New cover and today’s prizes!

Daughter of Discipline

Pardon me for hijacking my own prize announcement post, but I have finally received the cover for Daughter of Discipline! Blushing Books will have it available for purchase just as soon as technology can make it possible. 🙂 If you find the book buy link available, please let us know! There may be a special thank you for doing so… 😉

UPDATE: Buy link here!

For those of you who have read The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus, you’ll remember headstrong, spoiled daughter Claire and her loving but feisty mother, Minelle. (AKA the knickerless Minelle AKA Ms. “Granny Panties”) Daughter of Discipline picks up a few months later, with Claire preparing for her college graduation and a birthday trip to Las Vegas. Mother Minelle frets about her daughter’s safety, but she also has problems of her own. Matthew keeps expecting her to submit, as in do what he asks! Combined with Minelle’s obsession about her weight and tendency to do too much for others, it takes more than one (badly accepted) spanking for Matthew to restore order in the Labraun household.

I do hope you’ll take a look at one or both books as you prepare for your holiday season. After all, what’s December without a good, hard wooden-spoon spanking from our beloved and feared Mrs. Claus?


And now for more exciting news…prize announcements! Let’s not tell Mrs. Claus about today, shall we? Or we can blame Kate. It’s always a good idea to blame Kate.

Laurel Lasky wins Becoming Clissine from Anastasia Vitsky

Marybeth Renn wins South Sea Siren by Heather Geoffries

PT Wyant wins a holiday card donated by Rogue (only six holiday cards left!)

Pieclown wins Dungeon Time by Kate Richards. Kate chose Pieclown’s entry yesterday for its creativity in completing “Sex Toy Story.”

Congratulations, everyone! Please contact your prize donor (with the except of PT, who will contact me) to make arrangements for receiving your prize.

Don’t forget to send a thank you note! Authors and donors help make Advent Calendar special, and gracious winners will encourage repeat donations next year.

One note: Please don’t forget to let me (or helper elf Kathryn Blake) know when you receive your prize! Otherwise, I wonder whether you have actually gotten it. Thank you notes are always appreciated, too. 🙂

Introduction posts from today’s winners:

Laurel Lasky

1. Yes
2. No. This is my first time.
3. Where are the daily questions? I can’t find them.
4. I would love to win an amazon but would be happy to win any spanko book.
5. I am a new spanko, and as I’m 70 I’m past it so I get a vicarious thrill as long as my batteries this sounds like great fun.

Marybeth Renn

1. Yes, I have read and understood all the rules pages.
2. I did not participate in Ana’s Advent Calendar last year.
3. I heard about this through the Blushing books website.
4. I hope to be here every day. But, sometimes life breaks through! :-)
5. I am hoping for gift certificates. Like Katy Beth, I have hundreds of spanking and BDSM books.
6. This sounded like fun. And I have never posted on a blog before. So, hopefully I do OK.
7. I am Marybeth. I have been married for 26 years and have 3 kids, 20,17 and 14. I am a stay at home mom and I am going back to college part time. I don’t really want to be a teacher anymore because of all those “pesky regulations”! I am in a vanilla relationship as my husband is not interested in the lifestyle. So, I lurk and read. lol
8.Hi Merna. I hope that you get your wish with your husband. I’m not sure I would like the reality of a DD relationship. I am pretty strong willed and don’t know if I could be submissive.

BTW, Ana, thank you for setting this up and getting all the prizes. Also, I don’t recognize the term ttwd. What does it stand for?

PT Wyant

1. Yes, I read them and think I understand them. (But how do you sign up again?)
2. Nope. This is my first year.
3. I heard about it from someone who thought I might be uncomfortable reading spanking scenes.
4. Computer and internet willing I’m planning to be here every day.
5. What I’d like to win? Becoming Clissine. (Kissing up is allowed, correct?) Well, actually, as long as I don’t win my own book I’ll be happy. LOL And if I don’t win anything I’ll be happy, too, as long as I get to pick on the hostess.
6. My computer and internet and FaceBook bring me here. And I’m playing because it looks like fun.
7. My name is Paula (aka P.T.) Wyant and I’ve been here before via Sunday Snippets. I’m a writer — mostly fantasy with occasional forays into science fiction. I write, I blog, I do counted cross stitch, have a dollhouse remodeling project that is on hold due to lack of space, and I’m really good at avoiding housework.
8. Hi, Robin! You sound like me — too little time. (You can’t keep up with the stuff you record on your DVR and I can’t keep up with the stuff I download to my Kindle.) Ana’s a great writer — enjoy her blog!


1. Yes, I have read the 4 pages
2. No, I did not participate last year. I just found your blog today.
3. I saw it on another blog called Naughty Little Writer.
4. I plan to be here every day, Lord willing and the computer does not crash.
5. To be honest, I would like the Kindle, it would be first foray into “Smart” Tech. I have a dumb cel phone and a tower for a computer. I did see a purple paddle, then there is the spoon set, and the pantie( if I win them I hope they fit.)
6.It looks fun and can give me another way to celebrate Christmas.
7.I am new here, first day. I 46 male and live in Nebraska – GO BIG RED. I am divorced and daddy to a 8 year old. I am a professional clown but I keep my “pieclown” separate. I started following another blog on DD and am slowly expanding my views. As for experience, my x-wife was mostly vanilla. I have posted on some websites. I consider myself a switch. My main kinks are pies in the face, dunk tanks, spankings, and bras. I like seeing, doing or getting.
8.Hello George K. So are you a Sooner or Cowboy fan or do you not fallow college football.
With all the prizes, you just might get that new book. Good luck to you and all.

pie pie 4 now