#Satspanks and #SnipSun: Speaking Up

Hello and welcome to week three of the Freiya’s Stand snippets! We’re still in the introductory phase, setting the scene for Freiya and Sabrina’s conflict. Take a look at the first two parts if you haven’t already. St. Agatha’s, their private Catholic school employer, has called a faculty meeting to address falling test scores. No one is happy about it, of course.

Meet Freiya

Cost of Education


“What about the kids who can’t concentrate because their parents haven’t fed them breakfast before sending them to school?” Melinda, the fourth-grade teacher, complained at every meeting that the school needed to institute a free lunch program for scholarship students. “I bring in bulk boxes of granola bars and raisins every week, and the kids still are hungry. Who cares about test scores when they don’t know where they’ll get their next meal?”

Freiya blinked. Melinda and Dale sat motionless, without having spoken a word. She had imagined their responses in her hope that someone would speak the words she wanted to hear. In her hypothetical faculty meeting, someone would speak up.

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#SatSpanks: Cost of education

This week’s snippet is a bit…ahem…vanilla, but it’s still setting the scene for private Catholic schoolteachers Freiya and Sabrina. Trust me, this is all important to know for later on. 🙂 I’ll continue showing you 6-8 sentences each weekend for Saturday Spankings and Snippet Sunday

Freiya’s Stand 1


“Test scores have fallen.” Principal Jensen unveiled the latest round of achievement scores with a grimace. “Parents make many sacrifices to send their children to private school, and these kinds of results will scare them back to public school. Why pay for inferior education?”

“Not everyone pays.” Dale, the most outspoken of the teachers, waved away the criticism. “We have twice the number of scholarship students now, and kids don’t have the kind of support they need to succeed.”

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#SatSpanks: Meet Freiya

Please excuse my tardiness for Saturday Spankings. I’m afraid that I got a little excited at the prospect of Headmistress Blake writing my name on the Tardy Board-slash-paddle…okay okay, that sounds better than, “I got confused about the dates.”

Here, without further ado, is the heroine of Freiya’s Stand. I’m throwing you into the story without explanation, but you’ll pick it up quickly over the weeks. I love Freiya and hope you will, too.


Catastrophe began, as it often does, with innocuous good intentions. It struck at St. Agatha of Sicily, a private Catholic school serving kindergarteners through high schoolers. St. Aggie’s, as it was affectionately known by its admirers—St. Haggie’s to its detractors, including some of its own students—was plagued by the two problems known to every school since the beginning of time: too few dollars and too many unrealistic expectations for the results of its students. When faced with a distressing situation, the administrators of St. Aggie’s chose the approach also known since the beginning of time: knee-jerk overreactions that failed to solve the problem and precipitated catastrophe instead.

First, they called a faculty meeting.

#SatSpanks: Just beat me (#Taliasman)

Welcome to Saturday Spankings  and Weekend Writing Warriors, a bloghop showcasing snippets of spanking fiction.

At long last, Taliasman is ready for publication! You’ve seen the snippets, you’ve read an earlier version of the first chapter for Sci Spanks, and it’s time to read the whole story!

Previous snippets:

Taliasman and why we all need love



In today’s snippet, we see Talia continue to struggle with Vina’s advances. How can Talia love the woman who purchased her with gold? (Punctuation edited to meet the eight sentence maximum.)


“If I had been a boy,” I mutter, “none of this would have happened.” She releases her hold and allows me to continue. “A boy would have carried on the family name. A girl meant another mouth to feed.”

“You want me to treat you badly, in accordance with how you feel about yourself?”

I kneel, but she raises me up. “No, my lady,” I answer when she stares for too long, “just beat me and get it over with.”

Instead of the lash of the belt that has sent me to bed in tears for a year and a little more, her lips brush against my forehead.



Taliasman (Release date October 21st)

Born to a destitute woodworker who wanted a son to carry on the family business, Talia grew up with one phrase on her lips: “If I had been born a boy.” If she had been born a boy, she would have been cherished, supported, and launched into the world with her father’s legacy. As only a worthless girl, she toils all day long to earn her handful of inferior grain.


