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Meet Maren Smith, participating author for #SciSpanks!




My name is Maren Smith. I write predominantly spanking/BDSM romances. Upon occasion I do fantasy and sci-fi. My most popular sci-fi/fantasy books are the Pets series under the pen name Darla Phelps.




If I had a superpower, I would want to be able to turn myself and anything I touched invisible at whim. And you’d better believe, I would not be using that power for good!



You can find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maren.smith.10

Feel free to visit my blog: https://badgirlscorner.wordpress.com

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Tuesdays with Ana: When writing makes a writer cry

Have you ever had a day when you struggle for hours to pound out 748 words, and you know you’ll be lucky to keep half of them? It’s hard to write a first draft after struggling to polish a final draft of my previous manuscript. I have to remind myself, every time I start over with a new book, that it’s okay to write fill-in words for the first draft. I’m feeling my way with new characters, getting a sense for the plot, and testing what will be possible.

Still, it’s a constant battle to quiet the snob inside my head who spits back every word of every negative review I’ve received. I convince myself that praise only comes from biased friends who soothe my fragile ego, and I scoff at my foolish hope that I can create stunning works of fiction that will change hearts for the better.

I finally wrote down a list of projects I’ve promised to various people, some with deadlines and others “when I can.”

  • Short story that builds on the flash fiction I wrote last Thursday
  • Twisted (and I mean twisted!) reinterpretation of a fairy tale that includes the Virgin Mary–seriously!
  • Corbin’s Bend novella, details to be announced later (will involve California, a professor, and some unashamed kink)
  • Sequel to Editorial Board, this time with some happy action between Spring and Rachel
  • Short story with a new twist on Korea
  • Short story that involves quilting grannies (more about this later)
  • Ana Adored, a book that Maren Smith originally promised to write for me and later asked me to co-write. I can’t wait to work on this with her!
  • A brand-new F/F book for the Castle series, also with ageplay. No, not Mira. 🙂

And, of course, I’d love to eventually write the third books of Kat and Natalie as well as Mira and Hana. Oh, and I’m working on a M/F story as well.

Plus one or two super secret projects that can’t be named yet.

Oh, and Sci Spanks next month! June 25-29 we’ll have a sampling of science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, and speculative fiction. I’m debating between writing a sneak peek of Tay of Tre, book two in the Bastia series, and a sneak peek of an upcoming urban fantasy/magic realism short story. The second one might not have spanking. :-O

I joked earlier today that I’d follow a “debt management” approach to writing by starting with my smallest project and working my way up. When I have too many projects due at once, I tend to work a little at everything and accomplish nothing. I’m still floundering a bit after submitting Freiya’s Stand, which will now be a stand-alone book rather than part of the Corbin’s Bend series (the story became much deeper than I’d intended, and it made more sense to release the book on its own). To date, it is the book I am proudest of writing. While forgiveness is a theme in many of my stories, the forgiveness between Freiya and her partner, Sabrina, struck a chord in a way I hadn’t expected. I hope you enjoy the story. 🙂

Reading through what I’ve just written, I’m realizing why I’ve been so distracted lately! It never seems like that much until I see it written down.

One distraction has been a negative (but well-written and intelligent) review for Editorial Board. It’s given me a lot to think about. Editorial Board has always been a love or hate book for readers (similar to Desire in Any Language), and the recent review has made me re-think my audience. I’ve always prided myself on writing the kind of spanking fiction someone could enjoy even without enjoying spanking, but perhaps that’s not the case. As I’ve become more involved in the F/F (or, as I’m learning to call it despite personal misgivings about the word, lesbian) community, I’m finding a different set of expectations from readers and fellow authors. I’ve even…gasp…considered writing a story without spanking.

We can’t write for everyone, and usually we write best when we focus on a tiny postage stamp of territory. I enjoy a passionate love story to someone’s chipped front tooth much more than a generic ode to loving everyone all the time. I might not care two cents about that chipped front tooth, but the author’s conviction and concreteness of detail will draw me in.

All of these thoughts swirl in my head as I try to craft a new story, and sometimes it makes me want to cry. So many competing demands, and so many conflicting opinions! I look at my old stories and cringe at clunky prose or amateurish plot twists. Before I published my first book, I heard advice to enjoy myself. Authors write their first books for themselves, and they never again get that luxury. I didn’t understand that sixteen months ago when my first book came out. I was impatient to begin my journey as a professional author.

I say two things to every aspiring author I encounter:

1. Respect your rejection letters. An honest, clear-cut rejection is far more ethical and professional than a half-hearted acceptance. Getting published by a house that can’t support your work does you no favors.

2. Don’t be in a rush to publish. (Been there, done that.) Before you publish your first book, your world is filled with possibilities. After you’ve launched yourself into the publishing world, your labors of love transform into professional obligations. I still love (most of) what I do, but I miss those days of writing as fast as I could because the story begged to be told. I had no fear, no worry, and no deadline. Instead, I wrote for the pure joy of writing.

Today, I hold my aching head in my hands because I can write a 1000-word blog post in half an hour but can’t write more than 800 words all day. I want to tell this story, dang it, but it’s exhausting work.

