Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 24: 3rd Annual Fireside Chat with Kat and Natalie


UPDATE: Evil Mistress Kate, AKA Kate Richards, wrote the conclusion to her story here, using JC’s suggestion of an ice cream sundae. Warning: NSFA. And I mean NSFA!

Yes, miscreants, I accidentally put Day 24 instead of Day 23 yesterday. For your impertinence, Miss PT, Mrs. Claus will deliver an extra corner stool for your use.

I loved your letters to Mrs. Claus! If I had a day’s comments to collect into a special memento, it would be yesterday’s. Thank you, Lara, for pointing out the overlooked December birthdays and prompting a fun celebration. I think we should make the Birthday Bash a new tradition, don’t you?

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Ana: Merry Christmas Eve, Kat and Natalie! Happy holidays to everyone who celebrates a different occasion, but you observe Christmas, right?

Kat: Yes, we promised Natalie’s mom.

Natalie (looking surprised at Kat’s response): I remember when you couldn’t look at anyone in public, let alone speak up. You were a wreck before we visited Adaline Raine for her blog.

Kat (blushing): Don’t remind me of that.

Ana: It must be your nursing classes and how well you’re doing at school, Kat. Remember when you were terrified of enrolling in a CNA class? Now you’ll be on the dean’s list in no time.

Kat: Oh, please don’t say that! Then Natalie will get it into her head that she has to make me do it.

Ana, laughing: I thought Natalie complained that you studied too much?

Kat: Well, yes. She can’t make up her mind whether to make me stay home so I don’t get too stressed, or if she should let me do whatever I want because she’s so happy I’m finally in school.

Natalie: My, my. Someone has gotten bolder. Keep it up, Katling, and I’ll decide you’re no longer too shy and timid to get a spanking in public.

Kat (turning white): Eep!

Ana: To be fair, though, things have changed for both of you. You seem more relaxed with each other. You always were playful, but there’s a new comfort level. What made the difference?

(Kat and Natalie look at each other, and Natalie nods permission at Kat.)

Kat: Natalie’s been getting some counseling. I always told her that if she got her head fixed, we would–YIPES! Natty!

(Natalie smacks Kat’s thigh, and they both giggle at each other. Ana gives a shocked laugh.)

Ana: Wow, last year you fought about getting a baby cradle as a Christmas gift, and two years ago Kat could barely say a word to everyone. How is the counseling going? And what happened with the cradle?

Natalie (hesitantly): I hate it. So it’s probably doing some good.

Kat: She won’t tell me anything that happens, but that’s okay. I didn’t tell her much when I had to do it. The worst part is when she snaps out of her fog, realizes she hasn’t kept tabs on me, and says “No!” to everything just to show she’s still in charge.

Natalie: The cradle is in the attic for now. It makes Kat too sad to see it.

Ana: Oh, no! What happened?

Kat (getting a little teary): It was for the best.

(Natalie puts her hand on top of Kat’s.)

Natalie: We got the call about a little boy, ten months old and the sweetest ever. Kat was over the moon, and we’d had the nursery ready for months. Then his mom changed her mind.

Kat: I’m glad he can be with his mom. It’s better for him…but I was so close to becoming a mother.

Ana: That must have been heart-wrenching to go through, but I’m glad his mom was able to care for him after all.

Kat: Liam. His name was Liam. He just had his first birthday.

(Natalie pats Kat’s hand.)

Natalie: When the time is right, it will happen.

Kat: With losing Liam and Natalie not feeling up to much, we decided to stay home this year and not make the visit to family. Natty’s parents are upset, of course, but we promised them a good, long Easter visit.

Ana: What are you doing tonight and tomorrow?

Natalie: We go to a little church across town, and they’ll have a candlelight service tonight. Nothing overwhelming, just the old familiar songs.

Kat: Familiar to Natalie. I’m still learning them.

Ana: Really?

Kat: Yeah, my family didn’t get into Christmas. Too busy.

Natalie: And tomorrow, since Kat’s complained I’ve neglected her, I’m going to devote my attention to her for the whole day.

Kat: Oh, no!

Natalie (winking): You’ve slipped far too much past me in the past few months when I didn’t feel up to dealing with you, and don’t try to deny it.

Ana: I’m not trying to criticize, Natalie, but…on Christmas Day? Shouldn’t our sweet Kat get some leniency?

Natalie (laughing): That’s the story she tries to tell everyone, but Mrs. Claus knows better. I didn’t spank Kat for a whole month, and she got cranky and out-of-sorts.

Ana: I thought you got some sugar cookies that put you both in a better mood.

(Kat and Natalie both blush.)

Kat: I might have lost my temper and threatened to leave. And…er, kind of tried to.

Ana: Kat! You promised you’d never do that again.

