Pre-order Living in Sin Now!

Do you remember Ciara and Audra, the couple from Living in Sin I showed you last year?

Here’s the first snippet that won Siobhan Muir’s flash fiction contest for the week.

And a second snippet extending the conflict (both are unedited, not the final version).

Less Than Three Press, my publisher, is offering a discount for anyone who pre-orders Living in Sin. Once the book hits the stores, it will be full price. You need a gift for yourself this new year’s, right? 😀

The cover for Living in Sin is being tweaked, but I hope to show it to you soon.

After all, I gave you those SIX free stories this past week. Never say I don’t do anything for you. Hehe. I didn’t get as much of a response for “Sweet Rose” yesterday, though. Hm, maybe you don’t enjoy free stories? I better stop writing them, if that’s the case… *grin* And I was trying to decide between a story from Spring & Rachel, Kat & Natalie, or another Hana & Mira story. I love where Trinity is taking the series.

If you pre-order Living in Sin, let me know in the comments. Then cast a vote for which characters you’d like to see in the next free story. If I write it, that is. Maybe you are all too tired from New Year festivities to enjoy reading? 😀

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But back to Living in Sin! If you read my blog last year, you might remember the amazing day I realized I could write a story without spanking. Don’t laugh. There are years of reasons involved, including my father’s cancer. It was my personal Mt. Everest, my mountaintop. I wrote this ecstatic post once I understood what had happened.

That amazing point when your silent, stubborn muse opens her arms and enfolds you, lifting your chin to kiss you with the story you were born to tell. The point where you spend 16 hours in a row in front of the computer, fighting every single word until 3+ weeks of writer’s block loosens and the story comes forth. And it is good. #LivingInSin

It is good. At least I hope it is. And I can’t wait to share it with you on March 25.

(Considering that my newest WIP is about a one-night stand, it’s ironic that my next publication is about living in sin…hmm?)

Here is the official blurb:


Come out to your family, or we’re through!


Sick of playing “roommate” for the sake of her girlfriend’s religious, tight-knit family, Audra issues an ultimatum: Tell your family, or I move out. After all, Audra’s family supports her and loves Ciara as a second daughter. Why would Ciara’s family be any different? Audra’s tired of hiding the reality of their lives. She puts Ciara first, so why can’t Ciara do the same?


Caught between her family and her girlfriend, Ciara resents being forced to choose. She tries to keep the peace by accepting her aunt’s endless blind dates and comforting her mother who care for Ciara’s dying grandmother. How can Ciara shatter her family by forcing the truth on them? How can she face life without Audra if she does not?


Agonized and at her wit’s end, Ciara receives an unexpected spirit visit that asks her hard questions. Does love require self-sacrifice? How much can she give up without losing herself?


Exquisitely crafted and filled with life truths, Living in Sin will challenge your definition of love and heal your soul.


What would you give up for love? (Flash fiction)

What would you give up for love? If you had to choose between the love of your life and everything that made you who you are, what would you choose? Ciara continues her adventures in this sneak peek of my new work in progress, tentatively titled Living In Sin.

You can read the first sneak peek here.

(Reminder: Today is the last day to enter my drawing for the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia.)


I want to remind her of our first day together, sneaking kisses in between giggles as we pretended to discuss serious matters. “I love you.”


“Not enough to accept me for who I am.”


Tears sting my eyes. “You won’t accept me for who I am, either. I can’t tell my family about you. Not won’t, can’t.”


She bites her lip. “Have a nice life, Ciara. Do your next girlfriend a favor, and don’t date her. You’re not ready to be in a relationship with anyone until you get over your issues.”


I gape at her. “Don’t go,” I whisper.


“You’ve got some messed-up crap, and I should have seen it before. You want me to stay? Call your parents. Say they’ll have a new daughter-in-law as soon as marriage is legal.”


I stand, unable to move or speak, watching a split-screen movie in my head. On the one side is Audra, the only woman I’ve ever loved. On the other side are Grandma, Auntie Marge, Uncle Ted, Mom, and Dad. “Okay,” I whisper, praying that Grandma will find a way to forgive me.


“See, I told you…what?” Audra stares at me. “Okay, go?”


“Okay,” I say, trembling. “Tomorrow. I can’t do it tonight, not when they’re in bed already. I can’t.”


She keeps staring at me, trying to speak. Finally she gives an odd sort of nod. “I’ll sleep on the couch. I need some space.”


I shiver, rubbing my goosefleshed arms as she leaves our bedroom.