I’ll go back to writing my amateurish first draft, but I hope you’ll take this through your day today:

If our lives are works in progress, how can we expect our first drafts to be masterpieces?

P.S. If you haven’t already, check out Kat and Natalie’s new story. It’s a Mother’s Day tradition. 🙂

P.P.S. Kat’s birthday is next month! 😀

Taste Us! You’ll Like Us! Meet Maren Smith and P.T. Wyant!


Welcome to the second-to-late preview of the authors featured for Love Spanks 2014! So far, we have met:

Today, we’ll meet two new authors who do not yet write F/F but are giving it a try. Welcome Maren Smith and P.T. Wyant! 

Hi! I’m Maren. I’ve been married to a wonderful alpha male for 19 years. Our only kids are a green-wing macaw and a blind, mentally retarded (we found him half dead on the road after having been hit by a car) cat. When I’m not writing, I’m usually cross-stitching (which I love). My favorite patterns are by designers Mirabilia and Chatelaine. (Take a minute to google them. They’re gorgeous!) I’ll be doing a lot of traveling this year and I love to meet new people, so if you’re in the area and you’d like to talk to me, I’ll be in New Orleans for the RT convention in May and I’m currently planning to attend Shadowlane’s 2014 spanking party in Las Vegas later this summer!

I have been writing spanking erotica since my teens. I mostly write M/f, but Ana convinced me to try my hand at F/f last fall and I’ve got a story set in my Masters of the Castle series called ‘Ana Adored’ which will be my first all-female spanking romance. When Ana asked me to be a part of Love Spanks this year, I jumped at the chance. She has been my favorite F/f author since I discovered her writing last year.

To me, there is nothing more romantic than watching two people (whether they are gay, lesbian or straight) fall in love. So if you haven’t tried F/f, but you love spanking and you love a good romance, then I would encourage you to set aside any reserves you might have and just try one of these books. It’s still a love story, it’s still heartwarming and it’s still beautiful, regardless of gender.

I was asked to post a favorite recipe, so I chose my incredible health-conscious (not!) recipe for Bacon and Potato Soup. I am all about easy (that could be taken wrong in so many lovely ways), so get our your crockpot and add:

1 bag of frozen Ore Ida’s Potatoes O’Brien

2-3 cups of chopped ham or pre-cooked, shredded chicken

1 chopped onion

1 32oz package of Swanson’s low sodium chicken broth

Salt and pepper to taste

Cook on low all day


1 hour before you’re ready to serve, add:

1 can creamed corn

½ package of frozen peas

Turn the crockpot up to high


15 minutes before serving, add:

½ packages of cream cheese

½ package of cooked, crisp bacon, chopped


Blend it all carefully together with a handheld mixer on lowest possible setting. Be careful, it’s hot!

Top each bowl with grated cheddar cheese and diced green onions for garnish.

It is so yummy!

Media link:  badgirlscorner.wordpress.com


Paula Wyant About me: I’ll be 53 by the time this starts, and I’m an only child with three brothers. I have too many hobbies: writing, counted cross stitch, crochet, remodeling a doll house, scrapbooking, and avoiding housework. (I’m especially good at avoiding housework.) (The hobbies listed above do not include the things I want to learn: chainmaille, wood burning, jewelry making…)

How did you come to be part of Love Spanks?
I have trouble saying “No” to people whose names start with “An.” Seriously! First it was Anita, a library director, and then it was Anne, the facilitator of the memoir writing group, and now it’s Anastasia…

How long have you written F/F, or when did you first consider writing it?
Um… I don’t? Not really. I write fantasy, and if there are any pairings at all it’s usually M/M, but I did have this WiP from a couple years ago…

What are some F/F titles you have written? If you haven’t published or written F/F yet, what are you planning to write?
Just this one, so far. The working title is Disturbed Magic. (At least, that’s what I said its title was when I started it – I’m pretty sure it’s going to change.)

What are some of your favorite F/F books and authors?
I really don’t have any, come to think of it. (Of course, I’ll probably think of some after this is published.)

What would you like to say to readers who are trying F/F for the first time?
Don’t be scared! It’s a lot better than the broccoli or brussels sprouts you wouldn’t eat as a kid.

What is your favorite recipe?
Chocolate Cherry Upside Down Cake
mix and spread in bottom of ungreased 8 or 9 inch cake pan:
1 Tblspn cold water
1 Tblspn cornstarch
21oz can of cherry pie filling
mix and pour on top of pie filling mix:
1 2/3 C all purpose flour
1 C sugar
1/4 C Hershey’s cocoa
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 C water
1/3 C vegetable oil
1 tsp white vinegar (I’ve also used cider — both work)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Bake at 350 for 40 to 45 minutes (toothpick test)
Cool 10 minutes then invert onto serving plate.
Recipe may be doubled for 13×9 pan.

