Summer Spanks: Back-to-school woes for Kat, Mira, and Ana

Welcome to Summer Spanks and Saturday Spankings! This weekend is an extra-long post, complete with an opportunity for prizes. My personal prize will be an ARC of Ana Adored, a Castle special co-authored with the amazing Maren Smith. In addition, commenters who leave a review for any of the Kat or Mira books (The Way Home, Lighting the Way, Desire in Any Language, Mira’s Miracle, and Mira’s Desire) will earn one entry (per review) in a special drawing for a Back to School kit that includes special school-themed items for your very own kinky play. (Shipping to the US only; international winners can opt for a gift certificate instead.)

Not one but three of my characters enjoy the fun of spanking and back to school, The first and most famous, of course, is Kat from The Way Home and Lighting the Way.


Newer generations of college students get the benefit of online self-selection of roommates, but one writer speaks wistfully of a time when students got assigned randomly to a roommate and made unexpected friends. Such is the case for eighteen-year-old farmgirl Kat, who walks into her freshman dorm and finds a dark-haired, self-possessed whirlwind named Natalie whose parents absorb Kat into their family at first glance. Natalie has plans for this timid girl who bursts into tears at the gift of pink carnations, and Kat doesn’t know what to make of it. In filling out their roommate agreement, Natalie sets the terms of what will become a lifelong relationship between soulmates.

She writes on the sheet and shows it to me. In the space next to “Cleaning” she has written, “Room will be cleaned thoroughly once a week by both of us.”

“Hey, wait,” I protest. “I didn’t agree to that.”
“It’s non-negotiable,” she says.
“I thought we were both deciding!” I exclaim. There will be no more cleaning for the rest of

my life, at least if I can help it.

“I’ll be doing it, too,” Natalie says with infuriating calm. “Or you can pay the penalty.”

“The penalty?” I ask in disbelief. Mentally, I tell myself to stop repeating whatever she says, but with no success.

A little smile creeps into the corners of Natalie’s mouth, and she gazes at me directly as she says, “A spanking.”

The words hang in the air for a moment as I struggle for a response. I wait for her to laugh, or crack a smile, or to tell me that she is joking. Instead, I feebly repeat her words yet again.

“A… a… spanking?”
A firm nod.



Kat and Natalie’s adventures continue in Lighting the Way, in which they strive for a more equal balance between protector and protected. Kat learns how to stand up for herself, and Natalie learns to solve problems without resorting to spanking every time. (Don’t worry. There’s still plenty of spanking!)


The schoolgirl theme continues with Mira, studying abroad to become a translator. In Desire in any Language, Mira comes to terms with her secret, shameful desire to be spanked.


She meets diplomat Hana Takahashi, whose aunt Atsuko is a childhood friend of Miranda Hardwick at the world-renowned BDSM luxury resort, the Castle. Atsuko persuades Miranda to invite Hana and Mira to the Castle for a week of kinky fun, and Hana immediately seizes on her favorite fantasy: to dress Mira up as a schoolgirl. Mira balks, not understanding the fun of roleplay or the unspoken rules of bratting to get a fun spanking. She wreaks havoc in the Castle as she rebels against the rules of schoolgirl roleplay.

I tug at the stiff, scratchy collar of the white blouse starched within an inch of its life. Hana swats my bottom, not seeming to care that Jillian, the morning nurse, watches with open interest. She says my regular nurse is at breakfast but will wait for me after school. I protest I won’t visit any school, but Jillian holds out a thick ruler to Hana.

“It’s not my place to interfere, but I think your little girl could use some old-fashioned medicine, if you get my drift.”

“By all means,” Hana invites, and Jillian lets the ruler fly against my skirted bottom. “Stop it, Hana!” I hiss, rubbing out the sting. “Don’t let her do that!”
“That’s Okasan to you. Or Haha. And remember, I’m Hina here.” Hana ignores the rest of

my words.
I roll my neck to the side, trying to escape the itching of the fabric. Jillian pronounces me

“pretty as a picture” in my oxford shoes, navy knee socks, pleated navy skirt with yellow trim, navy blazer with yellow piping, and the detested shirt. Maybe Hana grew up wearing a school uniform and considers it sexy, but no one else would.