Natalie (grimly): She scared me half to death. She said I’d ignored her, so I promised not to get distracted again.

Kat: A little distracted might be a good thing.

Natalie: I’ve been working longer hours because I want to set up a trust fund for the baby, not that Kat likes to hear about it.

Kat: I get more freedom when she works late, but she comes home stressed and ready to kill. Last week after her appointment with Dr. Mitchell, she finally talked to me about a few things. We still fight if we go into certain topics, but we’re making progress. I think. But it’s weird to see her this way.

Ana: It unnerves you?

Kat: Yeah.

Natalie: I’m sorry, Kat.

Kat: No, I mean…you’ve always taken care of me. I think I’m realizing what a hardship that’s been for you.

Natalie: I failed you in a lot of ways.

Kat (sniffling): No. Never.

Ana: You two have grown so much in the years I’ve known you, and it’s amazing to see where you’ve been versus where you are now. So many people are glad you’ve stuck it out despite the odds.

(Kat and Natalie remain silent, interlocking fingers.)

Ana: I’m afraid we’re out of time for this year’s Fireside Chat, but what would you like to say to all the readers who have come out for this year’s event?

Natalie (clearing her throat): That I hope you are safe, loved, and happy. And thank you for all of your notes and messages. We love you, too.

Kat: Please sign my petition to eliminate hairbrushes, spatulas, wooden spoons, paddles, and so on from being given as Christmas gifts.

(Natalie smacks Kat’s thigh for a second time.)

Kat (giggling): Ow!

Natalie: Now you see why she’ll be getting my attention for the whole day tomorrow!

Kat: I mean, that no matter how sad or alone or scared or unhappy or whatever you might feel, now or another time, that things will get better. Natalie and I have been through the worst I can imagine. I thought I’d never see her again and that she could never care about me again, but we made it.

Natalie: I’ve learned that I have to let Kat take care of me, too.

Kat: Oh, please, let me “take care of” you!




Two new story snippets!

Kat has a new story snippet on her blog.

Also, here is a 250-word snippet with Karielle (technically, she’s off-screen) and Soris from Becoming Clissine. Before marriage, their courtship (if you can call it that!) appears in the short story, “The First Submission” in MilestonesAt that time, they are known by their adolescent names, Karie and Sori.

How does a girl in Bastia learn how to become a Dis? This flash fiction from Thursday Threads gives a peek.

Bred from birth to obey, Sori held the whip even though she wanted to throw it onto the ground. Trentha, her “Dis,” raised Sori’s wrist.


“Hold steady. One sharp flick and lift.”


“Why should I?” Sori bit her tongue, too late. “I know,” she said before her Dis could speak. “It’s my duty.”


“To become a good Dis.” Trentha took the whip. “Karie will never submit unless you make her.” An expert crack followed.


“I’m not ready to marry,” Sori muttered.


Trentha brought the whip down in crescent arc. “You will lay the whip across Karie’s back, and you will teach her to fear you. Here.”


Sori flailed the whip, scowling. Give her a case to study and she could excel. This silly charade of dominance, however, made no sense.


“Use your wrist,” Trentha chided.


Sori flicked without success. “Why can’t I make Karie obey me another way? Why do I have to hurt her?”


Trentha made Sori bend over the punishment bench and raised the whip. “Basti created us as Dis and Nur, one to rule and one to obey.”


Sori’s body jerked at the cut of the leather. “Ow!”


“Do you understand your duty?”


Pain flooded Sori’s consciousness, crowding out every thought.


“You will do anything to make this stop, won’t you?”


Sori nodded, struggling for breath. Trentha took a step closer, brushing Sori’s hair with unexpected tenderness. “In Bastia, all must obey. Disobey at your own peril.”


Sori wept as she gave herself to Basti’s divine will.




Milestones cover reveal!

This Valentine’s Day, enjoy a follow-up to Coming to Terms. Jade Cary, Cara Bristol, Alta Hensley, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, Celeste Jones, and I will bring to you seven new DD stories in a brand-new anthology from LazyDay.



From making it a year cancer-free to adjusting to a spouse home from a tour of duty, seven domestic discipline couples grapple with life’s milestones.

WARNING: This book contains scenes with spanking, Domestic Discipline, and graphic sex.

The First Submission by Anastasia Vitsky
Bred to uphold duty and tradition from the cradle, rising legal scholar Sori shrinks from marriage and assuming the role of disciplinarian. Temper pot Karie longs for freedom as a First Responder and scorns the fusty Sori. In this prequel to Becoming Clissine, Karie and Sori must choose their own happiness. Can they find love in an arranged marriage?
October Something by Jade Cary
As their tenth wedding anniversary approaches, Kate and Jack Barrington are signing divorce papers instead of exchanging tin. Desperate to save their marriage, Jack holds Kate hostage at their mountain retreat, where happiness once reigned supreme. Can they move through the bad times and find love once again?