Author bio:
P.T. Wyant is a writer of fantasy and sometimes poetry. She lives in a small town in Pennsylvania, is a jailhouse nurse, a counted cross stitch addict, and an expert avoider of housework.
And she hates writing about her self in third person, so…
Hi, there!
I read once that “A writer never takes a vacation. A writer is always either writing or thinking about writing.” That’s me in a nutshell. (Some people would say I belong in a nutshell, but we won’t go there…)
Writing is my passion, but I do have other hobbies. The aforementioned counted cross stitch is one. (Amount of stash and number of works in progress are not up for discussion.) Crochet is another.
Someday I’ll find the perfect organizational system. Until then I should be banned from office supply stores and any place that sells tote bags or other “things to put things in.”
And that is pretty much me in a bigger nutshell. I like the bigger nutshell — there’s more room to decorate.

Social Media:
my blog: http://ptwyant.com/
my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/NovelNotes


Taste Us! You’ll Like Us: Meet Kate Richards! Plus, the cinnamon oil winner!

Today marks an exciting beginning! Over the next three weeks, I’ll introduce you to each of the Love Spanks authors. Some names you know, some are new, and some are new names but familiar faces.

As part of the Taste Us! You’ll Like Us! series, each Love Spanks author filled out a brief (or not so brief) interview form. You’ll get to know a bit about each author before we delve into the Love Spanks fun February 7-9. We’ll begin today with a familiar face, Kate Richards who not only participated in Spank or Treat 2013 and Spankee Doodle 2013, but who has appeared on Fika to give advice to aspiring authors. She is a co-owner of Wizards in Publishing, a consulting company for authors, and senior editor at Decadent Publishing. In other words, she is one busy woman! We are lucky to have her with us.

Sharp eyes will recognize Kate as one of the helper elves from Ana’s Advent Calendar 2013. 🙂

Before we “meet” Kate, however, I’d like to announce the lucky winner of the cinnamon oil! I promised one random commenter from Maren’s and my interview (to celebrate the release of Mira’s Miracle), and Sassy Twatter will be one sore, sniffling, repentant young lady as soon as her package arrives. Miss Sassy Twatter, I’d advise you to spend some time in the corner reflecting on your misbehavior before you experience the cinnamon oil for the first time. Perhaps that way, you’ll avoid meeting Nurse Trinity’s pocket paddle. 😉 Congratulations, Sassy Twatter! May you finally learn to behave…for at least one second. 😀

And now, without further ado, let’s taste Kate…I mean meet Kate…I mean…you know what I mean. Taste Kate! You’ll like her! Wait…

(Kate says: “Wait who’s going to taste me? I need references.”)


I’ve been writing FF for about four years, and reading it forever. Vampire’s Bard was my first FF story and my first self-published work as well. I taught myself formatting, conversion and upload on that book—valuable lessons that took me far longer than I like to admit. Trail of Hearts is another one, a 1Night Stand series story published by Decadent Publishing. I am also proud of a short story called simply Kimmy, in the anthology Love’s Reprise at LazyDay.

One of the reasons I began writing FF was the intensity of emotion I found in the stories I read about love between two women. In fact, when I was writing Vampire’s Bard I began to fear I was doing something wrong, because it felt so different from the MF stories I’d written. I had to slow down, read it over, and talk to some friends to realize I was expressing a different kind of love. Sex was there, I am an erotic author after all, but approached from a slightly different angle.

My favorite recipe varies by the season, and my mood, and how deeply I am involved in what I am writing. Yesterday, embroiled in a sex scene between two customers in a tent (Camping sex rocks, just saying) I burned water. Yes, it is possible. And could well be the subject of a spanking scene. But when I am paying the slightest bit of attention, I understand I’m not a bad cook.

I like to go to the farmer’s market and see what’s in season and create from there. Usually I prefer simple recipes, with a few ingredients like roast chicken and mashed potatoes or my grandmother’s German pot roast. We also enjoy smoking meat in the back yard. Ribs, pork chops, and a rib roast that has made us famous.

Rib roast is a fancy cut and I had my doubts about taking it out to the smoker, until we did it and now it’s the thing we do when we feel like a giant splurge or expect visiting royalty for dinner.

Smoked Rib Roast

Couldn’t be simpler. Pat dry one rib roast and coat with salt and pepper to taste, pierce and insert slivers of garlic, place in the smoker Follow smoker directions and cook at 175-180 degrees until roast reaches 116 degrees with an instant read thermometer, for a four rib roast probably four hours or so, but smokers vary, then place in preheated 400 degree oven. Turn oven off and go away for forty minutes. Do not open the oven, at all, until the time has elapsed. Then remove the roast which will have developed a perfect crust and be meltingly tender inside. Let it stand for fifteen or twenty minutes on the counter before slicing.

Kate Richards divides her time between Los Angeles and the High Sierras. Wherever she is, she loves to explore all different kinds of relationships in her stories. She doesn’t believe one-size-fits-all, and whether her characters live BDSM, ménage, GLBT or any other kind of lifestyle, it’s the love, the joy I one another, that counts.

Facebook Fan Page http://on.fb.me/14Vqx48

Goodreads Page http://bit.ly/19yVcWh

Twitter http://bit.ly/17AeWeM

Blog: http://katerichards.wordpress.com