Mira and Hana’s story is also collected in a single volume, Mira’s Desire.


Unbeknownst to Mira or Hana, proprietress Miranda Hardwick has found herself a brand-new submissive in Anne Ruth Klein, a preschool teacher known to her friends as “Ana” (and who is no relation to yours truly, of course!). In between taming three-year-old terrors, Ana manages to kill plants and find an online plant guru who goes by the handle of “CasMisMir.” CasMisMir stands for Castle Mistress Miranda, a reserved, quiet British woman who watches Hana and Mira with more than a little envy. When Ana’s preschool breaks up for a two-week vacation before the fall term, Miranda invites her to the Castle for eight days of no-strings-attached fun.

The problem? Ana’s girlfriend, Peyton, flips out when she discovers the friendship. Caught between a jealous girlfriend and a gracious friend whose every action shows she would like something more than friendship, Ana struggles to follow her heart.

I hope you’re happy. I named the ponytail plant Miranda, and now you’ll die within the week. Remember, this was your idea.

Miranda chuckled. Bratty thing, no wonder Ana fantasized about spanking. She begged for one with every other sentence. She took a sip of her morning coffee and launched into their usual teasing. Maybe I’ll name a plant after you, Miss Sassy. Probably a tomato.

Tomato? Why?

Because someone needs to tie them down and kept in line.

Ooh, bondage? Kinky!

Miranda pictured giving Ana a lovely rope corset and shook her head. Focus. Brat. Ever see a baby tomato plant?


Miranda sent her a link to a site with tomato plants tied to wooden stakes. See?

What are the sticks for?

Spanking naughty young ladies such as yourself. Wait! She should let Ana decide the timing instead of re-introducing the topic. Before Ana could reply, she changed the subject. Better take good care of my namesake.

 Happy back to school spanking to everyone! 🙂



Thursday Thankfulness: broken air conditioning edition

My air conditioner has broken for the second time in a month, and we’re experiencing a heatwave these days. I feel more like complaining than expressing thankfulness, but isn’t this the time we need thankfulness the most? 🙂

Today, I’m thankful for:

  • Snopes. What a great resource for finding out which latest viral social media posts are hoaxes.
  • Friends who offer their air-conditioned home and baby when my air conditioning goes on the fritz during a heatwave.
  • Air conditioning in my car.
  • Fun new book–Once Upon a Marriage by Sara Daniel. My review:
    M/F is not my go-to genre, but Sara’s snippets grabbed my attention. Exquisite writing, lovely mixture of humor (The three army surgeons run a prosthetics clinic? LOL!), and a heart-enriching tale of a man fighting to save his marriage. It was enough to make this conservative reader cheer for the sex scenes. Well done, Sara!But a word of caution: Don’t re-read the Grimm fairy tale first. Let yourself be surprised as you read.
  • Discovering some great new Twitter accounts yesterday while Facebook was down #LGBT is a great hashtag!
  • My peace lily is taking its time dying. This means I can pretend it’s not dead yet. *sigh*
  • However, my jade and philodendron are thriving. The spider plant is growing so fast that it needs to be repotted soon. I have to brush the leaves out of the way to sit down. 😀
  • Great edits for Living in Sin! That means three publications (count ’em, three: Ana Adored, Living in Sin, and Taliasman) are in edits. Phew!
  • All of you lovely readers who still drop by even when I can’t get to your comments. I read and enjoy every single one, I promise. ❤

What are you thankful for today?

Tuesdays with Ana: Remembering classics from childhood (and two book reviews)

Whenever I have a bad day, a classic children’s book (better yet, read out loud to a favorite child) cheers me up.

Novel,  Penguin, 1962, 213 Pages

Born with cerebral palsy, nine-year-old Sally has spent the past five years at a special rehabilitation school. Her dreams of actually living with her family rather than just visiting them finally come true when a new school opens near her family’s home. Adjusting to her new life and the typical challenges of starting a new school and meeting new friends are heightened for Sally, through the unique problems of being handicapped in the world. Mine for Keeps is a heartfelt and inspirational story about overcoming fears and considering other people’s points of view. A compelling read, this popular children’s story imparts valuable lifelong lessons about the nature of change, friendship and family.

