my cheek and very gently tries to turn my face toward her, but I keep my eyes closed.  I feel her start to ask a question, catch herself, and then wrap her arms around me.  She rests her cheek on the top of my head as she pats my arm.

After a few moments, I cautiously open my eyes and twist around to look up at Natalie.

“Mother’s Day?” she says, not even needing my tiny nod of confirmation to know that she is right.

I swallow hard as she hugs me again.

“And you were trying to make it a special day for me to take your mind off of it, weren’t you?”

I give another little nod.  “I’m sorry, Natty,” I whisper.  “I wanted it to be a nice day.”

Mother’s Day can be hearts and flowers and kisses for someone expecting a wanted child or celebrating having a mother and/or a daughter. It can also be a painful reminder of a maternal figure who is no longer present. For Kat, Mother’s Day is a mixture of loss and love. Natalie and Mama Jane have brought love into her life, but for several years she lost both of them. Even after Natalie and Mama Jane are back in her life, the memories of Kat’s mother sometimes overshadow the love she receives now.

For some, this will be the first Mother’s Day after losing a mother. For some, the label of “mother” is a complicated one due to various circumstances. Some people may be reminded this weekend of dreams to become a mother that have not or may not come true. Some may be happily child-free but feel a twinge at an orchestrated societal custom that reinforces the connection between “woman” and “mother” in cultures that have not often validated the worth of women who do not become mothers for many different reasons.

For children in foster care or institutional living, Mother’s Day is a reminder (in addition to their losses) that society often views them as objects of pity rather than people in their own right.

The Way Home is a difficult story for some to understand. Someone recently called it “the oddest book I’ve ever read.” Not because it contains spanking, but because it doesn’t describe a typical bodice-ripping romance. It depicts the journey of Kat and Natalie through dark times of loss, alienation, and isolation. Betrayal. Mutual distrust, and the slow dissolution of a friendship of a lifetime.

Lighting the Way, volume two in the Kat & Natalie series (due out on June 6th from LazyDay), describes how Kat and Natalie fight to stay with each other. The Way Home is about Kat finding the courage to go back to Natalie. Lighting the Way is about their commitment to never again let the darkness of the world split them apart. (Sorry. Was that a spoiler? :D) It paves the way for volume three (release date November 23rd of this year) when the joy of their relationship finally begins to overtake the sorrow. (I can’t wait for the third book!)

In asking for Lighting the Way‘s cover art, I wanted to continue the floral and window imagery of The Way Home. I also wanted a darker color scheme and an old-fashioned feel. Kat and Natalie, despite their spanking, are two old-fashioned girls in a modern world.

I also wanted a small, subtle reminder of the discipline that is both the blessing and bane of their relationship. Look closely, and you’ll find Natalie’s famous wooden spoon.

Lighting the Way has been my most difficult book, requiring eight full months of revising and editing. I’ve wanted to throw it at the wall many times, but I am prouder of this book than any other so far.

We’re going to throw Kat a birthday bash on June 6th for the release date, but I’ll give you more details about that later. For now, I’d like to offer hope that any journey, no matter how dark, can find light if we can hold onto love. Sometimes when we least expect it, we find love from someone we thought we had lost forever.

This weekend, I hope you will find love to light your own way…and that of others. Won’t you join me in being a little light?


Simple Gifts Cover Reveal! (Please vote for the blurb)


Please vote for your preferred blurb at the end of this post. Thank you!

It was not a simple process to come to this cover, but boy was it worth the wait! Thank you to LazyDay for patiently waiting, listening, and humoring me when I said NO! NO! NO! to the first hundred few mock-ups.

The whole point is that this is a romance, right? Between a pianist and a violinist? Making music together, the harmony and counterpoint of two lives intertwining to become one.

So…I demanded asked very nicely if the cover could please include both Carene’s glossy black piano and Leila’s delicate violin. My publisher was fit to be tied over this impossible-to-please author extraordinarily gracious in giving me this simple, lyrical, and stunning cover.

April 24th. I can hardly wait. How about you?

By the way, this week for Saturday Spankings you will finally get to see the first hint of romance between Carene and Leila! This is the most risque book I have *ever* written. No kidding.


Please vote for your preferred blurb. Which one grabs your interest?

Blurb #1:

Simple Gifts (April 24th)

Music.  Without the love of her life, how can Leila learn to live again?

Professional violinist Leila Feran is accustomed to fame as the youngest and first female concertmaster of the Philharmonic Symphony.  Driven to achieve ever-increasing heights, she injures her wrist so badly that she may no longer be able to play.  She moves in with her childhood best friend, a pianist and beloved orchestra teacher in a small town.  Carene welcomes Leila with open arms and only one condition: no divas allowed.  And if Leila can’t follow the house rules, she might find herself over Carene’s knee…or worse.

This is the story of how two women learn to embrace love in their lives.



Blurb #2:

“Can I break this rule?” Leila asked, lifting Carene’s chin. “Is it all right to love a friend?”


Classical pianist Carene Moraghan has built her life on order, nurture, and respect. Her orchestra students thrive under her care, and she is a pillar of her community.

Then her childhood best friend, professional violinist Leila Feran, injures her wrist and moves in full-time for help during her recovery. Leila’s drive and passion throw Carene off-balance, forcing them both to re-examine the unspoken rules of their relationship.

