The FULL first chapter of The Way Home!

If you would like to check out the first chapter of The Way Home (Kat and Natalie, Volume One), you’re in luck! PK graciously agreed to host the chapter for Fantasy Friday today. Go and check it out here! While you’re there, please tell her that Ana doesn’t need a spanking, but Cassie does. 🙂 And that Natalie isn’t too strict. Hehe.

The Way Home sank to #91 yesterday, then rallied at #69 by the end of the night. My quote:

The Way Home contains no sex scenes, but it’s #69 on the Amazon Top 100 for LGBT fiction. I’m giggling immaturely. I also used an adverb.

Jade said she was “stunned” by my crass humor. Sorry…hope I didn’t offend anyone. Hehe.

Guess what? I woke up this morning to see that The Way Home jumped to #34!! 34 on Amazon US, and it’s #31 and #32 (slightly different categories) on Amazon UK.

“What’s your favorite number, Ana?”


Two 5-star reviews, too! THANK YOU! Thank you for loving Kat and Natalie.

A story of love, loss, and reconciliation; just with spanking

Remember when you were younger (or if you’re at that stage of life) when you had that friend whom you could laugh with at everything; be comfortable with even if you’re both so different? Remember that friend who believes in you, sees you at your lowest, picks you up and is not embarrassed to be seen with goofy you? Remember that friend who eventually became family, your raison d’être? That was what Kat and Nat were to each other through college…only Nat spanks Kat.

This is a trip down memory lane, a story of love, loss and reconciliation. I found myself laughing at all the silliness between Nat and Kat, then tearing up at the grief from losing family and the ugliness of the grown up world that surfaced that one fateful night and will continue to haunt them for ten years.

The characters felt real, in the sense that they were vulnerable, they have flaws, make wrong decisions and they have their quirks just like any of us. The writing was vivid and it allowed me to visualise each scene and feel the emotions the characters were feeling.

I love this book because it is a story of regular people and their struggles, only with spanking. Most of all it is a story of love, of how it triumphed and led Nat and Kat onto their way home. I love it because this story touched me. I suggest that you read it in a quiet place and savour it. I can’t wait for the next installment!

(From Pao)


A true story of friendship

I absolutely adored this book, it grabbed me right at the beginning and never let go. I ended up reading it in one day because I just HAD to see what was going to happen next. I became very invested in the characters and their struggles, friendship, and love for one another. It is beautifully written, I laughed, smiled, and cried throughout. I can not wait for the next book to come out so I can see what happens next!! Great read!!

(From SH)

#8Sunday: The parents’ letter

Yes, it is another loosely interpreted six sentences, but this time it’s a justifiable eight! 🙂 This snippet is from The Way Home, the first volume of Kat and Natalie stories. At the end of the freshman year, resident assistants Jessie and her partner collect their assortment of floormates for a party. Kat is caught off-guard, but as usual Natalie has anticipated her discomfort.

As we gradually quiet down, Jessie begins again. “We just wanted to say that not only we are so proud of you guys for making it through the year, but so are your families! We talked to your parents and asked them to write a letter to you since it’s the end of your first year, and we’re going to hand them out now. You don’t have to share unless you want to.”

Suddenly, the pizza and M&Ms and Doritos in my stomach are making me feel sick. I set down my plate and start to get up. Natalie lays a hand on my arm, but I shake it off. I start to leave, but this time her fingers wrap around my wrist and pull me just close enough to hear her command in a piercing whisper, “Sit.”

Look for The Way Home, to be released March 6th by Lazy Day.

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