Major Changes by Cara Bristol
Before her military husband left forAfghanistan, Cadence Simmons depended on Rahm’s love, guidance, and protection. But his service to his country forced her to become more independent and make decisions for herself. He’s home for good now and eager to resume where they left off. But Cadence isn’t quite sure she wants things exactly as they were before. Can a little domestic discipline help this loving couple through some major changes?

The Barn by Alta Hensley
Determined to convert an old barn into the home of her dreams, Paige Holland returns to her small town after twelve years. She finds herself face to face with the man she never forgot. The same man who shattered her heart in a million pieces. The same man she never wanted to see again, yet also the same man she so desperately missed. Connor McNeil…her first true love.

Making It ‘Write’ by Celeste Jones
Jill Carpenter is thrilled when her first spanking fiction novel is accepted for publication and a whole new life as a professional writer opens up for her. The only catch? Complying with her husband’s rules regarding absolute secrecy and privacy.

A Time to Heal by Sue Lyndon
Stephie’s cancer went into remission a year ago, but her husband, Marcus, still treats her like she’s breakable. They resume practicing domestic discipline, but Marcus has a hard time following through with punishments, leaving Stephie frustrated that it’s not the same as before her illness. Can they move past the fears that have built up between them to find the intimacy they lost?

Unmet Desire by Renee Rose

Watching his wife unravel as she faces infertility is as heartbreaking for Luis as it is for Claire, but the more he compassion he shows, the more she drifts away. Deciding to take a firm hand, he whisks her away to their mountain condo for a weekend boot camp to reaffirm their roles and reignite their passion for one another.


Stay tuned for a post later today on reading and writing reviews for Tuesdays with Ana!

LOL Day: A sneak peek of a new spanking story!

Thank you for your patience in waiting for this post. I’ve begun a new–and important–chapter in my “real” life, taking on some duties of public education on organ and tissue donation. I’m awed by the stories I’ve heard, and I will post soon with some of the information.

To those who have joined the donation effort, I salute you. What an amazing gift.

And now back to LOL day….

Wow! You outdid yourselves yesterday. Last year, I received around 25 comments (including some very special de-lurkings from Sassy Twatter and Mick). Julie commented three times in order to get Kat and Natalie’s mini-story longer. 🙂 And Bas, dear Bas…looking back to see his comments always makes me catch my breath. It’s as if he is visiting me again, and I feel his presence.

Miss you, Bas, and love you.

He wished that I would have a lot to write (meaning a lot of comments), and I did. This year, though, I nearly panicked.

“Help!” I exclaimed. “I have 26 comments, and it’s only morning. That means I have to write 2600 words!”

“Um, Ana?” Emily replied. “What’s 26 times 10?”

Oops. 😛

Hey, I work with words and not numbers.

At any rate, here’s the final tally from yesterday:

  • 20 de-lurkings (Hooray!!!!!) = 200 bonus words
  • 61 unique commenters = 610 words

That means you’ll get to see 810 words of my newest spanking story, tentatively titled “The First Time.” But because some of you came back for additional comments and sent lovely private messages, I’ll throw in a few extra words. In this prequel to Becoming Clissine, Karielle (known by her pre-marriage name of Karie) and Soris (known as Sori) find themselves uncomfortable in their arranged marriage. Explosive temper pot Karie resents being told what to do, while studious Sori gets so engrossed in her research that she forgets to attend the first formal meeting between their families.

Karie is not amused.

“Where is she? Can’t legal scholars tell time?” The lean lines of Karie’s frame stretched taut, an archer marking her target. Dark curls shook with each syllable. “I missed a recruiting session to be stood up?”

The broad-shouldered woman shrugged from across the table. “Sori’s research on the third article of the Orthodoxy will change generations of faith. Her work will redefine what it means to be a citizen of Bastia. She—“

Petite and soft-spoken, the woman to her right leaned forward. “We apologize, Dis Tanatha.” The honorific “Dis” coated the tense air with the softness of melting butter. “Sori told us she would come from her lab. She must be delayed by work.”

Karie jiggled her feet against the table leg. Few adults used “Dis” as an address, and the unexpected deference failed to calm her the way it did her parents. She shifted to the edge of her chair, and the skirts of her peacock blue dress rustled underneath the tablecloth. Her Dis’ fingers tapped warningly against her knee.

“We understand, Dis Novia, and we apologize for our daughter’s bluntness. She yearns, naturally, to meet her future Dis.” Another tap, so slight as to be imperceptible across the table. “Aren’t you, Karie?”

Dis Novia. Dis Tanatha. The formality grated on Karie’s nerves, already frayed by twenty-five minutes of stilted, banal conversation in the absence of its main character.