Far away in the heavenly palace, Queen Vina receives a mysterious coin necklace from Nicodemus, teller of stories. Compelled by the throbbing heartbeat, she scours the earth to come across Talia, enslaved to a family who never wanted her. Rather than admit her motives, Vina purchases the girl with a sack full of gold. Furious, betrayed, and homesick, Talia endeavors to share her misery with the entire palace. Vina, afraid to confess her love, allows herself to become trapped in the role of brutal slave owner.


Talia, bred to expect nothing but misery, faces the first choice of her life. Will she accept love, even if it comes from an unlikely source? Or will she reject the one who offers her everything?


Join the release party fun on Tuesday, October 21st!

“Nothing’s too good for you”: Saturday Spankings and Snippet Sunday

Apologies for the delay! (For Saturday Spankings, at least. For Snippet Sunday, I am early.) After a few sleepless nights, I crashed yesterday. I should learn to schedule these posts ahead of time.

The following sentences are a sneak peek (unedited) from Ana Adored, a Masters of the Castle book I am co-authoring with Maren Smith. Thank you to Thursday Threads judge Layla Wolfe, who gave this snippet an honorable mention. Her comment? “Anastasia’s story of speed and bad impulse control also scared me into wondering what was going to happen.”

“Mapquest says it’s seven hours to Chicago. Want to bet we can do it in four?” They hurtled through a four-way stop sign, and Ana fought nausea. She’d never gotten carsick before, but she couldn’t handle much more of this thriller theme park ride. “We’ll wander around the Loop, and I made dinner reservations for the fireworks at Navy Pier.”

Shocked, Ana gave a sharp laugh. Workaholic Peyton had scheduled the vacation Ana always wanted? “Shut up, that’s not true.”

Peyton slammed the gas pedal as soon as they merged onto the highway. “Nothing’s too good for you,” she proclaimed.

Irishey’s sass earns another spanking!

My late (again, sorry Mistress Blake!) entry for Saturday Spankings:

Last week, our intrepid heroine, Irishey, got herself into a barrelful of trouble by sassing Evil Mistress Kate. Instead of accepting her well-deserved spanking, Irishey argued until Kate had to stop spanking. Evil as Kate might be, she didn’t want Irishey to get herself into more trouble than she could handle. After a good spanking, Kate placed Irishey in the corner. Irishey fumed and walked away…right into our beloved Headmistress Blake!

“What do you think you’re doing?” Headmistress Blake challenged, halting the wayward girl with a single raised eyebrow.

“N-n-nothing,” stammered Irishey. She fumbled for the sass that had made her famous, but nothing came out of her mouth. Perhaps Fate intervened to save her from herself.

“I do not hire mistresses for girls like you to flaunt your disrespect, young lady. Save your energy for developing a positive attitude and working hard.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Irishey said, clasping her hands behind her back. “May I go now?”

“Bend over the desk,” came the answer, and Headmistress Blake picked up her rattan cane.

No More Smart Remarks: Irishey gets a #spanking from #EvilMistressKate!

For Irishey, who knows what she did.

Some people know how to keep themselves out of trouble, but not our dear Irishey. Oh, no. She has sass that won’t stop, but also the idea no one is big enough to deal with her. Too bad (for her) that retribution comes in the form of one Evil Mistress Kate. (Who is Evil Mistress Kate, you ask? You’ll have to wait for Spank or Treat to find out.)

For Saturday Spankings and Sunday Snippets this weekend, here’s a little peek into the woes of naughty Irishey and the overworked disciplinarian who must tame her. In our scene, the recalcitrant Irishey has begged, pouted, issued threats, and tried to use martial arts to wriggle out of her much-deserved spanking. Evil Mistress Kate has had enough.

“You shouldn’t try to pretend to be all big and tough; you’re too little for that,” Irishey taunted.

Sadly for her, Evil Mistress Kate flicked her multicolored martinet in a scattershot across the backs of Irishey’s bare calves. “Accept your punishment like a big girl, or I’ll take down those shorts and whip your bare bottom,” Kate threatened.

Despite herself, Irishey cringed. How could she face everyone in blogland afterward if they witnessed her cruel (and entirely undeserved, to her mind) treatment at the hands of this formidable woman? Too late, Irishey regretted opening her mouth to sass instead of save her bottom.