Mine for Keeps, published in 1962, is a book every child (or child at heart) should read. It’s unfortunately gone out of print (for now), but secondhand copies are available on Amazon and other retailers. In fact, there are 23 penny copies on Amazon. 😀

from Jean Little’s website

In a side note, I loved her autobiography, titled Little by Little. I believe it is also out of print but available on secondhand book sites. In the autobiography, I learned two pieces of information that made me enjoy her books even more:

  • Jean was legally blind and taught at a school for children with disabilities, and she wrote Mine for Keeps because she and her students were tired of Every Single Book turning into a “miraculous cure” story. She lists children’s books (such as The Secret Garden) that end with the child cured. How does that feel to a child (or adult) who will never experience a cure? I loved Mine For Keeps because it was a wonderful story, but I loved it even more when I found out her motivation for writing it. Surprisingly, 52 years later, the book only feels slightly dated (in its terminology, not storyline).
  • Jean wrote her books by using a “talking computer,” way back in 1962! How neat that the words on my page were produced by special technology.

Mine for Keeps achieves a remarkable balance between educating and entertaining. Yes, the fathers in Jean’s stories tend to be a bit heavy-handed (Father Knows Best, for sure!), but they serve as compassionate, intelligent role models to children learning to grow up in a complicated world. What I love best is Sally’s capability and her parents’ refusal to let her wallow in self-pity. (Aside: I was confused about the “Sarah/Sally” distinction until college, when I learned that “Sally” is an old-fashioned nickname for “Sarah.”) Sally’s older sister, Mindy, is bossy and a know-it-all, while her younger sister, Meg, is prone to pouting. Older brother, Ken, needs to be taken down a peg or two, and in general the kids are rambunctious but well-meaning.

In particular, I love the scene where the father stands up for Sally’s right to do her own chores without her older sister’s well-intentioned but inappropriate interference. I have been in situations when people assumed I needed help (when I didn’t), and it made me both angry and ashamed. These small touches make the story stand the test of time. Sally might have cerebral palsy and have extra challenges navigating everyday life (and being mainstreamed into a school where she is the only one with an obvious physical disability), but her story goes far beyond Poor Little Disabled Girl. She has spunk, attitude, and an endearing mixture of faults. Even better, the resolution involves her taking charge.

I love, love, love Mine for Keeps, and I hope you will as well.

(I also love From Anna, by the same author, about a girl who moves to Canada and discovers her “awkwardness” is due to legal blindness that previously had gone undetected.)


Book review time!

Goodnight, Ark by Laura Sassi and illustrated by Jane Chapman, is a pleasant children’s picture book. The illustrations are quite nice, and the text encourages children to anticipate the next page. The rhymes and rhythms are a bit awkward for reading out loud, but it’s still a nice book. $15.99 hardcover, from Zonderkidz.

The Blessings of Friendship Treasury, by Mary Engelbreit, has some gorgeous illustrations reminiscent of the old-style Golden Books. I especially like that one girl (in a cheerful red gingham dress) pushes herself in a wheelchair while chatting with a friend and cat who walk beside her. There’s a nod to racial/ethnic diversity in the illustrations, which is not enough but a nice start. It would make a nice friendship gift or a gift for a young child.

(Disclaimer: These two books were provided as a review copy by HarperCollins)


From Ana’s Bookshelf:

I’m currently reading The Pictorial History of Baseball and Been There, Haven’t Done That: A Virgin’s Memoir. Well, I’m skimming the first one surreptitiously before sending it as a gift. Shh. 😀 The second was sent to me by a friend. The first one is an enormous collection of photos along with historical text, and the second is a rather insipid adolescent journal of a 25-year-old who feels she should impart her lifelong wisdom about her heavy petting escapades in high school and college.

What are you reading?

Happy Tuesday!

Will you behave?

Welcome to this week’s installment of Saturday Spankings and Sunday Snippets! We’re continuing our journey with Talia in my soon-to-be-released retelling of “Our Lady’s Child,” a Grimm fairy tale. Taliasman will be published within a few weeks (release date not yet set), and it starts with a simple premise. What if a girl had been raised to regret she had not been born a boy? For context, you’ll want to read parts one and two linked below.


“Chattel” (part one)

“Kneel” (part two)

I should refuse her degrading order, but her manicured red nails work their way through my hair.