“Yes,” Karie stammered, longing to jump from her seat and return to her comrades. Today marked the annual recruiting event for the First Responders, the national security team deployed during a crisis. Though Karie was somewhat smaller than her counterparts, she had built up strength and endurance with months of grueling training. She could bench press more weight than any of her friends, and what she lacked in bulk she made up for with muscle. She glanced at her watch. If only Sori would come right away, perhaps Karie could rush to the recruiting before it finished.

“Perhaps we could arrange for another time?” Tanatha suggested, but the broad-shouldered woman cleared her throat.

“Sori will keep her promise.” Novia tapped her knuckles against the clear tabletop for emphasis. The untouched tea cups rattled in their saucers, gold-rimmed delicacy on fine china. “I gave you my word.”

“Dis,” Karie murmured and hoped no one else could hear. “Can I go? Isn’t this insulting?” The fingers rapped harder this time.

“Of course, Dis Novia. For the children’s Mar, Gratel and I would like to host the reception in our home afterward. Would that be acceptable?”

Karie darted another glance toward her watch. If she left right now, she might get to recruiting before preliminary registration closed. After that, potential recruits would have to pass a rigorous set of exams and interviews to earn a spot on the training squad.

“We prefer a public space, such as the courtyard of the Bastil,” Novia began, but her partner interjected a softening response to the rejection.

“Dis Tanatha, it’s a generous offer, but we couldn’t impose. We would like to share the cost of the reception.”

Karie winced. Her Dis was easygoing as a rule, but she hated taking money from anyone.

“That won’t be necessary,” Tanatha answered, her voice cool. “We aren’t as rich you are, but we will pay for all the usual components. As well, Karie’s gift to your House will include a tapestry for your entryway.”

Karie scraped her chair backward. “I’ll let you do the negotiating,” she said. A peek at her watch showed her less than an hour until recruiting finished.

“Sit down!” snapped Tanatha. Novia and her partner exchanged glances. “We came to meet your future Dis.”

“Who couldn’t bother to come!” Karie shot back. Before Tanatha or Novia could recover from their outrage, Karie sprinted out the door. What was the point of following rules when no one played fairly?

*    *    *

“Karie of Tan, requesting permission to enlist.” Karie braced herself against the registration table in an angled push-up, breathing hard. She’d run the entire way in under fifteen minutes, a new record. Her brand-new, costly dress lay on the restroom floor of the restaurant where she had ripped it over her head. Thank goodness for the foresight to wear her running shorts and shirt underneath. Free! her heart had sung as her arms and legs pumped their way to the athletic fields.

[. . .]

“Medical!” barked the recruiter, throwing a red bandana at her. Nonplussed, Karie held up the fabric until she noticed a cluster of girls crowded around another station. All had tied their hair back with the cloth, and white-coated women handed out paper gowns.

“What?” sputtered Karie to no one in particular, but the girl next to her jerked her elbow.

“Shh! Don’t talk back, or they’ll kick you out.”

Karie accepted the tiny, flimsy garment and made a face. She hadn’t come this far only to lose her chance now. She gritted her teeth, stepped out of her clothing, and fastened her hair with the bandana. The white garment, little bigger than a camisole, barely reached her hip bones. Karie flushed as scarlet as her headband.

Her neighbor yanked her shirt off without embarrassment, and Karie couldn’t help staring at the smooth, shapely curves of the girl’s torso. Karie was strong, but washboard firm rather than curved in the right womanly places. The girl tugged the creased paper gown over her head, wisps of brown hair falling into her eyes. Karie’s breath quickened, and then she looked away.

“You’re next, Tace!” a girl called, and the brunette flipped her hair into a tight bandana ponytail before walking away. The sea of girls parted for her, and she reached the head of the line. Karie’s eyes couldn’t help following the sway of Tace’s walk, the voluptuous ripple of well-toned bottom cheeks playing peek-a-boo from underneath the flimsy paper covering. Karie licked her lips, wanting to turn away but held in place by some unspoken magnetic power.

“Last call!” barked the recruiter, and Karie blinked. She couldn’t miss the squivet deadline, not after coming this close!

She fumbled with her clothes, closing her eyes so she wouldn’t have to see her body’s angles that jutted like those of a teenage boy. On the cusp of marriage, she still looked like the child Kar instead of the adolescent Karie. Would she ever grow into her adult name?

She knotted the bandana and closed her eyes to make a silent wish.

“Hey, new girl!”

Startled, Karie opened her eyes. Tace gave a shrug, a tiny movement of her lean, muscled arm and shoulder. Mesmerized, Karie walked forward. The girl tugged at the hem of Karie’s gown, her cool knuckles brushing against Karie’s quivering skin.