“No more smart remarks? Perhaps we are getting somewhere at last,” Kate said as she hauled Irishey over her lap to spank bare thighs with abandon.




Saturday Spankings: #Taliasman #BeyondFairyTales

Welcome to Saturday Spankings and Snippet Sunday! To celebrate the publication of Sci Spanks 2014, an anthology of the Sci Spanks stories, I’ll show you a sneak peek of the second chapter. You may want to grab Sci Spanks 2014 first–it’s only 99 cents and an incredible deal! You’ll get to sample a wide variety of stories in all subgenres of speculative fiction, and all are sizzling hot.

In Taliasman, Queen Vina tries to threaten woodworker’s daughter Talia with a spanking. Stubborn until the bitter end, Talia holds her own.

“Beat me.” She juts her chin, standing with hands on her hips in the simple cotton nightgown Merda chose for her.

I nod my thanks to the girl who has served Talia for the past few months. It is a thankless job, but Merda never complains. She folds her lip inward as she leaves, her back stiff with disapproval. She is not angry on her behalf, but mine. I must talk with Merda privately and encourage her, but she will not listen. She will tell me everything is fine and I should focus on my own worries—but what are my worries if not to provide for those who have given me their lives?



Now available on Amazon, ARe, Smashwords, and KOBO! Appearing soon on B&N and iTunes.

Me, mean?: #SatSpanks and #SnipSun

Here’s an eight-sentence snippet from Kat and Natalie’s latest adventures, as part of the Saturday Spankings bloghop and Snippet Sunday. Kat’s finished making her own birthday cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip) because no one wants to eat Natalie’s cooking, and Kat gets a bit too playful with her wooden spoon. She whacks Natalie for nearly the first time in their relationship. Still, it is her birthday, so Natalie rewards Kat with a special treat–a hand spanking and reminiscing of their favorite memories. Kat doesn’t agree with Natalie’s choice, though. 🙂

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

“That one doesn’t count,” I complain, blowing the ends of my hair away from my face. After all these years, I should learn to keep a hair elastic in my pants pocket for when Natalie decides to flip me sunny side up.

“And you tried to find the school dumpster to find the hairbrush I’d so lovingly chosen for your Christmas gift,” Natalie chortles as she tugs my jeans down to my knees.

“You didn’t think it was funny at the time,” I point out. “Besides, I never would’ve lost the dumb brush if you hadn’t been so mean about it.” After a full day of frigid silence, Natalie had taken the ping-pong paddle to me twice–once for the original crime, oversleeping and missing my eight o’clock stats class, and a second time for trying to maneuver my way out of the spanking she’d threatened.

“Me, mean?” Natalie’s voice drips with false surprise as she slaps my bottom with the practiced rhythm born of years–no, decades–nestling me in her lap, patting my back as each spank awakens a delicious, forbidden tingle.



Happy birthday, Kat!: #SatSpanks, #WeWriWa, and #SnipSun

Here’s an eight-sentence snippet from Kat and Natalie’s latest adventures, as part of the Saturday Spankings bloghop, Weekend Writing Warriors, and Snippet Sunday. Kat’s finished making her own birthday cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip) because no one wants to eat Natalie’s cooking, and Kat gets a bit too playful with her wooden spoon. She whacks Natalie for nearly the first time in their relationship. Still, it is her birthday…

(background snippet from last week)

Natalie throws back her head and gives the rich, full-throated belly laugh that sends pleasurable shivers through my insides. There was a time when neither of us could find humor in anything, and we wouldn’t have dared to play. She crooks her finger, mischief glinting from her eyes as she motions for me to assume the position.

I huff in my best pouty manner, “You’re not allowed to spank me on my birthday.”

She caresses the seat of my jeans and gives a pinch. I yelp; she squeezes harder and scolds, “I told you to relax on your birthday, not make cookies.”

“Making cookies is relaxing,” I point out, and she seats herself at a chair from the kitchen table before pulling me over her lap.

“So is getting your birthday spanking,” she answers, and she begins the best gift of every year–a gentle hand spanking, each swat accompanied by retelling a favorite memory of our thirteen years together.

Please help Natalie celebrate Kat’s birthday! What is your favorite memory of their years together?