“Good girl,” she says, and against all reason, I am pleased. I rest my forehead against her thigh, and a soft exclamation causes me to tilt my head backward. At the last second, I open my eyes. Laugh lines crinkle around her dark brown eyes filled with compassion and—can it be?—love. “If you…but you don’t,” she corrects herself. “Will you behave, or must I send you to your room?”


Taliasman blurb

Born to a destitute woodworker who wanted a son to carry on the family business, Talia grew up with one phrase on her lips: “If I had been born a boy.” If she had been born a boy, she would have been cherished, supported, and launched into the world with her father’s legacy. As only a worthless girl, she toils all day long to earn her handful of inferior grain.


Far away in the heavenly palace, Queen Vina receives a mysterious coin necklace from Nicodemus, teller of stories. Compelled by the throbbing heartbeat, she scours the earth to come across Talia, enslaved to a family who never wanted her. Rather than admit her motives, Vina purchases the girl with a sackful of gold. Furious, betrayed, and homesick, Talia endeavors to share her misery with the entire palace. Vina, afraid to confess her love, allows herself to become trapped in the role of brutal slave owner.


Talia, bred to expect nothing but misery, faces the first choice of her life. Will she accept love, even if it comes from an unlikely source? Or will she reject the one who offers her everything?

“Kneel” (Saturday Spankings and Sunday Snippets)

Two weeks ago, I posted an unedited snippet from Taliasman, my newest book. It’s part of Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairy Tales series, and it’s a retelling of “Our Lady’s Child.” (Google the story! It’s obscure and jaw-dropping.) In my version, Vina the heavenly queen takes Talia the willful girl to the palace. In the previous snippet, Vina decided to show Talia who was boss. In today’s snippet, Talia realizes she’s in over her head.

Uncomprehending, I bend to inspect the parquet for a dropped fork. “Kneel,” she commands, and the blood courses through my veins. I double my fists, but she takes no pity. “You refuse to take your place at my side, so you may kneel at my feet. Or shall I strip you of your clothes and beat you into submission?”


She has proclaimed my happiness for the past year, and each assurance deepened my resentment. I did say this would be more honest, didn’t I? The powder blue velvet of my dress crushes beneath my knees as I fall to the ground.


For more spanking fiction snippets, visit Saturday Spankings or Snippet Sunday on Facebook.

Ana’s Advent Calendar 2013


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Ana’s Advent Calendar 2013


Do you remember, if you were lucky, having an advent calendar as a child?  The traditional kind had small, perforated paper windows to open for each day of December.  Each day’s window revealed a small surprise.  Usually it was a piece of chocolate or candy.  I never had one, but I envied the children who did.  Guess what?  We’re going to have an Advent Calendar, but we’re going to do it my way!

How will the advent calendar work, Ana style?  There will be rules.  Of course there will be rules.

  • Sign up!  (Bonus point if you sign up before December 1st!) Be sure to leave your email address (so I can contact you if you are a winner) and book preferences (S for spanking, K for kinky or edge, and V for vanilla)!  This will ensure that I track your comments to give you credit for each day that you play.  If you have any trouble leaving a comment, please let me know immediately by email.  If you do not sign up, you will not get credit for your entries!
  • Play daily.  Leave a comment responding to a post or answering a daily Advent Calendar question.  Only one comment per post will count as an entry, but you are welcome and encouraged to leave additional comments as part of the conversation.
  • Check for the winner list on Christmas Day!  Those who participate the most will win!

Yup, that’s it!  Oh, you want more rules?  Well, if you insist.  😉

  • Surprise Checks!  Prizes will be awarded during random “surprise checks” throughout the month.  It may be the first person to post on a certain day, a randomly selected commenter on a randomly selected day, the first person to mention a secret word, or anything else.  Surprise!
  • Perfect Attendance award!  Everyone who comments every day (by midnight EST on the day of each post) of the month will win a small surprise.
  • Free book days!  A few authors will be offering one or more books free on select days in December.  Check for details on the blog throughout the month.