In between arguments over physical therapy and house rules, Carene’s zero-tolerance policy regarding divas results in some old-fashioned discipline…that changes into something more.

When Leila begins to recover, it’s time for her to return to the big city and her performing life. Carene and Leila must decide. Is it time to take their relationship to the next level, or will doing so destroy their friendship?



Blurb #3 (courtesy of Miss Cat Trouble):
Music. Without the love of her life, how can Leila learn to live again?

Classical pianist Carene Moraghan has built her life on order, nurture, and respect. Her orchestra students thrive under her care, and she is a pillar of her community.

Then her childhood best friend, professional violinist Leila Feran, injures her wrist and moves in full-time for help during her recovery. Leila’s drive and passion throw Carene off-balance, forcing them both to re-examine the unspoken rules of their relationship.

In between arguments over physical therapy and house rules, Carene’s zero-tolerance policy regarding divas results in some old-fashioned discipline…that changes into something more.

This is the story of how two women learn to embrace love in their lives.

Cover reveal for The Way Home, free spanking story, and a birthday wish!



Didn’t we just do this? Why yes, we did. Surprise! Here we go again. Here is the cover for The Way Home (Kat and Natalie, Volume One), published by Lazy Day next Wednesday, March 6th! So neat that you need to see it twice!

Whenever I post a cover reveal, I write a bunch of stuff and people only comment on the picture. This time I’ll keep my comments to a minimum and only say…pink carnations for Kat, red poppies for Natalie, a rather somber interior peering out into the glorious world, the softness of the colors, love and longing and hope mixed up with a hint of darkness.

Oh, Kat. Oh, Natalie. It’s nearly your big day that we have anticipated for six months. We’re almost there.

 The Way Home (Kat and Natalie, Volume One)

For ten years, Natalie has been Kat’s rock, the one person Kat could always depend on to be there for her whether she needed a hug, a giggle-fest, or even a punishment. Natalie has been the confident and fun-loving social butterfly who teaches Kat about college life, academics, and friendship by taking Kat under her wing… and over her knee. But as they grow up, the darkness of the grown-up world creeps in and pulls them apart.

So when Kat wakes up one morning to find Natalie shutting her out for the second time, she is at a loss. In trying to make sense of Natalie’s abrupt alienation, she thinks back to all the good times they had together – and all the bad. It has been nearly a decade since the last time Natalie shut Kat out, and now she knows that they must make peace with that fateful night all those years ago if they are ever to find their way back to each other. Their way home.

Available March 6th from Lazy Day Publishing


Chuenn won the custom-written short-short spanking story, and PK has hosted it today for Fantasy Friday. I wrote (gasp) a M/F story!

Bas and everyone who wanted more M/F, here it is for you.

Go and check out “Christmas in March”!



Thank you to Minelle for this lovely surprise birthday wish! Sneaky lady. 🙂 Aw!!


Oh, and check out Celeste’s discussion of Jade Cary’s To Love a Woman today!

My birthday wish for today is simple. For my new books to do well and for people to like them. To achieve this next step in my career. To return to full health.

But most of all, to always have the love and support from my community both on and off the screen.

Thank you, everyone who visits here. You bring me more joy than you can ever know.


Cover reveal for Editorial Board!



Author with an attitude. Editor with a paddle. Nope. Can’t imagine what might happen, can you? Maybe they go out for a drink and laugh about canoeing. Sounds reasonable!

Editorial Board, my third book with Blushing, will be released this Saturday! I gave you a taste of the story last week, but this is a new story with new characters for most of you. Simply put, bestselling author Spring (you’ll have to read the snippet to find out her last name) procrastinates, has an attitude, and throws her weight around.

Writing this book was like wish fulfillment for kinky authors. 😀

Rachel, Spring’s new editor, is tough. No nonsense. No pandering.

Guess what happens when they meet?

Yeah. That.

I resist putting faces on my covers because I don’t want the ethnicity of my characters defined. I didn’t want Spring, or a representation of Spring, on the cover. But when I received the mock-up, I paused. No, Spring actually doesn’t drink. No, she’s not a girly-girl who wears lacy dresses.But that slouch, that sulk, that attitude…the very essence of Spring even if some of the details don’t match.

Spring’s got a bone to pick with most of the world, except for her little black cat. I actually had to research cat food to find what would be best to pamper Victoria, the kitty queen who reigns in Spring’s dominion. I loved the idea of a surly author who has a soft spot for a furry creature who scorns her. Ah, the irony. 😀 (Cat lovers will understand. Cat haters will never see the point in adoring a pet who thinks she is too good for you, unless you’re opening a can.)

I like the old-time feel of this cover, as if perhaps Hemingway or Fitzgerald are lurking around the corner with their own drink glasses. I like shadows, the blending, and especially the attitude. Did I say I like the attitude?


Meet Spring this Saturday. Just be prepared for her attitude.


Editorial Board (Available THIS Saturday, March 2nd from Blushing Books!)
Award-winning author Spring Meadows and newspaper-turned-literary editor Rachel Templeton have one thing in common: they can’t stand each other! Spring is sure that her bestselling talents single-handedly keep her publishing company afloat, while Rachel would like nothing better than to take this smart- mouthed, button-pushing prima donna down a peg or two. When Spring makes the fatal mistake of accusing Rachel of sexual misconduct, Rachel decides to teach her a lesson.

“What is an author to an editor?” Spring asks herself. If only she had been prepared for Rachel’s answer.