Spanking androids, wooden spoons, rebels and more!

Today we welcome back a crowd favorite, Jessica E. Subject! She has a new series out, The Complete Underground, and I invited her to drop by for a chat. Of course, things got a bit out of hand…as they tend to do when she is involved! Hope you enjoy getting to visit with her.

Anastasia Vitsky: Hello and welcome back to Governing Ana, Jess! Seems like we just had you over for the tasting party at Love Spanks. Speaking of Love Spanks, where can I get an amazing spanking android? It’s my birthday this weekend, you know. *pointed wistful pleading gaze*

Jessica E. Subject: LOL It’s great to be back, Ana! Thank you for having me! I’m on the lookout for your android. I know for you, she has to be just perfect, so I can’t send over just any android. I’ll find her some day though. 😉

Anastasia Vitsky: What has that naughty android been up to since we saw her last? Will she have a full-length story of her own?

Jessica E. Subject: Yes, I do plan on writing more of Sophie’s story. It was a fun world to write in, but I have a few other worlds to visit beforehand, including the space academy where the two heroines from the story I’m working on now attend.

Anastasia Vitsky: I actually don’t write a lot of sci-fi, mainly because I’m not too knowledgeable about the “sci” part of sci-fi. If someone is new to sci-fi and new to your work, how could I best explain it in lay terms? Do you consider yourself Star Trek-ish, or Doctor Who-ish, or in the tradition of another popular sci fi brand?

Jessica E. Subject: Oh, I absolutely love Star Trek, but I wouldn’t exactly class what I write under any of those brands. While there is a scientific aspect of my stories, the romance plays a much larger role. I always tell people that my stories are romance, with a tiny bit of sci-fi. It could be aliens, clones, androids, or they could take place on another planet, or in a futuristic, and possibly dystopian world. I do like my dystopian worlds.

Anastasia Vitsky: So if I’m new to your books and want to read, it’s okay that I hated chemistry in high school?

Jessica E. Subject: Totally. I never took chemistry, only biology and physics in high school. LOL You don’t need to be good at science to understand anything in my stories. You just have to be able to suspend disbelief, and be willing to travels to other worlds.

Anastasia Vitsky: Physics. Great. Way to make me feel inadequate. I barely passed geometry.

Seriously, I have two questions for you. First, what are your ground rules for creating the world in each of your stories? Second, what does writing in a sci-fi playground do for you that, say, contemporary romance could not? Besides aliens and spanking androids, of course. 🙂

Jessica E. Subject: Hmm, to answer the first question, I don’t make stuff (I would say sh*t, but I don’t know if you’ll allow that) up. Hey, that wasn’t what I said! I believe there was an “i” in the word I used. Anyway, if I haven’t seen the technology on television or in movies, or read it in a book, I don’t use it.

Anastasia Vitsky: I, I, I. It’s not all about you, Jess. 😀

Jessica E. Subject:  LOL Yes, I know. There’s no “i” in team, but there is an “i” in the word I used. 😛 To answer the second question, sci-fi is an escape for me. I know what the real world is like. I’ve seen a lot, and while I may not have experienced everything, I usually know someone who has. I don’t need to write about that. I like to use my stories as a metaphor for real life. My aliens, whether green or blue-skinned are anyone who is considered different from the norm. My worlds are any place different than what we are used to. And it’s all about acceptance in the end.

Anastasia Vitsky: There is no “i” in wooden spoon or spanking either, my dear. Behave, or I might have a little private chat with you after the interview.

As to the metaphor part, that is what attracts me to speculative fiction as well. It’s difficult to write racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, national, sexual, and other “differences” without either messing it up spectacularly (and alienating the very people we hope to speak to) or getting dismissed.

What do you hope your readers will carry away from your stories? Obviously, as authors we want people to read and enjoy. What is your goal?

Jessica E. Subject: Okay, smarty-pants, I do see an “i” in spanking. Hehe.

Anastasia Vitsky: Well, crap. So our private post-chat might be about my need to practice spelling. 😛

Jessica E. Subject: LOL

Anastasia Vitsky: Can it be with your android? Please?

Jessica E. Subject: Sure, I’ll have Sophie come over and give you a spelling lesson. Maybe she can give you a smack for every mistake you make.

Anastasia Vitsky: Oh, dear. With that incentive, how will I ever learn to spell properly? And “spank.” That’s what I meant to say earlier. There’s no “i” in spank. That’s it. Excuse me, I need a private moment with my wooden spoons. Carry on, please.

Jessica E. Subject: Wait. What was the question again? Oh yeah, I want readers feel satisfied with the happily-ever-afters. The characters have to struggle to get there, but their fight is worth it in the end. Plus, I want readers to be pleased that in my worlds, everyone in the universe gets their happy ending.

