Cover art for Raven’s Diary!


If you liked Raven’s Girl, you’ll love Raven’s Diary! The sequel takes us further into Alena’s journey through submission. Or, more accurately, Alena’s journey into everything BUT submission.

Have you ever read a D/s book and wondered, “Why would anyone willingly obey?” Raven’s Diary will show you what happens when a competent, intelligent adult realizes that submission isn’t nearly as fun in real life as she thinks it will be. Fun and games as fantasy, but not so terrific in real.

What keeps Alena going? Why does she stay?

More to the point, why does Raven put up with her?

Find out in Raven’s Diary!


Raven’s Diary

Available September 22nd
Pre-order coming VERY soon!


Alena’s gotten a sugar mama…but can she keep her?

Life as Raven’s submissive sounds perfect—on paper. Alena receives a stipend, gifts, and plenty of attention.

The problem?

Alena can’t come to terms with submission. She wants fun and games, but Raven expects maturity, wisdom, and self-awareness.

When Alena’s disobedience gets out of hand, Raven takes things one step further.

Two weeks in Florida, for a “boot camp.”

A daily diary for Alena to chronicle her journey toward submission.

And a surprise visit from a trusted friend.

Will Alena conquer her inner brat and learn to submit? Or will inexperience and confusion cost her everything?