In which Ana admires tiny blue cornflowers


Now what?”

“Watch that tone, miss, or do I need to put you back over my knee?”

“P-p-please, Mrs. Claus, not where everyone can hear. I’m the Head Elf!”

“Not for long if you keep up these shenanigans.”

“Yesssss Mrs. Claus, I’m sorry Mrs. Claus. What did you want, ma’am?”

“Your winner list for today. Four winners? Again?”

“But it’s not my fault. See, Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl chose the 33rd commenter to win a copy of her book. That’s Merna. I didn’t have anything to do with that decision.”

“Fine. What about Bella Bryce?”

“Well, I decided yesterday the last commenter to qualify would win a prize. So that’s Bella, and she wins Editorial Board by Anastasia Vitsky.”

“Anastasia who?”

“Never mind, ma’am, just an author with a naughty name. Not like me.”

“Hm. Fine, but then why Sherilyn, too? You said the last commenter, and Sherilyn was 18 minutes late.”

“But Mrs. Claus, she was celebrating her granddaughter’s birthday! Can’t I give her Catching Death by Virginia Nelson? Please?”

“Dare I even ask why you’ve added Blondie’s name to the list to win a holiday card donated by Rogue?”

“Because…because…because I want to, that’s why! And you can’t stop me!”

“Anastasia Peppermint-Twist…”

“Ow! Ow, ow, ow! My ear! Not the corner, please! I hate all these tiny blue cornflowers. Put Michael in the corner. He likes it! Serves him right for his ‘spankenfreude’..OUCH! Mrs. Claaauuuuuuuus!”

“Mrs. Claus? Are you still there?”

“Mrs. Claus, c’mon, let me out. I’ll be good, I swear.”

“Santa? Anybody? Did everyone leave? Fiiiiiiine. John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith, his name was my name toooooo….”


Introduction posts for today’s winners:


1. Yes, I have read and understood the information pages.

2. No I didn’t know about Ana’s Advent Calendar last year. It sounds fun, and I’m looking forward to it.

3. I heard about the Advent Calendar from the Blushing Books website.

4. I hope to be here every day, but real life may intrude. I don’t know if I will have the time.

5. Any of the prizes will be fun.

6. I saw an ad for the calendar on Blushing Books and looked up what it is all about. It sounds like fun, so I am giving it a try.

7. I hadn’t heard of Governing Ana before, but hopefully will be able to find some time to explore. I am married with 3 children, 22, 17, and 15. Work part time teaching preschool, and the rest of the time driving kids around and homemaking. Husband knows I want to be spanked and sometimes obliges me.

8. Hello to Irishey. I hope I have time to play around here, but already I am behind in my work because of getting signed up here. If only my husband was serious about Dd…, sigh. At least he will play a little.

Bella Bryce

1) Yes, Ma’am!
2) No, I wasn’t an author then and didn’t know this community existed!
3) I’m part of the SNP/Blushing writer community and heard about it from the great Ana banana herself
4) Obviously, a well behaved girl like me shows up on time although my sash might be undone and my hair ribbons askew :p
5) A gold iPhone 5S. Oh wait, no one donated one? Okay, how about a good ‘S’ story then!
6) What brings me to the Advent Calendar this year is donating a book as a prize but wanting to be part of the fun!
7) I’m Bella Bryce, the newest writer to Blushing Books. I write clean age-play and spanking fiction. I stay home and write fultime and have done since late September 2013. I read GA weekly because I’m a friend of Ana banana.

Hi Merna! Welcome to the Advent Calendar! I hope you can play often and win a great story to snuggle up with in the New Year.


Hi, I think I missed the deadline–I had a hard time signing into WordPress for some reason..Answers anyway:
1. Yes, ma’am, I did.
2. No, I didn’t participate last year, more’s the pity!
3. I heard about it from the #SatSpanks crowd, including you!
4. I think I blew perfect attendance, but I’ll probably poke my head in everyday.
5. The Kindle! But I’ll be happy if I just meet a bunch of new, fun friends.
6. I love this time of year and having new friends with, ahem, similar interests certainly makes more fun.
7. I’m here because I finally owned up to my kinkiness and decided I might like to try writing a kinky romance (I’m a retired technical writer–this has to be more fun than software). First, of course, I have to read a lot! We’ll see if the writing ever gets out of the bedroom.
8. Hi, Patty! I hope you have a great holiday season!