Anastasia Vitsky: Wouldn’t that be nice! In my happy ending, wooden spoons wouldn’t break or crack or get lost. 🙂

I hear you have a new set of books out, all in one volume. I’m going to be honest here. Even though I read your excerpts and description of the book, I’m not sure I have a clear idea of the setup. I know that there are rebels and a struggle, and that there is some F/F. Could you explain in simple terms what this world is about? Also, are there wooden spoons?

Jessica E. Subject: Or, they wouldn’t get forgotten about when you try to hide them from others… Oops, was that out loud?

Anastasia Vitsky: I don’t hide them! They’re MINE, and I don’t have to share.

Jessica E. Subject: I was talking about my house, but not wooden spoons. 😉

Anastasia Vitsky: Ha, I see! We both had a guilty conscience. But back to your series…

Jessica E. Subject: LOL Yes, The Complete Underground Series just released. It takes place in a futuristic world, after an apocalyptic event. Cities have been reestablished, and the city where the series takes place is run by a corporation called Planet Core. The corporation restricts who is allowed to marry, and how many children are allowed to be born.

Anastasia Vitsky: Wow, that sounds pretty political! Why is there such a strict setup?

Jessica E. Subject: Food is a limited resource, often grown in labs rather than outside in fields. The land does not have the nutrients it once did. And that is one of the reasons the first story in the series takes place on another planet. They are trying to find a place where inhabitants can survive. They have the technology to get there, but their land is pretty much dead. That is why relationships and children outside of what has been granted are punished by death. The corporation feels the need to restrict the population and relationships outside of that simply get in the way of what Planet Core is trying to accomplish.

Anastasia Vitsky: So…are you saying there aren’t any wooden spoons?

Jessica E. Subject: Not according to Planet Core, but the rebels may have wooden spoons…They are all old school.

Anastasia Vitsky: I want to join the rebels! AND you have F/F, right? How does that fit into your world?

Jessica E. Subject: Yes, only M/F relationships are allowed by Planet Core, and only for the purpose of procreation. But, if you belong to the rebels, anything goes. Although there are other characters mentioned, Melina and Brook are the main characters of the series. Each story is about a different couple, but their story starts in Never Gonna Let You Go. You find out the most about them in Never Gonna Desert You, where Brook learns “Daddy Dearest” is far from a perfect father, and they get their ultimate happy ending in Never Gonna Say Goodbye.

Anastasia Vitsky: What is the rebels’ objective? Are they trying to overthrow the government, or set up a separate society where they can live in peace?

Jessica E. Subject: Yes, that’s exactly what they are trying to do. They know they have to take the corporation down from the inside by eliminating the key people and destroying the compound. All they want is the ability to live peacefully and to love freely.

Anastasia Vitsky: Do you consider writing this book as a form of social activism?

Jessica E. Subject: Yes, in a way. I believe that people should be able to love freely, not told who they can and can’t fall in love with by religion or politics. Of course, I do believe in age of consent, but that’s a different issue altogether. I’m very happy to be from Canada where same-sex marriage is allowed.

Anastasia Vitsky: And also where it’s about -40 degrees at the moment, right? 🙂

Jessica E. Subject: Um, yes, but it’s supposed to get warmer tomorrow. I hope. *begs Mother Nature for warmer weather*

Anastasia Vitsky: I think Mother Nature prefers for you to beg on your knees.

Jessica E. Subject: LOL Or you do. 😉

Anastasia Vitsky: Obviously! I’m excited for your series and hope it will do well. Thank you so much for coming to chat with us today! Links to purchase The Complete Underground Series are at the end of this post.

Also, will readers get to see you for Sci Spanks this June?

Jessica E. Subject: Thank you so much for having me over! And I didn’t get a spanking. At least, not yet. Yes, I do plan on being a part of Sci Spanks. I want to write another story in the world I’m writing in now. There will be spanking at the Thanh Academy. 😉

Anastasia Vitsky: Yay!! And now, to my office for a little chat about appropriate language on Governing Ana. My dear.

Jessica E. Subject: *puts head down and follows Ana out of the room*

Anastasia Vitsky:  *picks up my wooden spoon on the way out*


In the future…

The corporation Planet Core holds all of the power. They place restrictions on the lives of those living within their boundaries, including who they can love. And there is no escape.

Deception runs deep…

The rebel group, calling themselves The Underground, is disputing the corporation’s leadership. With the desire for freedom, they will fight.

And betrayal can come from anyone…

Will the rebels defeat Planet Core, or end up fighting for their lives?

Includes: Never Gonna Let You Go, Never Gonna Desert You, and Never Gonna Say Goodbye

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Author Bio

Jessica E. Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotic. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous.

When Jessica isn’t reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk with her giant, hairy dog her family adopted from the local animal shelter.

Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject.

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Monday Morning Fika with Liz Borino: Dom/sub Roles and Health

Good morning and welcome back to Fika! Today we welcome Liz Borino who will talk with us about the effect of health issues on a D/s relationship. She is the second M/M author to appear on Fika, and she is the first to talk about considerations of health. We often read fantasy stories of discipline and spanking, but in real life things don’t work out as neatly as in the stories. What happens when health problems interfere?