Grand Prizes

  • Kindle Fire or Nook HD (winner’s choice), donated by Blushing Books
  • 2014 VIP discount to Loose Id, donated by the same
  • Beginning Domestic Discipline Boot Camp package (instruction book and workbook) and 6-month couple membership to the Learning Domestic Discipline online forum, donated by Learning Domestic Discipline
  • 6-month subscription to Discipline and Desire, donated by the same
  • Paddle from Blondie’s Place
  • Wooden spoon and spatula set, donated by Katie
  • Knitted jingle bell slippers, donated by Celeste Jones (US only)
  • Polka-dot “St. Knickerless” panties, donated by Ami Starsong
  • Content edit of a manuscript up to 25K, by Lina Sacher


Book Prizes

A Little Training and A Little Trouble by Abbie Adams

Becoming a Lady and Marked by the Alpha by Adaline Raine

Spanking Detective, Killer Heels, and Spank Camp by Alice Dark

Ruby Rose (two copies) by Alta Hensley

Fever Dream by Annabel Joseph

Becoming Clissine, Simple Gifts, Desire in Any Language, Editorial Board, The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus, and The Way Home by Anastasia Vitsky

Still, Guarding Hope, and Ivan’s Captive Submission by Ann Mayburn

The Solicitation by Bella Bryce

Destiny’s Chance by Cara Bristol

Lady Katherine’s Comeuppance and Lady Katherine’s Conundrum by Celeste Jones

Toy Run by Charley Descoteaux

Sorority Girl Pledge Time by Cheryl Dragon

The Grass is Greener and The Man of the House by Constance Masters

The Christmas Fraternity by Courage Knight

L’Amore Perfetto and Budde Bear Quilt Top Pattern by Cynthia Kimball

Wraith’s Heart (US & Canada only) and Nowhere for Christmas by Donna Steele

Claiming One and Tell Me (How to Write) A Story: Good, Basic Advice for Novices Ready to Write by E.J. Runyon

Explorations: The First Notebook of Emily Orn Wilkes, Secret Countess of Wessulk (three copies) by Emily Tilton

Correspondence Hall of Shame by Erica Scott

Valkyrie Chronicles: Return of the Asgard, Karaoke Queen (Music of the Soul), and Fracture: Divergence by Erik Schubach

Time of Grace by Gabriella West

South Sea Siren (two copies) by Heather Geoffries

Santa Spanks! and Santa Spanks! 2 by Holla Dean

Bella Rosa by Jade Cary

Taught to Serve, Trust Me to Know you, Trust Me to Own You, and Trust Me to Keep You by Jaye Peaches

Alien Adoration and Alien Lover by Jessica E. Subject

Elizabeth’s Destiny, Lessons of Love, and Dark Obsessions (US) and one Kindle book of winner’s choice by Jolynn Raymond

Magic of the Loch by Karen Michelle Nutt

Spanking Ms. Whitman by Kate Richards

Acting Lessons by Kathryn R. Blake

The Gate, Sharp Bite of Pleasure, and Christmas with the Countess’s Bride by KT Grant

The Story of M: A Seduction, The Story of L: An Odyssey, and The Story of L:

Enlightenment by LA Cloutier

Little and Loved and Michael and Jenna’s Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage by Leena Darling  

Lonesome Oak Ranch and Living the Dream by Leigh Smith

The Texas Rancher and the English Rose, My Texas Cowboy, and The Cattle Rustler’s Bride by Lucy Appleby

Demon Soul by Linda Hamonou

Coming, Ready or Not! Three Tales of Tease and Denial (two copies) and The Journal (two copies) by Liv Honeywell

No Flag (two copies) and Mine (two copies) by Liz Borino

All-Girls Academy and A Date with The Death by Louisa Bacio

A French Affair by Lucy Felthouse

Everything Christmas by Maddie Taylor

Forbidden Deception by Mahalia Levey

Aspen Meadows (two copies) by Mila Kerr

Mr. Short, Dark & Funny, and Three Strikes..You’re in Love by Nancy Levine

Aching To Submit, Taken By The Beast, and Captive’s Desire by Natasha Knight

The Prince’s Lash by Nattie Jones

Dreaming in Blue and Her Moonlight Lover by Olivia Starke

Hold My Hand and Touch My Heart by Paloma Beck
Correcting Kathy and The Winner: Romantek Book One by Patricia Green

Christmas Joy, The Naughty List (5-book set), and Tyler’s Resolution by Patty Devlin