1.Have you read and understood all four information pages? (There is only one correct answer to this question!) Yes

2.Did you participate in Ana’s Advent Calendar last year? No

3.How did you hear about the Advent Calendar this year?
Ana’s blog and Blushing Books and a lot of other blogs.

4.Do you plan to drop by now and then, or is your eye on a Perfect Attendance prize? I plan on being the big Perfect Attendance Winner

5.Which prize(s) are you hoping to win?
Any prize except the one from our store. I have enough paddles!

6.What brings you to the Advent Calendar this year? Why do you want to play?
This is so fun and now that I am aware of all the fun things and contests in blogland, I intend on playing more and more.

7.Who are you? Are you new to Governing Ana, or have you been here before? Tell us about yourself.
I am Blondie and I am blonde-Lol). I am a blogger and a paddle shop owner of Blondies on Etsy.I have been around and I have been a frequent visitor and lurker and participant. And I get spanked for many reasons…..

8.Say hello and respond to the person who has commented before you. (If you are the first commenter, you can respond to me.)
Hello, hello Mona Lisa !

Have you signed up for Ana’s Advent Calendar 2013 yet?

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Snowy Memories (Advent Calendar, Day 11)

Today we have a special story from Leigh Smith, aka Sunny Girl. She will respond to your comments and choose a lucky person to win her latest book or the the new Christmas collection from the Library of Spanking Fiction. Sunny posts stories weekly on her blog, Aimless Ramblings, and has recently started an author blog as well. She’s also a granny with an attitude, so watch out if you feel like sassing her! 🙂

I looked out the window and saw the snowflakes just beginning to drift down from the leaden sky.  I was forecast to be a terrible storm but seeing the first flakes reaching the ground reminded me of another snowstorm long ago.

Until I was twelve years old, my parents, siblings and I lived in a big city.  We had no need of a car, or even public transportation for that matter, everything was within walking distance. The promise of a snowstorm was thrilling for us kids. Although we rarely had a school snow day, we didn’t mind having to wait until after school. Our spirits were always high as we dragged our sleds over to the city park to barrel down what seemed like large mountains to us, taking life and limb in hand.  We came home with rosy cheeks, frozen noses, toes and fingers, but happy hearts.

The day life changed for us happened during a snowstorm.  My dad was helping a neighbor shovel out his car when he suffered a heart attack and died.  It was a terrible time and for years, I hated snow.  Snowstorms were events to be weathered, not enjoyed.

Soon after my father’s death, we left the city and moved to our grandparent’s farm. It was supposed to be a temporary move until my mother got back on her feet; it didn’t turn out that way. We left our old life and friends behind as we learned a completely new way of life.  No longer available were the things we took for granted but new adventures awaited.

Years passed, my older siblings left to start their own lives, my mother remarried and I stayed behind to help my now aging grandparents.  It was the Christmas season of my twenty-first year that I started to like snow again.  The rest of our family was coming to spend the holidays with us and so there was lots of activity and anticipation.  Gran began baking cookies and Gramps decided he wanted to cut down a big Christmas tree.  We finally convinced Gramps he couldn’t do it alone so he hired a neighbor’s grandson, who was home for the holidays, to help.  When I saw Jesse dragging that tree down the hill toward the house, my heart leapt.  He was tall, well over six feet, and looked even larger bundled up in that heavy plaid jacket, a woolen cap pulled down over his ears, gloves and big boots.  The snowflakes covering his shoulders and sticking to his eyebrows made him look like as if he was on a Currier & Ives Christmas card. I sat there at the window watching Gramps and Jesse drag the tree to the porch.  That is one handsome hunk of man, I thought. He and Gramps shook the snow out of the tree and leaned it against the house.  They both stomped their feet, brushed the snow off their clothing and entered the house.

“Is anybody home?” we heard Gramps yell.

“In the kitchen,” Gram answered back.