My name is Liz Borino, and I write Male/male erotic romance with light BDSM. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? What it basically means is I write about two horny men in a Dom/sub (D/s) relationship who are madly in love with each other. An element of domestic discipline is inherent in their D/s relationship, which is part of the reason I’m lucky enough to appear on Ana’s blog.

What do you think of when someone says BDSM? Whips? Orgasm control? Bondage? Protocols and rituals?

Well, it’s all of those things, or none of them, depending on what the couple wants. Here, though, I’m going to discuss people in committed 24/7 power exchange relationships. The cornerstone of a power exchange relationship is consent. So, when kink is brought into a vanilla bond, one of the most important aspects is the negotiation, usually with a contract involved. Limits will be discussed, rules decided upon, protocol put forth, and roles cemented. Will they be monogamous or poly? All of this should be negotiated until both parties are comfortable.

But not everything can be negotiated. What happens if, for example, the Dom is out with their friends and on the way home gets into a debilitating car accident, leaving them bed, or even hospital, bound? This is real life. It, unfortunately, happens to couples every day.  So, what happens to the submissive kneeling naked awaiting their Dominant’s return? They were told not to get up until their Dominant came home. And then the call from the hospital rings through on their phone.

What then?

In many cases, the submissive throws their clothes on and rushes to the hospital to care for their partner. They continue their agreed upon structure in a different setting. The submissive partner does their best to serve their Dominant. In times of sickness or injury, this might mean anything from advocating to ensure their Dom receives the best care possible to giving sponge baths and cleaning up body fluids. And the submissive performs each of these tasks with as much devotion as they would give the perfect blow job. This is an entirely different kind of service from what the submissive is used to, but one that is, in my opinion, one of the greatest tests of devotion. While this level of care is certainly present in vanilla relationships, being trained to meet people’s unspoken needs—on both sides of the slash—deepens the connection.

It’s worth noting that not all Doms have trained their subs to take the sort of initiative required to react this way. Some submissives won’t know how to handle seeing their Dominants in this position. They hold vigil by their bedsides while others take care of their partners. The submissive is still there for their Dominant and are serving them the best way they know how. They are following their training by not being able to be the ones to tell the Dominant no when they want their medication early or want to get up when they need to be in bed. The word “no” isn’t in their vocabulary when it comes to their partner. And that’s how the Dominant wants it.

However, in the third book in my Mine series, Cutaway, Steve and Zack find themselves in the above situation. Despite being the submissive partner, Zack rushes to the hospital, fighting with media, publicists, and Steve’s mother – all of whom believed they knew what was best – to get to Steve and bring him home. Because after five years together, Zack knew the best way to keep his Dom’s pride intact, thus serve him properly, was to take care of him in the privacy of their own home. Just as it isn’t easy for real life couples to handle, it wasn’t easy for Zack to look Steve in the eye and say, “If you don’t drink [Gatorade], you can’t have your morphine shot.” Zack was determined to get Steve back on his feet and follow the doctor’s orders, even if it meant making the other man uncomfortable.

How about the opposite? I’m glad you asked. Many Dominants will show the same devotion to their subs, if they need it. “But,” I can hear you cry, “A Dom shouldn’t be serving their sub!” They aren’t, at least not in the same sense. If the consensus on Fetlife, the kinky Facebook, is to be believed, than a Dominant caring for their submissive during illness is “protecting their property.” Their sub can’t serve them if they are in poor health. So, it’s in the Dominant’s best interest to get them back there as soon as possible. In a way, the sub is still serving the Dom, the orders have just changed from, “Be kneeling when I get home,” to “Take your medicine, even if it tastes bad.”

I have a (possibly) overly-romantic counterpoint to the above reasons for why Dominants and submissives in long-term relationships are there for the good and the bad, the blow jobs and the trips to the bathroom when their partner can’t make it. Love. D/s couples trust each other with their lives, and that enhances their commitment to one another. So, in my view, it isn’t about serving or being served. Getting someone through their lowest point – physically or mentally – with love and strength is what true devotion is all about.

Mine (1)

Mine series Vol. 1 blurb:

From the moment Steve Michaels met actor Zack Greene in the men’s room of a press conference, the director knew his snarkiness mixed with angelic features, excited him. What he wasn’t prepared for was the vulnerability underneath the hardened exterior. And he really wasn’t prepared to fall in love.

But they did.

Zack needed some positive press and a second chance after getting out of rehab. He found the director of Ben’s Life, the series he planned to audition for. Steve helped him within a loving structured relationship.

Follow Zack and Steve as they face the challenges of work, family, injuries, and pasts together as they redefine family. Mine Series Vol. 1 includes Casting, Action, Cutaway, and That’s a Wrap, and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the Lazy Day store.

Warning: Contains spanking, Light BDSM, Dom/sub relationship, and two men who can’t get enough of each other