The Spirit of Giving by Penelope Hasler

Song and Sword by PT Wyant

In His Command by Rie Warren

The Ladies of Heatherton Hall and The Countess and the Magician (two-story combination) by Rollin Hand

Tie Me Free by Sandra Bunino

Desperate Housewives of Olympus (two copies of Audible recording) by Saranna DeWylde

Desire and Deception by Sharon Buchbinder

Bound for Disappointment (two copies) by Sheri Savill

A Hell Hound’s Fire and The Beltane Witch (two-book set) by Siobhan Muir

Taking Chances by SJ Maylee

One book of winner’s choice (two winners) by Starla Kaye

Hanna’s Awakening (five copies) and Christmas With the Professor (five copies) by Sue Lyndon

Master-bation, At Sir’s Command (The Torn Series: Book 1) by Suzy Ayers

Mastering Maeve and My Naughty Little Secret (four copies total, reader’s choice, plus one paperback to US or Europe) by Tara Finnegan

Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale and Erotic Shorts, Volume III by Thianna D

Betrothed to Mr. Darcy by Violet Bedford 

Taking Control and Catching Death by Virginia Nelson

Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter and Amaranthine Rain by Zander Vyne

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Advent 2013

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Spanking story interest poll

I’m itching to do a bit more fiction writing, and I wondered what people might be interested in.  If you had a choice, what would you like to see?  I have bits of each and have no strong preference for any, so I’m opening it up to popular demand.  🙂

A)  Another segment in the Katherine/Natalie story

B)  A (I know, cliched) Catholic boarding schoolgirl story, complete with uniforms

C)  A eollege student/professor story that includes some roleplay

Please let me know your vote and why in the comments.


P.S.  Please note that D) “the spanking Ana gets once D returns” is not an option.  😛


My first spanking story

So. My first spanking story.

I no longer have it, and it was probably a single page at most.  Do you remember The Baby-sitters Club?  It was a popular book series a while ago.  I received a book as a Christmas present, and I was hooked.  I then spent $2.50 plus tax each month (a price that gradually increased over the years) to buy the newest installment in the adventures of fun girls who loved kids, just like me.  My favorite baby-sitter was a serious, shy, old-fashioned girl named Mary Anne Spier.  She was a little like me, only more so.  I was sensitive; she cried at everything.  I liked reading and spending time alone; she got too scared to do anything social.  My parents were strict; her (widowed) dad was downright tyrannical.  As an eighth grader, she had to wear her hair in braids and have all her outfits approved by her dad.

I wrote my first fan fiction before I even knew what it was.  🙂  In the books, Mary Anne stood by her bedroom window to wave to her next-door neighbor and best friend, Kristy Thomas.  I wrote a little story about poor Mary Anne waiting in her room for her dad to come up after she got in trouble.  She thought he would scold or ground her…and I remember these exact words (you’ll soon see why) “But Dad spanked me instead.”

As I was writing this little story–on paper with pencil, back in the good old days before computer or internet :P–at my desk in my own bedroom, my own dad came in.  He was joking around and squirted me with a water bottle.  I ducked and hid from the spray, and then suddenly I heard my dad say (as he was reading the sheet of paper on my desk):

“But Dad spanked me instead?”

Oh, abject humiliation!  I blushed, stammered, snatched at the paper, and am not sure what happened next.  I’m not sure if my dad thought I was referring to him, or if he thought I was writing any old story (I always wrote stories from the moment I learned how to write properly), or what…but even though I can’t remember anything else about that day or that story, I remember that line.  Reading someone else’s comments (sorry, can’t remember whose) jogged that memory.  I’d completely forgotten about it.  🙂

My earliest spanking fantasies were of being a girl like Mary Anne Spier, shy and serious and old-fashioned, trying her very best to be good…and being spanked a little bit because her guardian was very strict but mostly because he cared about her and wanted her to grow up a good person.  Only, in my fantasies and not the fan fiction, it would be a female caregiver/guardian/authority figure/governess.  I would stand in front of her, serious and quiet, and be gently but firmly held accountable for the goals I set for myself.  That she set for me.

I must have been about 11 when I wrote my first spanking story.  Later, I wrote more adult ones.  The one about a woman named Katherine who…

But that story will have to be for another time.  🙂