Both men shed their jackets in the mudroom and walked into the kitchen.  Jesse was even more handsome without the jacket and ski cap.  He was wearing a plaid flannel shirt tucked into well-worn jeans that fit in all the right places and big woolen socks.  His shiny brown hair that was about two weeks past needing a haircut, and blue eyes hooded by eyelashes so long, it was a crime.

“Jesse, this is my wife, Becky and my granddaughter, Jenny.”

He extended his hand and I felt the spark when our fingers touched.  We both pulled back and I watched a look pass between my grandparents that I remember to this day.

“Jesse is Nate’s grandson.  He’s visiting for the holidays and thinking of joining Doc Martin’s Veterinary practice when he finishes his internship this summer,” Gramps explained.

“How is it we’ve not seen you around these parts before?”  Gram asked.

“Well, I’m actually Nate’s step grandson.  Nate’s daughter, Beth married my dad a couple of years ago.  I mostly lived with my mom so it wasn’t until then I even knew Nate and Connie,” he explained.

“So you here alone or did Beth come too?”

“No, I’m not alone, everyone is coming for the holidays.  I have a little longer time since our school break coincides with the holidays.”

“Well, I am sure glad you are here and were able to help my husband.  He thinks he is still 26.  Our family is coming home for the holidays too.  We’ll have to get everyone together.”

Looking at Jenny, Jesse asked if she was home for the holidays too.  She explained that she lived here with her grandparents and taught first grade at the local school.

“You’ll have to tell me all about life here in this area.  I’ve always lived in a suburban area so rural life will be quite different.”

“Rural life is nice, a little dull sometime compared to city life,” she told him.

Gram had set out a plate of cookies and offered a hot beverage.  Gramps and Jesse sat down and Gram handed out mugs of steaming coffee.  Gramps took a sip.

“What’s this?  We men need something to warm up our insides, it’s cold out there.”  He got up, went over to the cupboard, and brought over a bottle of brandy, pouring some into his mug and offering the bottle to Jesse.

As I sat there listening to the chatter between my grandparents and Jesse, I realized that for the first time I was falling in love.  It didn’t make sense, I had just met him, knew nothing about him but it didn’t seem to matter.  It left me tongue-tied and I don’t think I spoke twenty words the whole time.  When he finally got up to leave, I found my voice. I was afraid if I didn’t speak up, I wouldn’t get another opportunity.

“Gramps has an old-fashioned sleigh out in the shed.  It’s been a while since it was used but it is a wonderful way to see the area.  What do you think?”

“An old-fashioned sleigh ride,” he laughed.  “That could be fun,” his blue eyes twinkled.


More years passed.  Gram and Gramps are gone and now I live in this old house with my husband and three children.  I’m baking cookies in anticipation of a full house over the holidays.  I hear the jingle of bells and look out the window again.  What should I see but an old-fashioned sleigh being driven by a handsome hunk of a man wearing a heavy plaid jacket with a woolen cap pulled down low, and three rosy-cheeked laughing children and holding onto a giant Christmas tree.

A few seconds later, the door opens.

“Is anybody home?” Jesse asks.

“In the kitchen,” I answer back.

Monday Morning Fika: Sunny Girl’s Publication Debut!

Ana has threatened me with a spanking more than once.  She is always telling me I am a troublemaker and very naughty.  I think she confuses me with Kat.  Seriously, she was kind enough to ask me to promote my book here even though she is pouting because she did not know about it beforehand.

Many of you know me as Sunny Girl of the Aimless Ramblings blog.  I found this community just like many of you, I put the word “spanking” into the Google search line and a completely new world opened up.  It is a life within a life.  After lurking and posting anonymously for a couple of months, I finally gave myself a name and started my own blog

My blog really is just aimless ramblings.  We are not a DD couple so the blog does not contain much of the angst involved in that dynamic.  Not to say we do not have angst, ours is just boring stuff; as the car does not start or we lost our kitty. Vanilla stuff.  We are just a couple of spankos. Some people begin their morning with a cup of coffee, I begin mine by turning on the computer and catching up on blogs.  I try to post three or four times a week, sometimes just to rant, maybe do a travel log or share ‘funnies’ or interesting things I find elsewhere.

Fantasy Friday, part of the New Beginnings blog, features stories primarily written by bloggers just like me.  Week after week, I would go over to read the story on Friday morning. PK is always asking for new stories so one day I donned my big girl panties and penned my first one.  It was a very short story about Thanksgiving and PK posted it on her blog that very week.  I was encouraged by not only her comments but also those of her readers.  I had never written stories; prior to this my writing was confined to business letters, presentations, grants etc. so I didn’t realize I could write something that someone else might actually enjoy reading.  Once it started, it was as if the dam  loosened.  I was writing so many stories and did not want to flood PK’s blog, so I started posting the occasional story on my own blog.   Minelle calls me Ms. Prolific because I  have so many different characters and story lines roaming around in my head.  Eventually, I began posting a new story every Monday.  As the readership grew so did the requests to expand some of the story lines.  Some characters are more endearing than others are.  Being an avid reader myself, I always hated when a particularly good book ended so I  understood their frustration. As a result, in addition to new characters, I have a couple of stories that have ongoing adventures.  Believe it or not, this is more difficult for me than writing a completely new story because I have to remember family names and relationships, likes and dislikes of the characters, etc.  My writing is as much for my enjoyment as it is the readers and if I become too bogged down in details, I lose sight of the enjoyment and it becomes work.

Many of my commenters over the months have urged me to write a book.  Most of the time, I would thank them for their kind words and not give it another thought.  As time went by and I received more and more of these comments I started to think that maybe I could do an anthology of short stories.  I don’t know if I have a book in me but I might; so I’ve learned over the years to never say never.

LSF Publications is on my blog role and it popped up with a book by an author whose works I enjoy.  I began clicking all the pretty buttons, (did I tell you I suffer from the shiny penny syndrome) one of which was submit. It was fairly easy so I thought why not. I chose a couple of stories of the western genre (my favorite, I grew up with John Wayne and westerns, besides the cowboys were always so sexy and more likely to spank) and pasted them in the email and hit enter.  I received a response telling me they usually did not accept short stories but they would look and let me know.  The next email, told me that if I were willing to make a couple of changes, they would publish my stories.  I made the necessary changes, there was not that many, resubmitted and Lonesome Oak Ranch, the book, was born.

I think the whole process was less than ten days. I do not know if this is unusual or not I just know it is what happened to me.  Until receiving the email with the release date, I did not say a word to anyone except my husband. I am still amazed.  I am just a writer of stories who just happened to get lucky.

A couple of weeks ago there was a meme floating around our community and one of the questions was “do you label yourself’?  Now, in addition to the usual, wife, mother, friend, I can add author.  I will continue to post a new story on my blog every Monday until either writer’s block or life interferes. Whether there will ever be another published collection of stories, or one long story, I do not know.  I am enjoying my fifteen minutes of fame and thank all of the readers that have encouraged me to step up.

Read more about Leigh Smith/Sunny Girl at her blog!

Lonesome Oak Ranch
Lisa Davis is a lawyer – successful, young, wealthy… and lonely. But her life changes when she goes to River Bend and meets Clint Sampson, the handsome new owner of the Lonesome Oak Ranch, a property he has recently inherited from a distant relative. Lisa and Clint have dinner and get to know each other. Lisa also learns that bad girls get spanked – and she is not at all averse to the idea. Although Lisa had intended to stay only a few days at River Bend, her developing relationship with Clint makes her aware that she is in no hurry to return to her professional life in Phoenix. Will their romance survive? Is there a chance of a future together?

A Vacation to Remember
Susan and Jeremy Blake get far more from their vacation than they expect as they tour Texas in a motor home. They turn off the highway and end up in a ghost town called Malvern. Their explorations unearth some artefacts from the past, and the pair share a strange experience, relating to life in the town back in the 1860s.
Bear Creek Ranch
Jane Mackey turns up at Bear Creek ranch looking for work. Caleb, the ranch owner, sets her on but it isn’t long before her bossy attitude annoys housekeeper Mrs Griggs, and Caleb himself. Although Caleb is very interested in his new employee, he isn’t about to let her get away with her sassy behaviour. A spanking is called for…